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  1. PanicPete

    Greg gets extension

    I would like someone to seriously explain to me why they think having 8.5 million dollars in cap space over the next two years is going to be better than having a TE who outside of a broken foot has not missed an NFL game in a decade, has put up multiple 1,000 yd seasons, and who IN THIS YEARS PLAYOFFS put up 100 yds and a TD against a team that absolutely body bagged us earlier in the year without Greg Olsen. The people saying "you don't pay players based on past performance" are also probably the ones who wanted to sign Eric Ebron to be a back up for 6 million. Take a freakin peak at other TE salaries and contracts and tell me right now you would not take Greg over the list of below average placeholder level talent making 5-7 million a year. Not to mention the cap raises every year and JIMMY GRAHAM and his shitty attitude is currently making 10 million a year at the top end I swear, this forum sometimes. Barring Greg shattering every bone in his body the next two years how could this possibly be a negative thing?
  2. LMAO our "young talented guy" is going to come in the draft....and even better heis going to be cost controlled for years!
  3. The more actul NFL quality players we sign to our secondary, the better. Won't see me complaining
  4. Can't stand seeing 30-50 yd penalties for ticky tack crap. I'm all for it. Players won't play any different then they already do. The offense still likely gets a first down and keeps moving as it should.
  5. Not to mention if we signed Norwell AND one of these "upgrades" we would have almost 0 cap flexibility and still holes in our secondary. 5 million for Smith is a bargain. That Breeland signing screwing up hurts us. How Hurney reacts will go a long way in how I feel about this offseason. Before we heard about the injury, I loved the offseason so far.
  6. As much as I hate the Saints, that has to be one of the best drafts ever.....took NO from a likely losing record and poor season to one of the better teams in the league. It can certainly be done!
  7. Can anyone confirm how this is possible/ if it is correct? LMAO
  8. It's utterly ridiculous. Every deal is in a vacuum for some of these people.....you have to consider the big picture and ya know the salary cap
  9. PanicPete

    Breeland a Panther

    Well he is a starting caliber NFL player where Worley isn't so that's a good start
  10. Also a fair point. I just think he deserves one last shake at things. If his contract was stopping us from some big move or addition I'd be on board with cutting him.
  11. Kalil has earned the benefit of the doubt from this team. Give him another year to try and stay healthy. Anything we do with that cap space isn't going to cause a big enough impact to justify cutting Kalil(even if he only plays 10 games)
  12. I like the sound of this, could be good value. Parker and Adams would be nice veteran leaders for whatever safety we draft this year
  13. I don't like bringing Hurney back(I don't ever like retread hires in coaching or front office), but I'm trying to keep an open mind and judge him only on this teams current situation. So far, I like the Smith trade a lot. I'm hoping for more savvy affordable moves like that and a great draft. I think stacking comp picks and filling holes with young cheap guys and seeing what we have in our young WR's is the way to go this year. Then next year make a splash based on their performance because the free agent class this year is poor and it's showing with how much money is being thrown around for less than stellar talent
  14. A lot of people have no clue how to build a consistent successful football team or how to manage a salary cap either lol