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  1. This game literally depends on our pass rush. If they show up like they did in Dallas, we will win. If not Julio will go for 300 on us. Our offense will be able to put 24 points, but if we can't get to Ryan the Falcons will dump 35 on us
  2. To me I saw clear differences from last year. Yall were screaming at Shula for not being able to game plan around pass rushes and long developing routes....so yesterday with a patch work oline we avoid those long developing routes(although we did take a few shots when they were there) and play around dallas' very strong front 7 and great pass rush. Sounds like our new OC had a game plan, took what the defense gave us, and won us a game with a 65% completion rate from Newton.THAT WAS LITERALLY OUR GOAL FOR THIS OFFENSE LAST YEAR. If Mcaffrey didn't fumble on the goal line this game looks worlds differently anyways..... In years past Newton would have been dead after this game. I don't post here often but some of yall kill me
  3. PanicPete

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    Our window is now with Newton. Call me positive but with Mack on this team over the next two years we are picking in the 20's at worst. Kelvin, Shaq, Vernon Butler, D.J are what we have gotten out of the recent similar level picks. Yeah I'm good trading two of our firsts.
  4. PanicPete

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    I would easily send 2 1st's, without questions
  5. We currently have half an oline and 0 depth, but yes lets spend the little money we have by rigging up some kind of ridiculous contract for a safety. Yall should chill
  6. I'm glad he fumbled, could not have come at a more perfect time. Dude learns and remembers poo. He will not do that again when it counts
  7. The game will be a mind numbingly boring event filled with mistakes and miscues from both sides. Maybe one or two touchdowns the whole time towards the end.
  8. Can anyone confirm how this is possible/ if it is correct? LMAO