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  1. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Yea, I’ll admit CP is kind of dirty and he’s a dick. I think he’s going to be out game 6, but he had a great game. I think the warriors will win in 7, but Houston definitely has them sweating bullets. Baron Davis was that dude. First ever jersey I owned was an Anthony Mason hornets jersey. Second was a Baron Davis, and I swear I used to wear it once a week. I’ll never forget that series back in like 2000 or 2001 where we beat the Heat and took Milwaukee to 7 games. Baron was put on the map during those playoffs
  2. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    As for NBA players; I really only follow Chris Paul. He’s from Winston and he married into my family. Used to follow Josh Howard. He’s from Winston, urban Winston, and he was one of the first pro athletes to question the anthem, except he was more vulgar with his language. Baron Davis is my favorite player ever. He was sooo underrated.
  3. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Yea, if I watch any nfl this year it’ll be illegally. Hard to completely give it up; especially since I played and was decent at it. I also genuinely care about the players, and I know a boycott hurts their pockets, but I can’t continue to support a league that shows it doesn’t care about me or my issues, but they’ll act like they care about domestic violence, misogyny, the military, etc.
  4. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Yea, college basketball sucks. I’m a Wake Forest fan, due to my ties to Winston, but I can’t remember the last time I watched a full game. Your best bet is to just latch onto a player and follow them.
  5. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    You first need to pick a team. Is there any particular players you like? If you’ve got a particular player you like, follow that team. I believe you said you lived in Alabama, right? If you go the geographic route, you could follow the hawks or pelicans. I’m a pelicans fan since they were closest to Mississippi, and I lived there for a few years. People don’t really get into the NBA until late season/playoffs. Im with you on watching less NFL. My fiancé and I had this discussion yesterday, and while it’s hard for me to completely give it up, she gave it up last year. She’ll be with me when we’re in Charlotte for a game, but only because she really wants to protest at the game and sit during the anthem.
  6. AggieLean

    Prison Reform

    Can’t hate on this at all. My little brothers best friend is locked up, and says he spends his days in there reading and trying to sharpen his mind. I talked to him and couldn’t believe how much knowledge he’s gained in such a short period of time. Any bill passed that’s going to actually help those in the prisons gain an education and get a second chance after their time is up, I’m all for. Great thread!
  7. AggieLean

    Any über drivers?

    I drive Lyft here in Atlanta. It’s pretty easy, and you meet some great people with dope conversation. I mostly do it Friday and Saturday nights/early mornings. Pick up a lot of drunk college kids from Ga Tech & Georgia State trying to hit up Buckhead to party. I’ll get the occasional drunk older women who talk about everything and I mean everything. Its good, easy money and you can cash out whenever.
  8. AggieLean

    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    On that list, I personally mess with Gibbs, Isaiah Rashad, Krit, Joey Badass, Dave East, and Bas. I just went to a Krit concert like a month ago. Dude throws a dope concert. What I listen to now is a lot of older stuff, like UGK, Ball & G, Suga Free, and old project pat. J Cole has been getting a lot of play lately, and my boy from Oakland put me on to this dude named Mozzy. He’s been getting some burn. I also been on an R&B kick lately. Mariah Carey’s sweet angelic voice gets play damn near every morning and whenever I have my little girl in the car. @top dawg whenever your son drops some new stuff, let us know! Your son is going to have you moving around like a young man again. Having you in clubs supporting him lol. Need to get Cookie in here. Afro American women are who determine what’s hot and buy records!
  9. Do you even listen to rap? Are you a fan? He’s weak. That whole post screamed weakness.
  10. I don’t think anyone is happy this fell through; I know I’m not. I hope the man does well, as he pretty much represents us all in his endeavors. As far as having the foresight of what was to come, ummm, I could’ve told you not to count it as a win quite yet when all this was announced. Most of us know how Trump is, and know he’s not really to be trusted in anything he says. As for your people would rather the pres look bad than actually achieve something comment; I hope you had this same energy for previous presidents.
  11. AggieLean

    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    The cash me outside little girl is a rap artist now? *weebay gif* Man hip hop’s in a good space right now. The ones who don’t focus on their craft, and are clearly in it for the cheese usually fade to black. The ones who have talent stick around. Each generation of hip hop for the most part thinks the next is trash or the previous was overrated. I’m 29; my generation grew up on early 2000’s rap. I grew up thinking no rapper alive, past or present was as cold on the mic or realer than Lil Boosie or Jeezy (lol) besides Pac. I think a lot of these new rappers are dope, and musically gifted. For example, I don’t really get into his lifestyle, but Young Thug is amazing to me. His different flows and melodies he displays throughout his songs are great to me. I like NBA Youngboy, too. lol I’m messing with ya man.
  12. Hilarious coming from you. Most of your posts are you attacking a group of people or someone.
  13. As for the players discussing other forms of protest; just remain in the locker room during the anthem, and continue to support their communities, other communities & causes through donation and charity. Plenty of players are doing this. I knew Trump would respond, and unsurprisingly make this worse.
  14. Not surprised any of those 4 jumped the gun too soon.
  15. Wow. In my younger, wilder days I would’ve got him. Would’ve had to. Ive never seen that before, and judging by his posts on here, I wouldn’t assume his intent was to be friendly with me or endearing. He doesn’t even listen to rap, yet he feels confident using that word.