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  1. You should really post your poo. If it’s good, they’ll let you know it’s good. If it’s bad, they’ll let you know that as well. Regardless, I’m going to let them know your views. It’s only fair.
  2. Great! I can’t wait until others outside of this website hear your music! If it gets big, I’ll be sure to post the reaction from the hip hop forum I post on. I think it’s fair I also let them know what your views of black people are as well. There’s many Bay Area posters that post on there. Posters from Oakland, Vallejo, San Fran, etc. I’ll ask them if your music is known and what they think.
  3. All this is sad coming from someone who’s cried in post to me detailing how your family has faced islamophia. So, you’ve seen it and experienced it, yet you can’t feel any sympathy for others who face it. They’ve got you and they’ve got you good. Congratulations. You have become exactly what your cried in your post to me about. The devil has turned you into a devil. And it’s been said bookoo times, but BLM is fighting police brutality and oppression. That fight has never been just a fight for black people. It’s always been a fight for anyone who’s been terrorized by police brutality and oppressed. This has been said millions of times, but with you and Floyd being the pawns you are, you listen to what Fox News and other supremacist tell you. Black people for centuries have gone through sh*t, but whenever we fight back and laws are changed to free up some of that oppression, it’s never been solely done for the sake of just black people. It’s always been done so those of different race, creed, and religion could benefit as well, and for the most part that is what has happened.
  4. You and Floyd are on the wrong side, but anyone with sense would know that all lives matter was made in an attempt to discredit black lives matter. It wasn’t created to really fight for anything, but like the gullible pawn you are, you fell for it. And you claim the rest of us are sheep... Hate to say it, but you’re a dumbass.
  5. You are officially an advocate of white supremacy, as you use the same tactics they use to drive home their points. “Let me go out and find one of the rare black men who’s an advocate of all lives matter!” “Matter of fact, let me get someone rich and famous like Floyd Mayweather, because I believe since he’s famous, he’s more important than other blacks! His opinion matters more than your average, everyday struggle black!” You’re a clown bro, and I don’t care if you’re “brown” or a fellow minority like myself. I don’t really care about your music, but the 90% comment made me laugh. I know there’s a lot of rappers in the game, but if you were truly as good as you think you are, you’d be known. I’d know about your music, as I post on a hip hop message board daily, we’re if your underground and you’re good, we’ll know about you. We don’t know you bro! Another thing, when I called you a sucker and a lame, I wasn’t doing that to insult you. I said it because that’s what you push out when you open your mouth. Cornballs can’t hide it. You’re not going anywhere in this game, because you’re not interesting. You Need to hear the truth because the truth will set you free. There’s no struggle in your voice, no soul. You can’t go the party and bullsh*t route either, because you’re corny! Nobody is going to believe you’re out here like that, and with your views nobody is going to take your “struggle” serious either. Going to just start turning these threads into hip hop appreciation threads. No sense wasting the thread.
  6. here's our weekly controversy

    The controversy coming from within is not good. I don't think it happened like this in 2015. It was always from the the outside
  7. Wed. news and tweets

    So, Captain is disgruntled. Great smh
  8. This. It’s quite a scary thought.
  9. I tell you what, he can still get up high in the air. That jump in the end zone and there’s been a few times where he and the younger CMC have jumped over defenders. He’s still a beast physically
  10. Roy Moore LOSES

    Black women still killing it, no matter the obstacles! Kept that immoral, racist outta there! Always been an advocate for voting in local elections. Numbers still aren’t where they should be, but it’s progress. Now, they need to hold Jones accountable and make him work. Mississippi is a state I consider home, as I spent a good portion of my teenage years there. They need to get it together, as well.
  11. Roy Moore LOSES

    lol Anyways, I was wrong. Thought Jones had no shot. Happy to see Moore lose