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  1. AggieLean

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    No need to insult the man just because he doesn’t incorporate the same tipping practices as yourself.
  2. AggieLean

    The weird Trump cult

    I’d be willing to bet that 20% number that’s being said to represent those that follow trump and his every word, is a lot higher.
  3. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    This is the exact reason I purchased my home in a neighborhood, here in Atlanta, where the neighbors actually want my a** there. I don’t stay where I’m not wanted, and if there’s ever any disputes, we’re all grown enough and respect each other enough, where we don’t have to call the cops for every little thing. In fact, we don’t. Take that Trump sign for example. All that man needed to do was go and knock on that couples door, and explain in a respectful manner that the sign was offensive and it was in eyes view of children. Coming to my door in the aggressive manner he did, he’s liable to get shot.
  4. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Did he call 2 Asian Americans the n word, while runnning away doing the stone cold suck it gesture? I was hoping his wack a** would’ve fell. Then pulled the “I built this country” and “I’m calling the cops” double move. Guys like him try to appear all billy badass, but you see the fear all in them. Tried to act extra hard at the end when he revved his engine and drove off.
  5. AggieLean

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    He was born in Illinois, but yea hes from College Park. 2 Chains is from College Park, also. Lived right off Old National Hwy. Pacman is from here, too.
  6. AggieLean

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Reddit isn’t user friendly at all, and the interface is trash
  7. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Never been to that Applebee’s in Mcdonaugh, but I’m a frequent goer to the one in Jonesboro about 15 mins away. Weird poo goes on at the Applebee’s. I remember an obvious mentally deranged person came in screaming he was about to rob the place. He was a white guy, lol. I was a little startled, but everyone in their didn’t take it serious at all. Two guys, who both had to be atleast 6’5, went up to him and told him to “get the fug on,” then literally kicked him out. We all laughed at that, and the bartender gave us free drinks. Ill go for the 2.99 Long Island drink.
  8. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Been a long time coming. I got me one.
  9. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Can I claim this as a victory under my belt? Let me have this dub, lol.
  10. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    This is your last comment, because your racism has been exposed and you’re being called out on it. YOU ARE A RACIST. You’ll be back, though.
  11. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Oh, I know. My last few posts in other threads hint to this as well. It’s the main reason I say I don’t plan on being here too much longer. Even though whites will be a minority, white supremacy will make a power play to reserve that power structure; whether that’s through revoking citizenship or through elevating those who are lighter brown in shade, and pitting them against blacker folks, because one things humans have a need for is feeling superior to someone. I definitely feel your post.
  12. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Defending them; I have done no such thing. These women were wrong and will be punished. You came in here spewing your racist crap, and are getting attacked for it. You have the mind of a child. You’re a grown man, cut that out and grow up. “Maybe it’s time for you to recognize the racism on your side” My side? Where did these woman say they hate anyone? You’re projecting. You are a racist, so you assume everyone is a racist like you. That’s not true at all. It’s just you, buddy.
  13. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Why citizens in quotations? Chances are, these women are more American than you as African Americans have been here since the first settlers came here in the 1700’s. If they did dislike Trump, or the flag, they have that right as American citizens. Again, their people have been here since the 13 colonies. Since they are black, you feel they aren’t as American as you, though. People like you don’t even consider these women or most blacks full human beings. Again, own your racism buddy. It’s shining bright in this thread.
  14. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Man, face it. You are a racist. Own it. Theres nothing in that article that would justify any of your assumptions. Arent you in the JR thread saying how JR made a mistake, and we as people shouldn’t be condemned off one mistake? “No matter what he does, I’m always going to support him!!” You don’t know anything about these women, yet you’re ready to condemn. You don’t like black people. Again, own it. Own your racism. I hope you don’t claim Christian, as your judge mental ways will be condemned.
  15. AggieLean

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Lol at “feel entitled to get theirs.” Is there anywhere in the article where these ladies give off that impression?