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  1. He'll realize he made a mistake and say it on his future radio show when he's not retained after this year
  2. He's gotta get over it though. I understand why he'd be upset, just like I understand how Jourdan could've possibly took it the way she did. I understand both sides. Cam needs to get over this, but in the same token, Jourdan should have never did what she did after he said what she said. If she was upset, she should've went to the panthers brass and handled this in house. I'm glad she's apologizing though. Cam needs to move on as well, although I understand why it could be hard for him too
  3. lol tom petty petty petty. Ain't even gonna lie or try to play clueless. He definitely played that music cause she was in there lol. He's probably still mad that she caused him to lose his endorsement, or lose quite a substantial amount of money. He's probably mad because he truly wasn't trying to be insulting or "sexist" with his initial comments. He truly thought he was complimenting her. I'd be a little salty myself, honestly *shrugs*.
  4. This is my thing. It feels like the coaches don't even trust Gano to take 50+ yarders. It's almost as if they're protecting him from himself. Trying not to let him lose his confidence. I say all this, and acknowledge coach did let him attempt one 50+ yarder that he had no business attempting. The one he should've attempted they said no.
  5. Yep. Hurney will probably look back and realize he made a mistake
  6. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21069553/michael-bennett-seattle-seahawks-says-job-colin-kaepernick-first-step-moving-ahead-owners
  7. Does white privilege exist?

  8. Trying to cover up Trumps lies, by either lying herself or speaking half truths. This is ridiculous
  9. Does white privilege exist?

    Yep, which goes to one of my earlier points. The darker you are, the harder you have it.
  10. Nah. Your true colors are being shown, and your attempt at deflection can't hide that. People like you have gone on and on about respect the military, and respect the flag but when your guy clearly disrespects one of its soldiers, you and I'm pretty sure there's many like you, say you don't care. That's very telling. By the way, I respect our military and those who have served both past and present. What the president said was clearly classless and so so insensitive. He continues to show he's a soulless individual who lacks basic sympathy and empathy
  11. So, we are expected to respect the military & the flag but you are ok with the president disrespecting a soldier in the military and his family?
  12. NBA General Discussion

    Bos drops from a 1 to 2 seed for me. I had them potentially beating CLE in the ECF, but that's out the window now. I still have them making the ECF. They're still a very good team, and I think Brown will be an all star this year