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  1. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    but i thought Getleman wanted him gone. Wheres the thread where he blamed keeping Shula on Ron. Gettleman is a joke.
  2. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    This is the right thing since he was put on leave for something he didnt do, he should get his Interim GM job back. This doesnt mean he will be our next gm, but its the right thing to do and I am sure there would be legal ramifications if they didnt reinstate him.
  3. Peppers just had surgery?

    he said he stopped talking to the standard hurney personnel and is only dealing with becker. Probably because there is a gm search
  4. who would want to listen to Fox call a game. Every play would be "It is what it is" Plus his voice is annoying
  5. Make sure you pay up if it's not
  6. I think Im done with hoping CAP can carry the load. He got his chance last year and blew it. Its time to get some fresh young blood in here. And a BIG NO for AP
  7. Mine all came from Shula... Damn you Shula!
  8. I feel like we biltzed way to much last season. Worked well in some situations, but against players like Brees who like to get rid of the ball quickly, it left our secondary out to dry. We either need better DBs or be more creative in how we rush the QB
  9. you rick rolled the panthers
  10. New ownership had nothing to do with this decision. Turners availability had everything to do with it. If Turner didnt want to come out of retirement, Shula would still be our OC.
  11. XFL (Fans Above All)

    Get rid of kicking all together. No FGs, No Punts, No Kickoffs, Play all 4 downs, make a td worth 7 points no need for xtra points.
  12. Always enjoyed the skills challenges more than the actual pro bowl.
  13. JStew was robbed

    Ruined it for me! Now I can never watch it. Darn.