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  1. So this is a thread to bash white people... What happened to two wrongs don't make a right?
  2. Does white privilege exist?

    Is it possible that this is because of other reasons besides the police are racists? Maybe black people are 2.5x more likely to be confrontational with police. Not because they're black, but because they had a poor upbringing. Maybe those unarmed who were shot were more confrontational/violent than the unarmed people that weren't shot.
  3. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Any possible motives yet?
  4. Finally Middle class Tax relief!!!!

    Is there a spreadsheet or something yet that explains the tax plan?
  5. Then why is it just Sanders disputing them and not Hillary and Trump? Is it just chump change to them or for what reason?
  6. According to that list in the OP, it wasn't one dispute but many disputes in a bunch of cities. Kind of weird?
  7. http://www.dailywire.com/news/20937/worlds-greediest-socialist-sanders-owes-disputed-hank-berrien
  8. Those articles are a few months old and one is from last year
  9. Trump and Hillary already paid off their campaign debts
  10. The issue is wikileaks only releasing one side's dirt like you said. If that's true Assange didn't want Russia's dirt and didn't want to reveal Trump's dirt then there is an agenda at play. I'm for transparency but if it's solely for influencing a presidential election for one side then wtf.
  11. You're defending a thug who killed a woman