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  1. Lucky

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    Why do you put a song after every post
  2. Lucky

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    pri·va·ti·za·tion ˌprīvədəˈzāSH(ə)n,ˌprīvəˌtīˈzāSH(ə)n/ noun noun: privatization; plural noun: privatizations; noun: privatisation; plural noun: privatisations the transfer of a business, industry, or service from public to private ownership and control. "the workers are opposing the privatization of the national rail company" You saying this^ is socialism because the Nazi's did it doesn't make sense. Are you stupid?
  3. Lucky

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    That didn't make any sense. Maybe you should try again.
  4. Lucky

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    The term "privatization" came from describing Nazi Germany's economic policy. Is privatization socialism?
  5. Why would that happen now when the investigation isn't over yet?
  6. Is the IG report as big as this guy is making it?
  7. How do you know what he has or hasn't found if there's still an investigation? Are you expecting him to release all the information and evidence to you before the investigation has been concluded? This "where's the evidence then" and "then why isn't Trump indicted yet" defense by his supporters makes no sense. Like if we were to go back in time to 1962 or whenever before Nixon resigned and he was calling for the investigation to be over with, would you have been saying the same thing about Nixon? "If Nixon is guilty then where's the evidence?"
  8. Lucky

    Net Neutrality ended?

    Senate vote to reinstate Net Neutrality rules just passed, has to go to house next
  9. Lucky

    Celebrating a New Embassy

    This was obviously too much by Israel, but not sure what they should have done either. The Palestinians were throwing molotov cocktails over their border.
  10. Lucky

    ANTIFA leader arrested.

    I asked where that quote you used came from. Neither of those articles use it.
  11. Lucky

    ANTIFA leader arrested.

    I googled the quote and nothing comes up with that quote. If you're quoting something why can't you just link me where you got the quote from?
  12. Lucky

    ANTIFA leader arrested.

    Where's that quote from?
  13. Lucky

    ANTIFA leader arrested.

    From my understanding antifa don't have organizations, let alone have any leaders. And this article is from September 2017
  14. So he's a trained professional