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  1. The Real Reason Why They Kneel.

    Ok we agree. Why are you "laughing out loud" I'm not sure what's funny. White or black it's not amusing when an innocent American gets killed.
  2. Don't watch if you want to be a mad American.

    Accountability. Shining a light on the issues. What do you think is the cause of the problem?
  3. We stand up and make noise because sometimes it feels like people ain't watchin. The cops arer out of control and it should be in your best interest to make them abide by the law. Yea we make it a big deal but it needs to be . It's the only way to get your attention. It effects you too. Were honestly on the same team but if you ain't effected you think it's someone else. Like black people, no it applies to you to. Wake up. If you take the time to wat h his video and you ain't mad then we can't have a conversation because you have an agenda. Not saying all cops are bad because most are decent but don't turn your head away because you have politics. Get real man it effects us all. It's bullshit
  4. White on white crime gettin crazy out here. We need to start lookin at that.
  5. How many Panthers / Saints will take a knee tomorrow?

    I love me some TD but ain't gonna lie, I'll be a little disappointed if he don't tAke a knee. He should take that same knee that had three surgeries for the company. Respect. Ill. Still love his ass if he don't