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  1. You guys looking at numbers and stats. Just get guys who play their role. It's clear we need a deep threat? Sign the best deep threat in FA that is "affordable". It's clear we need a dependable WR who can catch the slants and out routes? Sign the best WR with dependable hands in FA that is "affordable". Stop looking at stats to determine who we should sign. Stats mean nothing when a player is going to a different system with a new QB. So much goes into a player stats, just because Pryor had a down year playing with Cousins, doesn't mean he cant bounce back playing with a QB like Cam. Washington runs a totally different system and maybe that affected Pryor's down year. Cam is known for throwing the deep ball, he can get the most out of a player like Pryor who is a deep threat.
  2. You guys make things so sophisticated. Sign a burner for cheap like Wallace/Pryor and sign a guy with reliable hands for cheap like Crabtree. It's really that simple. Cam has already made the Superbowl without a #1 WR. All he need is guys who can play their position and be reliable. Pryor/Crabtree/Funchess/Samuel/Bryd is more than enough talent at WR. The problem last year was we had practice squad type WR's who were forced to start because of injury. I guarantee if we had a Pryor or Crabtree in the playoffs, we are still playing. Just get Cam's some WR's who can play their role and be reliable.
  3. You must not heard the Landry is looking to break the bank? Even his agent said he is not taking a discount to stay in Miami. Landry will get 14 mil a year. Not even a player on our radar imo.
  4. Landry was going to get his money regardless because he was the #1 WR on the market. Adams deal just set his price to start negotiations for his agent. This was why I never considered him an option for us.
  5. Well you better cross Landry off your list. Dude is looking to break the bank. http://dailydolphin.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2018/01/17/jarvis-landrys-agent-discount-for-miami-dolphins-absolutely-not/ He's going to get a contract like Green Bay's Devonte Adams which is 14+ mil a year. So yeah he is pretty much a pipe dream.
  6. I was talking about him as a WR. I don't know anything about his game, yet he is suppose to be a top WR on the market coming off an ACL injury.
  7. What do you guys think about Allen Robinson?
  8. It's ok just let the Patriots grab him for a 2nd. They can afford to throw away picks. Hell even Atlanta would probably trade a 2nd round pick for Gordon. You do realize Gordon is a freak athlete and has the skills to be the best WR in the NFL? If you want a guy like that, you must trade something of value. The Browns are not trading Gordon away for a 4th round pick.
  9. My son starting to come around. Good job, I was getting worried for a minute...
  10. Drama in Steeler country?

    They lost to the best defense in the NFL. People better start taking the Jaguars serious. When they beat the Pats Sunday maybe that will get the NFL attention. That defense is very young, they will be around contending for 3-5 years if they stay healthy.
  11. If Atlanta gets Gordon, it is over. They will win the NFCS with that offense. My goodness could you imagine having to go up against Julio/Gordon and those 2 backs Freeman/Coleman. It wouldn't be fair.
  12. Trade a both of our 3rd round picks for Flash Gordon and get Cam his #1 WR. I think we can all agree Josh Gordon would be the best case scenario, considering he has the talent to be the best WR in the NFL and compete with Brown, Julio, OBJ,
  13. Im done. Go back to playing Madden buddy.
  14. Cam Newton made the SUPERBOWL with Tedd Ginn Jr as his #1 WR! Can you please stop overrating what #1 WR's would mean to this team. Hell some people say Cam plays his best without a #1 WR. The only reason WR was a concern this year was because of injuries. We literally had practice squad type WR's playing in the playoffs. I would have no problem if you said trade for Josh Gordon. A true #1 WR who can play outside. But you seem stuck on this glorified slot WR who will break the bank this offseason. Pryor is not a #1 WR but you can't tell me he wouldn't help this team in the vertical passing game. He has speed and size, we could use him in this offense.