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  1. I just wanted Diddy to be the owner for the shits and giggles. Tepper it is! Now lets bring him in the right way and go win the Lombardi trophy!
  2. LaFell didn't have the talent or potential Funchess has. 2 totally different situations.
  3. He flashed last year after we traded Benji before he banged up his shoulder later in the year. I thought last year he showed us flashes. A top 15 WR stat wise is not out of the question for Funchess this year imo.
  4. Funchess will be playing for a big contract. We know most WR's ball out in their contract year. I expect a motivated Devin Funchess this year, many people say he doesn't have #1 WR potential, I disagree. He has it in him as we saw last year in a short period of games. I think people forget he got banged up with the shoulder injury towards the end of the year, and maybe that's why his production fell off. A healthy Funchess has the potential to be a top 15 WR in the NFL this year.
  5. Trill OG

    Should we go after Dez?

    OP this thread is laughable especially after we drafted DJ Moore. If we didn't draft a WR, Dez might have been a possible signing. Now no way we even contact him.
  6. I had no idea his combine numbers were better than OBJ. That is saying a lot considering how explosive OBJ is as an athlete. If his hands are legit, we could have something special brewing in Carolina. We are due another star WR especially while Cam is still in his prime.
  7. He can be special the same way he was in college. If it aint broke don't fix it. Our offense is screaming for a WR who can get screens and slants the dink and dunk 5/10 yards routes and break them for 20+. Cmac can do it but he is a rb. Moore is exactly what we need. Leave the go routes for the speed guys Torrey/Samuel/Byrd. Eventually Moore will grow into a better route runner, but knowing Ron/Norv they will use this kid to his strengths. I got a feeling he is going to be Cam's favorite dependable target. Yes even over Olsen.
  8. Trill OG

    DJ Moore - Judge For Yourself

    While I agree Torrey might be the opening day starter, I fully expect Moore to take over that position early in the season. We didn't draft him at #24 for him not to see the field. We got to get our young WR's touches this year. It's time for these guys to unleash their talents in this offense. I expect Moore to have the best stats of all the rookie WR's, and be at least 2nd in the OROY race behind Barkley. This kid is going to be special.
  9. Trill OG

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    I think rb will be our next pick. This position we can get an immediate impact player. I expect a power back.
  10. Explain? Not saying he can't be, but looking from afar his stats doesn't back up this statement.
  11. Trill OG

    So Who Do You Want on Day 3?

    If we pick another WR I think we go St.Brown, we need another big WR.
  12. Trill OG

    Carolina Panthers Day 2 Draft Grade

    Still can't believe Hurney passed on Oliver a 6'0 200 pound db with long arms who was the best available at that time we picked.smh Oliver would probably been a starter from day 1. Jackson is a nickel back. Hopefully Jackson proves us wrong.
  13. Double dip DB. Hurney smdh.
  14. Trill OG

    Marvin Lewis Aside

    Marvin Lewis must know a dirty little secret about the owner and probably using it against him for his HC job security. That's the only excuse I can come up with. He should have been fired a long time ago.