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  1. Mark my words Funchess will be our best WR this year. The disrespect he gets around here is laughable.
  2. I mean aren't visors used for safety purposes? I remember back in my high school years always wanting to wear a black visor. Damn high school banned tinted visors.smh
  3. Clear Visors don't really stand out with our silver helmets sadly. Black visors look dope, Peppers the only player who actually wears it in the game though.
  4. Versatility my guy. It would be nice to have a jump ball WR for Cam on the roster. Not only that Funchess is still our best WR until proven otherwise. Why should we trade him?
  5. So trade our only big WR on the roster. Cool idea bro...
  6. If Gilbert has a terrible preseason we will most likely sign a proven backup for Cam. Cam will most likely get nicked and bruised this season, we need a reliable backup. Hopefully Gilbert steps up and prove we made the right decision.
  7. Anybody know how long DJ Moore will play? Excited to see him in action tonight.
  8. Problem is First Take and Undisputed are debate shows. I don't watch those shows to see who is funnier. I watch for the debate.
  9. What? Not a Stephen A Smith fan by any means, but Sharpe is not even close to being on his level. Smith is ESPN's highest paid employee and he has his own radio show. Sharpe gets his hype because he is a Lebron fan. Stephen A doesn't have to play a role to get attention.
  10. lol Cam was his opening topic. SMH this guy really hates Cam. All the news stories around sports and he starts his show off with Cam? Lebron vs Trump, HOF Weekend speeches, Urban Myer Ohio State, nah lets talk about Cam.
  11. Oh boy Colin Cowherd just had Cam Newton on the screen behind him. Can't wait to see how he will use this Benjamin comment to bash Cam. "I told you Cam is a awful QB".smh
  12. Lamar Jackson is playing at QB tonight. I will watch most of this game because of him. He is an exciting talent, could be Vick 2.0.
  13. The game is on NBC. Check your local tv stations.
  14. Trade who? We finally get Cam some depth at WR and now we want to ship them off.smh
  15. Trill OG

    Hypothetical Dez Bryant?

    So you guys telling me if Funchess got injured right now, you wouldn't have any interest in signing Dez?