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  1. You think our WR core is set? We are almost guaranteed to draft a WR in the 1st 3 rounds if we don't get another vet WR in FA.
  2. Jokes on you. You have my nuts all in your mouth. *Profile picture, those are my balls in your mouth. *just kidding, this thread does suck.
  3. Either one Wallace or Honey Badger would be a terrific signing at this point.
  4. He deserves an apology from everybody. Considering the limited cap room we had entering FA, if he pulls it off he deserves respect around here!
  5. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    She look like she got sum wet wet.
  6. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Get ready boys!
  7. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    So I take it if Nelson leaves Oakland without a deal, he will most likely sign with another team, and this thread will be all for nothing? OP looks good either way. Well played OP well played...
  8. I would be happy with Crabtree at this point. Mathieu is a pipedream. Lets hope that insider was right.
  9. If only we had the money...
  10. Pretty much ends this thread with this comment. If we didn't go after any of the big name FA's during the tampering period, why would we now with less money? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, we are pretty much done with the big names unless Hurney gets creative.
  11. Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    These rumors from sources have to be false. How can we trade for Michael Crabtree, sign Luke Wilson, and show interest in signing Tyrann Mathieu. With what money? Something is not adding up...
  12. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    No doubt! I think WR would be off the board in the draft as well. So we can focus on other needs.
  13. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    I hope it's true. I guess we will have to wait and see. Crabtree/Funchess/Smith/Samuel/Byrd is a tremendous improvement from last year.
  14. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Just got home from work, is this rumor legit? Crabtree would be a great addition, he would be our #1 WR instantly. Watch his film, he was Carr's favorite target.