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  1. Ball4life

    Julio Jones holding out

    Aaron Donald and David Johnson skipping mini camp as well. It’s not just Julio.
  2. Oh he’s a huge part of the offense for sure...still don’t believe the Falcons would have a bottom offense without him right now.
  3. Two blowout wins the last two times he didn’t play. He wasn’t at OTA’s last year either. Doesn’t mean much.
  4. He honestly looked like that in some of his clips at Bama though. Still often got wide open against SEC defenses. We’ll see if he can do that against NFL defenses.
  5. This is a depth signing. Not a replacement for Poe. Deadrin Senat 3rd round pick this year is the replacement for Poe.
  6. Pretty sure it’s just a concidence lol. Falcons tried to trade up for Ridley because they didn’t think he’d make it to 26. And they had a first round grade on Isaiah Oliver.
  7. His cap hits for the next 4 years actually isn’t that bad. Falcons should still be able to sign their defensive studs and Jake Matthews coming up.
  8. You’re right. Falcons should have not payed him and let their franchise QB go to another team.
  9. Just like WR’s depend on Ryan to carry their stats. It’s either pay Ryan or let him walk. Not a hard decision. And Rodgers will be getting paid more than Ryan soon.
  10. Ryan has 3 playoff wins the last 2 years. 40 years before that? 7 playoff wins. Crazy
  11. Lol. Ryan’s gotten 4 different offensive coordinators head coaching jobs. Best player in Falcons franchise history.
  12. ATL would have beaten Philly if Neal didn’t miss the easy interception at the end of the 1st half.
  13. I’m sorry but the run defense wasn’t even great last year when Poe was “anchoring it”. And the real “anchor” on the Dline was Grady Jarrett easy. Probably the best player on the Falcons defense last year.
  14. Your offense literally scored 10 points the last time we met but now your going to drop 40 and we’ll have no answer. Lol And I’m pretty sure Trufant would be on Moore and Oliver on Funchess...but I’m the one that ignores good logic. The funny thing is Oliver ran a 4.50 at the combine and Moore a 4.42. So much faster!