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  1. Ball4life

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

  2. Ball4life

    Bucs are 2-0

    Eagles are better at home.
  3. Ball4life

    Positives from the game....

    Falcons offense scored 31 points. Ryan looked good. Sark’s playcalling was much better. Coleman dominated and the Falcons offense has looked better with him as the lead back. Ridley looked good as did Austin Hooper along with OL agaisnt a good DL. Falcons missing their two top defensive players and still played ok. Duke Riley at LB for the Falcons is awful and hopefully he doesn’t see the field again. He soley was responsible for 2 TD’s. Kazee getting kicked out was huge and with him and Deion Jones back later in the season the Falcons defense will be fine by the end of the year. But sure they suck and won’t win another game.
  4. Short is a monster and one of the best. Both him and Jarrett are a tier above Poe imo. There are Falcons fans that think Grady Jarrett is the best player on the Falcons defense. Plus the Falcons may of found a gem to replace Poe in Deadrin Senat (3rd round pick) so their DLine could be better if Takk and Beasley have good years.
  5. Julio 16 catches, 266 yards, 1 TD in 2 games vs Norman in 2015. Most of it was on Norman so i wouldn’t say he shut him down.
  6. Poe is decent but I think people are overrating him on here. I’m much more worried about Short than Poe.
  7. Ball4life

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Deion Jones to IR. Our defense is fugged.
  8. Ball4life

    The Atlanta game is an opportunity

    Matt Ryan is 6-2 vs Carolina without Julio....
  9. You’re obviously trolling 1. Ryan was sacked 4 times (but that’s minimal pressure?) 2. Julio had 169 yards plus a bs 52 yard catch that was ruled incomplete (but he couldn’t catch a cold?) 3. Falcons defense gave up 18 points and 232 total yards (that is getting carved up? lmao) 4. And Philly has a weak team? Pretty sure they just won the SB and return most players from that team
  10. Hey noodle arm is the fastest QB ever to 40,000 passing yards and his 260 passing touchdowns is 3rd all time in 10 seasons. I’ll take it! Even with playing with trashing defenses most of his career (Falcons D was trash until Quinn was hired) and the Falcons being top 5 in drops 4 of the last 6 years he is still 95-64 overall.
  11. You’re right seasons over! Might as well pack it up after after struggling (really just in the red zone) week 1 against an elite defense on the road. Philly’s Dline was in Ryan’s face all night which clearly affected him but that’s something you don’t like to mention.
  12. Im not sure why you keep comparing Ryan and Rodgers. That’s not the point and you know it. And don’t act like Rodgers doesn’t have good receivers. Most 4th quarterback comebacks: Matt Ryan - 26 (11th all time) Every QB ahead of him has played more than 10 seasons.
  13. Ball4life

    Bucs @ Saints

    But they finished 7-9 in 3 of those years. And last year they lost @ Min and vs NE. Not to TB with their backup QB.
  14. “but hey, maybe you're right, maybe ryan just cannot function against the leading contender for the nfc championship. surely that bodes well for your team's future.“ Is your quote dummy. Where am I’m comparing Ryan and Rodgers? Lmao Julio is #1 in NFL history in yards per game but apparently Ryan is holding him back? Lmao So 2012 and 2016 surprisingly are the only 2 years in the last 6 years that the Falcons weren’t top 5 in drops. What happend in those years?? Falcons went to the NFC Championship in 2012 and Super Bowl in 2016. If Ryan’s receivers aren’t dropping passes the Falcons go far. Yet you say Ryan is holding them back? Lol So your lazy evaluations and small sample sizes mean nothing.