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  1. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    He would be depth. Most likely 2nd or 3rd TE.
  2. Goff was better than Cam last year. 1 year doesn’t make him a better QB though. Want to see if Goff can consistently be good.
  3. Goff was pretty good last year.....
  4. He still had 8.5 sacks last year. I don’t like the guy but gotta admit that Takk, Bennett, Grady and Vic rushing the passer in the 4th quarter would be sick.
  5. Matt Ryan About To Get Loaded

    Yet he’s been one of the best deep ball throwers since he’s been in the league. But yeah all he does is dink and dunk. Lol
  6. DEREK BARNETT!!!!!!

    Was it a decent game? Barnett had 0 tackles. Takk 8 sacks > Barnett 6 sacks
  7. Cam...Manning?

    Lol at the Eagles dominated the Falcons. And of course your bring up the fluky fumbles but don’t mention the fluky reception that should have been intercepted by Keanu Neal. Potentially a 10 point swing right there.
  8. 2017 PFF All-Pro team

    Yep but those same recievers also lead the league in drop passes. And I’m not sure I’d call Sark great at designing plays to get guys open. And barely throws past the LOS?
  9. 2017 PFF All-Pro team

    Dropped passes, butt interceptions lol. Most of his interceptions have come after dropped passes by the receivers.
  10. 2017 PFF All-Pro team

    Matt Ryan has only thrown interception worthy throws on 1% of his passes this year. (8 of 12 were not his fault) Big reason he is #2.
  11. He does get Kalil worse. @Saca312 Not sure how to embed it though.
  12. Falcons defense has been top 10 this year. Rams offense destroying the Falcons defense is not a given. Nobody on the Rams has any playoff experience either.
  13. What Falcons Fans Are Saying

    Lol I was joking and know that comparison doesn’t mean that much. But yes I would take Ryan and both are very good QB’s.