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  1. Stout Defense

    my bad its 1 of 6
  2. Stout Defense

    No i agree as well. We seem to get pressure but no turnovers. I think it is side effect of wilks defense. Less turnovers but more aggressive and more stability.
  3. Stout Defense

    I know lot of doom and gloom but i want to give a big praise to the defense! Here are few listings through 2 games #1 in ypg with 196.5 #3 in pass ypg given up, 6th in rush ypg given up, tied 6th for sacks and to me maybe most impressive stat 1 of 6 for 4th down attempts give up. also stats of note we are tied 5th in penalties and at 0 with turnover differential.
  4. South Park Season 21

    thought the 1st episode was pretty good. It started off really funny and was good on commentating about current events. But it took a normal south park weird ending for the plot. Can't wait to see rest of episodes although i wish for 1 season eric would mature and kyle would be the immature one.
  5. Panther players who could be announcers

    analyst- josh norman, steve smith, derek anderson, jon beason, cam newton, td, worley, olsen, ryan kalil, Some id rather hear for a game and others id rather watch in short burst like a talk show.
  6. Malik Monk's "significant" ankle injury

    well that sucks. if we can hold on and win under half games to begin season rest will be easier and will be when we need them especially playoffs
  7. After seeing the Tony Romo thread, i'm curious what current panther players do you think has a future in the media as an announcer or an analyst. Also as a bonus what past players do you think could do the same.
  8. Really like romo as sports announcer, hope he succeeds.
  9. Game ball, who gets it?!

    Cam or gano
  10. Victory Pie!!

  11. Feel like cam has good eye for shep and similar 3/4 receivers while anderson has good eye for KB. just quick observation this season
  12. Eric Berry out for the year

    He's deff one of my favorite safeties in the game hope he has a speedy recovery!
  13. Your Ideal Owner

    If i had to choose nfl wise without to much research steve bisciotti and the mara's. My ideal owner would be hands on as far as the teams public image but allow coaches and gm to do job. Not be afraid to take chances on players who may have gotten into trouble but willing to do research and meet with them to truly figure out the circumstances. Id rather my owner be proactive when it comes to suspensions. Yes id want them to be at bat for players but if they know punishment is coming id rather the team suspend them for 2 games then the league for 6. Have his logo at center field and maybe nfl logo in both sides of the 25. Be passionate about the city and care for the team not just wanting to own it for the sake of it.
  14. Predictions and Stats

    Score: Panthers 24 v. 49'ers 13 Cam Newton: 17 of 32, 1 pass TD, 220 yards. Wild card is i feel like he is going to try hard to rush for TD so if he gets it we score 31. CMC: 62 yards rush, 23 yards rec. Stew has the TD Benji: 85 yards rec Olsen: 105 yards rec 1 td Panther's D: 3 sacks, 2 ff 1 recovered darryl with an almost pick. 3PI, 260 pass given, 70 rush given up.
  15. I'm cool with giving him a shot (not that we have a choice). He seems accurate for the most part but i'm sure alot of that is attributed to him not throwing deep. Which worries me because the current version of our offense thrives off of deep plays. It could just be detroits o coordinator but looking at comments from their fans seems they think he trolled by only throwing short ha.