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  1. VGcollector

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    i think he wanted it there because its his alma mata and also having it in both carolina's are supposed to further the notion that the team represents both states.
  2. cant be to bad. the browns suck but people still come out to support. part of his marketing (end sarcasm)
  3. VGcollector

    The Ninth Gate

    never watched but will check it out this week and discuss it.
  4. VGcollector

    More from Voth

    id say with injury to WR position id keep 6. Samuel and Byrd might not be 100% but they are still good. Also good because besides Funchess wright, and smith they havent really had full NFL season. And alot of times younger players especially rookies hit a wall. They arent use to playing that long especially against high grade talent like NFL. I Hope we sign anderson and cut fozzy. Even if CMC is our every down back id want consistent proven backup. And anderson can do more then just that.
  5. Got a notification that Curtis fuller resigned because of reports of inappropriate behavior. i will post once i find website. i received it on score mobile app. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/05/04/panthers-db-coach-left-after-internal-investigation/ Do you think there will be more accusations among players or coaches? This really surprised me as we brand ourselves as family friendly but then all of this happens out of nowhere at same time.
  6. I think we get less or the same amount of sacks but more come from corners and line backers. I think to protect luke he rushes more but thats fine we rush jackson and gaulden/ young line backers more. coleman had 2.5 sacks i think we can get more in secondary. i also think we will be good against the run and get alot of turnovers but give up pass yards late in the game due to lack of experience back there/ being tired and old. I think we rank 9th overall but its a strong 9 overall. Like us going against the saints and falcons will distort overall numbers as we will have to have a shoot out with them. I also think we come in second in division if we dont win.
  7. VGcollector

    Charlotte to Interview Stackhouse

    looking at the vid i hope he is able to hold in his full anger and have some control lol. Good news is seems he doesnt hold on to grudges and he makes up with players afterwards.
  8. VGcollector

    Dez Bryant

    i was actually thinking about this last week. I think he gets released and i think we will be top 3 teams to sign him. along with browns and maybe packers. i think we sign him though.
  9. Congrats, glad to see you were able to finish the project. Hoping the film has great premier and takes off!
  10. VGcollector

    The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    In the movie they said that once they were caught he cut a deal with them. SO he was loyal at first (not really just to money) but when caught he gave them the rebels camo codes so they could see the ships escaping. I think though instead of bb8 piloting the droid should of been del toro and him saying i help out both sides or something. Honestly they wasted him though should of been some type of stith smh.
  11. VGcollector

    The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    i saw it and like luke said this isnt going to go the way you think. I think they win cinematography of the year and the costumes and usage of them were amazing. I like driver even more after watching this. his whining and and purpose was more believable. i liked the force linked scenes with him and rey. sucks they killed ackbar like that should of had more sacrificial death but ok. yoda in it was cool but would have also liked obi wan and anakin in it like some spoilers hinted to. They wasted benecio del toro. Should of been better character with his acting chops that he has. i know he wasnt going to be one but should of been light saber user. Leia not dying was weird to me. I get she is a force user but still didnt expect that and dont think i wanted it. Luke scene was cool where he took blasters and fought kylo just wish it was the real him. Didnt like them having luke be a guilt ridden character, made him extremely weak in my eyes. He wasnt even in person for his final battle. Really hope they dont put Fin and the other girl together, want fin and rey or atleast multiple love triangles of girl-fin-rey, and fin-rey-poe. Was also hoping fin to have some type of force powers but nope smh. Lastly didnt like how snoke died so easily.
  12. I like how cortland is holding josh back, hope he has controlled his trash talking to a way to benefit us and could be a mentor to Norman on how to control. Seeing as how he use to trash talk as much as norman but also would be a lot more physical then josh and get fines. If both can control it man defense will be nice atleast on their side
  13. VGcollector

    New Bungie game: Destiny

    May have been answered, but does anyone have destiny for the ps3?
  14. This game feels off, i feel offense is being to light and only defense is focused
  15. VGcollector

    NBA Finals Thread

    ​the monstars from space jam got him lol