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  1. move in silence like a gif
  2. TEAM Stats through 10 games

    I am surprised we are that high in rushing. I thought we would be alot worse stat wise but im sure the last 2 games boosted us about 10 spots lol. Another thing is we are only averaging a win by 3 points if you look at points scored and points given up. In order to have a more comfortable line of 7 either the o needs to score more or the defense needs to give up less. Seeing as how we have the top defense i dont see it getting too much better. Which means we need the O to score more points. Even an extra 6 points a game would help. I think if the defense can get more turn overs from anyone not named luke we will be fine and able to go to NFC championship round. The more chances we have to score in 2nd q or 3rd q the better. We dont want to have cam tired continuously like in the eagles game. Where even though we had 3 chances to take over and win, you could just see that cam was exhausted and frustrated.
  3. Panthers Snapchat last night

    was about to say if it was ron's daughter surprised he didnt say language like captain america lol
  4. i will be real i dont know too much about him. I just wish we had younger head coach and older experienced position coaches to help him in clutch times.
  5. if that's the case we should of traded him to the saints haha
  6. Vent thread

    i feel you, but to be fair its the only thing they serve at movie theaters.
  7. Need some Huddle advice regarding an ex

    I feel for you. Unforuntaly some of the risk bringing people we are involved with whether its a friend or a gf is that sometimes they can bond with people in other circles. As you get older you have to be careful because as your circle becomes smaller with time you dont want to risk it over person only know for short amount of time. My advice is to at first be nice to her and dont sleep with her. Own up to your friends and her that you were using her for a booty call. For a person as committed as her lot of times sincere admission of guilt and trying to move forward allows her to find solace and atleast see how serious you are even if she still likes you. You also need to talk to your friends tell them why she makes you uncomfortable and why you had to back out. They can still be cool with her but they need to know you will back off if she continues to show up and disturb you or sob over you. Id give that 2 weeks. the extreme options are If she is still crazy then id recommend getting a retraining order on her. Or you could drop your friends for a bit to show them your not playing around. or worse case pass her to me lol jk. But yea i hope you resolve this soon.
  8. Hey all, so i was watching colin cowherd show and he made a good point that we are seeing the need and emergence for good running backs. I think he said the stat was the top 4 RB's are 23-10. I started thinking why the shift from the recent past. Because i do remember rb's use to be plug in play and for the most part dime a dozen besides the top couple rb's. Then it hit me, with decrease in oline talent the elite rb's are beginning to stand out even more. Will be interesting to see what we draft next year. Do we go Rb in the 3rd to help compliment cmc or do we try in free agency. Lot of mid tier rb's were signed last year who ust to be starters for teams. Thoughts?
  9. Samuels has been pretty good so far hope he can continue to be effective!
  10. Completely far fetched thought

    if he came here we would prob win east if mkg stayed healthy. I honestly think lebron should go to okc. Westbrook, PG, and hoodie melo would be top 2 in east.
  11. Player Reactions to Benjamin Trade

    i didnt see trai's post
  12. Player Reactions to Benjamin Trade

    interesting thats its only defensive players saying something. Not making story out of it just found it interesting.
  13. Hornets vs Grizzies

    saw the tweet that we beat number 1 team in east last week and the west tonight which is dope. even though i feel there is a nba conspiracy to have the warriors and cavs lose games early to make the league look competitive
  14. Hornets vs Grizzies

    down by 5 dwight is off tonight he makes half his shots its different game