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  1. Congrats, glad to see you were able to finish the project. Hoping the film has great premier and takes off!
  2. Charles Johnson is a healthy scratch

    I think the PED suspension was the public writing on the wall for him. I think if we win he plays next week though against vikings. I can see him being low key effective with stopping their rushing attack. But this week have man coverage and hopefully wrap up tacking so that brees has to beat us (which he can) but follow game plan other teams have done to beat the saints (we were close to beating them our selves) and you have a really entertaining game.
  3. Part of the run blocking in the second level goes to WR's too. We are seeing more 8 man fronts which is partly because people dont respect our wr's able to catch from cam and also play call has cam running immediately in shotgun. A more surprising reason also is because our WR's keep getting hurt the guy replacing them blocking isn't as good. Ive seen byrd and samuel do some great blocks to open things up. Now it seems CB's are just gunning open to receivers.
  4. We will know who should of been our GM

    I wish marty, gettleman, and bean were all on different teams and we already had our new gm. I want that just so that we can get an idea of how their drafting styles are outside of the vacuum of being apart of our team. Also would be cool to see teams valuing our scouts and other staff members.
  5. Dave Gettleman Press Conference

    Love his honesty. Its always good to hear someone who use to be apart of team talk. Was interesting to hear him say the DT's his first year even though player well was fools gold. He seems to be a guy who mentions the past alot so i expect lot of of stories from his time here.
  6. Why is it that against us players seem to be healthy but then afterwards, their coachng staff shuts them down? Not to jinx it but could it be for a future story line the NFL is setting up for us? Team rallying one last time for owner, team is battle tested facing best other teams have. Its just wishful thinking but i hope fitz can still pull out a win. I liked him with the bills and with mike evans he has huge target to throw to.
  7. Ron Rivera’s Extension

    3 year 5.7 million a year, or 2 year 6 million a year
  8. Hornets vs Heat

    down by 8 we could easily come back kemba has to hit shots and few clutch 3's from marvin
  9. Lebron Ahead of Jordan - Scottie Pippen

    Since im younger i watched MJ but didnt get to fully enjoy his early wins and wasnt alive for his seasons in the 80's. So when i listened to scottie at first i agree, but then i had to sit back and think. And alot of the points you guys made about mj being better i came with as well. Plus scottie compare lebron to himself more so. And not to make something out of nothing but feels like he is trying to elevate himself in the convo. Maybe not of the best but top nba players and he never got a fair shake since being with mj. I say this after watching few interviews of scottie talking about lebron and mj both together and separately.
  10. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    In the movie they said that once they were caught he cut a deal with them. SO he was loyal at first (not really just to money) but when caught he gave them the rebels camo codes so they could see the ships escaping. I think though instead of bb8 piloting the droid should of been del toro and him saying i help out both sides or something. Honestly they wasted him though should of been some type of stith smh.
  11. Hornets vs Heat

    frank seems to be having an ok night.
  12. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    i saw it and like luke said this isnt going to go the way you think. I think they win cinematography of the year and the costumes and usage of them were amazing. I like driver even more after watching this. his whining and and purpose was more believable. i liked the force linked scenes with him and rey. sucks they killed ackbar like that should of had more sacrificial death but ok. yoda in it was cool but would have also liked obi wan and anakin in it like some spoilers hinted to. They wasted benecio del toro. Should of been better character with his acting chops that he has. i know he wasnt going to be one but should of been light saber user. Leia not dying was weird to me. I get she is a force user but still didnt expect that and dont think i wanted it. Luke scene was cool where he took blasters and fought kylo just wish it was the real him. Didnt like them having luke be a guilt ridden character, made him extremely weak in my eyes. He wasnt even in person for his final battle. Really hope they dont put Fin and the other girl together, want fin and rey or atleast multiple love triangles of girl-fin-rey, and fin-rey-poe. Was also hoping fin to have some type of force powers but nope smh. Lastly didnt like how snoke died so easily.
  13. What’s your favorite drinks

    blue motorcyce adios mother My go to is a washington apple though.
  14. Next Gen Stats on CAM

    Both corners that ran him down ran very fast 40's and it shows by them having to turn around locate him and run when he is already 10 yards past them. Also i hope hes not 270. i can believe 255 last year but he looks slimmer this year. If he is id low key be concerned about his health after football lol jk
  15. Which Cam Handshake Is Best?

    i like Darryl Williams the most along with greg's.