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  1. Houston and alittle bit with the ravens
  2. Defense by far fro me. The only reason i could see someone choosing offense is because they believe that ron could scheme a defense competent enough to compete no matter what. I have alot of faith in offense now with additions of some vets (smith, wright) along with devin funchess who latter part of the year could of started for a lot of teams. the offense besides cam and the oline are really young especially at skill positions. this should allow us to compete as they grow and have them on cheap contracts. Defense on the other hand... While i know when every one is on their A game (including ron) i think this could be a top 8 D maybe top 5, lot of question marks for me. Will our dline be able to get pressure especially with an aging peppers. Will our linebackers hold up. Physically and mentally, shaq can make mental mistakes when it comes to coverage along with tackling technique. and luke/ Td make me lil nervous knowing their history. Our corners i actually believe will be ok because we will be putting so much focus on them. i feel the team and media has talked about it openly but the safety position not as much. while they bring it up if u look at team actions it shows they feel competent at that position.
  3. VGcollector

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    i think he wanted it there because its his alma mata and also having it in both carolina's are supposed to further the notion that the team represents both states.
  4. I like how cortland is holding josh back, hope he has controlled his trash talking to a way to benefit us and could be a mentor to Norman on how to control. Seeing as how he use to trash talk as much as norman but also would be a lot more physical then josh and get fines. If both can control it man defense will be nice atleast on their side
  5. VGcollector

    New Bungie game: Destiny

    May have been answered, but does anyone have destiny for the ps3?
  6. This game feels off, i feel offense is being to light and only defense is focused
  7. VGcollector

    NBA Finals Thread

    ​the monstars from space jam got him lol
  8. 5 year 107 mil 54 guaranteed. thats my guess.
  9. VGcollector

    Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

    To me it was a huge let down of a movie, ill explain later why i thought it was im at work currently. But yea i just had higher hopes for the movie.
  10. its marina and the diamonds, a singer

  11. Search ten yard torrents into google

  12. whats the torrent site?

  13. how mush is the 1995 poster