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  1. Lol... do you understand what your sentence is suggesting? Disagree with someone. Let me use violence!
  2. Look one post above your last. No need to respond.
  3. "Let's just get both Kalil brothers and shore up the o-line." - David Gettleman or Jerry Richardson?
  4. Don't state the facts in the situation... it makes his argument foolish.
  5. You see no difference between the players/scenarios? Oh, wait the only difference is kneeling. Got it.
  6. Machetes are not used to stab. Only hack and slash.
  7. His ownership stake would be insignificant and he would have no power in stopping such a move. Do you know how the whole situation works?
  8. And we had to sign an extra kicker for kick offs. Wasted roster position and salary cap. Also, Kasay's distance was diminished considerably at the end.
  9. What's worse is working beside, or even worse FOR, someone who should have been given the boot but yet they continue to thrive in the role of under-performing and overpaid organizational parasite. #MakePerformanceBasedFiringsHappenAgain
  10. And what's the value of this? I'll answer for you - no value.
  11. Interesting. You're doubling down on your opinion.
  12. Totally agree with not using up so much cap space on a damn place kicker. Butker was cheap and more than serviceable.
  13. In the regular season, only one 50+ yard field goal was attempted. That's significant when the kicking percentage is tallied in the end. 2-3 misses from deep range obviously impacts when you are looking at 30 total attempts.
  14. Grow the fug up or gtfo. This is not a middle school locker room.
  15. I honestly feel his high accuracy percentage last year was cushioned by the staff not trusting for him to boot many 50+ yarders. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Butker displayed his power often throughout the season. Someone kicking the majority of their attempts in the 20-40 yard range will obviously have someone who regularly attempts 50+ yarders.