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  1. Are you actually THE Josh Norman? The collective fan base did/does like you and wish you were on the team these past years. You don't need to come on here to lobby for yourself. Hope all is well, Josh!
  2. ChibCU

    Today’s media BS

    I haven't listened/watched Cowherd in years now. I am a fan of Mayfield and didn't even follow him in college outside of ESPN headlines.
  3. At least half the Huddle was clamoring for us to give up assets to bring him to the Panthers.
  4. This is the only scenario I'd be interested in seeing.
  5. ChibCU

    Cam to CMC for 6

    You could tell he was itching to be out there. Even if it's his own offense, Luke does not like seeing that.
  6. Yeah, passing Kevin Greene is the plausible goal. There's no catching 1 & 2.
  7. There's a few posters on here that you'll quickly realize are best being put on ignore. Huddle experience is terrible if you don't.
  8. You mean to the guy who is 11th all-time in sacks and also led the NFL in sacks the year you are referring to?
  9. ChibCU

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    It reeks of Mister's "we're a family" mantra. Poisoned the football and office personnel with his bullshit.
  10. ChibCU

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Fair amount of women like that are only going to be interested in men with deep and expendable pockets.
  11. I'll go with Butker
  12. ChibCU

    Cam with, Who?

    He's skipping OTAs, right?
  13. Let the poo rain down on you.
  14. ChibCU

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Likely an esteemed orthopedist with a degree from Wiki University
  15. ChibCU

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Having Curtis healthy should be important for his development and our offensive potential. Would hate for that draft pick to turn out to be a complete bust in two years.