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  1. Sanchez

    What people don't appreciate about that play is Vince Wilfork literally destroying his man and pushing him into Dirty Sanchez which caused the legendary "Butt Fumble."
  2. Pro Bowl Voting

    Haha. I said I was going to put all my homer picks in. We all know that's why Mike Tolbert got in there last year.
  3. Pro Bowl Voting

    Listen up you angry lot. It's time for us as the premier Carolina Panthers community to take care of our own and make sure our great players are recognized for their stellar play on the football field. Usually I can't be bothered with voting for random crap on the internet but this is the second best thing to winning a Superbowl and is our solemn duty as Panthers fans. ***NFL.com Pro Bowl Voting Link*** Panthers.com Recommended Pro Bowlers My recommendations (your opinion may differ/homer picks in blue): QBs: Carson Wentz - PHI Cam Newton - CAR Tom Brady - GOAT Russell Wilson - SEA Alex Smith - KC (that TD/INT Ratio though) Drew Brees - NO (Honorable Mentions: Dak Prescott-inaccurate as hell, Matt Stafford, Big Ben, Jared Goff) RBs: Le'veon Bell - PIT Kareem Hunt - KC Todd Gurley - LAR Leonard Fournette - JAX Christian McCaffrey - CAR (Ehhhhhh) Alvin Kamara - NO (6.5 yards per tote; gotta respect that) WRs: Antonio Brown - PIT Deandre Hopkins - OHU Stefon Diggs - MIN Adam Theilen - MIN (If you haven't heard of him you aren't watching football. UDFA that is a great route runner and receiver) Larry the Legend - ARI AJ Green - CIN (means more to his team than any other WR on this list; getting it done on a crap team) Doug Baldwin - SEA (again, Seattle probably doesn't win games without Baldwin on the field) Devin Funchess - CAR (hopefully he keeps balling the rest of the way and puts himself in the upper WR tiers) (HM: Julio Jones, TY Hilton, Mike Thomas, Golden Tate) FBs: Kyle Juszczyk - SF Aaron Ripkowski - GB TEs: Travis Kelce - KC Zach Ertz - PHI Gronk - NE Delanie Walker - TEN (Great in the open field; less production in the red zone) OTs: Best Rushing Teams Andrew Whitworth - LAR Alejandro Villanueva - PIT Daryl Williams - CAR Hal Vaitai - PHI Lane Johnson - PHI Matt Kalil - CAR (fug it. Why not) OGs: Zack Martin - DAL Trai Turner - CAR Andrew Norwell - CAR Brandon Scherff - WAS (Washington Post Article) Kelechi Osemele - OAK Larry Warford - NO OCs: (R. Kalil is listed but has not played enough to warrant a vote IMO) Travis Frederick - DAL Max Unger - NO Jason Kelce - PHI Maurkice Pouncey - PIT If you needed another reason DEs: Julius Peppers - CAR Calais Campbell - JAX Demarcus Lawrence - DAL Joey Bosa - LAC Everson Giffen - MIN Mario Addison - CAR DTs: Kawann Short - CAR Star Lotulelei - CAR Fletcher Cox - PHI (We saw first hand what this guy can do) Aaron Donald - LAC Geno Atkins - CIN Deforest Buckner - SF (It's not all about sacks. Puts up great effort on a crap team by stopping the run and making tons of tackles) ILB/MLBs: Luke Kuechly - CAR Bobby Wagner - SEA Ryan Shazier - PIT Zach Brown - WAS (Could go different ways, kwon alexander or vince williams, with this last selection but almost to 100 tackles and 2.5 sacks midway through the season is really good stats) OLBs: Thomas Davis - CAR Shaq Thompson - CAR (Homer? Maybe a little but his play has stacked up this season) Nick Perry - GB Chandler Jones - ARI Von Miller - DEN Ryan Kerrigan - WAS CBs: Top CB stats James Bradberry - CAR Patrick Peterson - ARI Casey Hayward - LAC Marshon Lattimore - NO AJ Bouye - JAX Jalen Ramsey - JAX Josh Norman - WAS Demond Trufant - ATL (Honorable Mention: Adoree Jackson because of his multple position use and Prince Amukamara) SS: Mike Adams - CAR Micah Hyde - BUF FS: Kurt Coleman - CAR Kevin Byard - TEN (HM: Harrison Smith, Earl Thomas, DJ Swearinger) Kickers: Greg Zuerlein - LAC Jake Elliott - PHI or Harrison Butker - KC (Trolling RR) Return Specialists: I look at guys that do both Punt a Kick returns Pharoh Cooper - LAC or Adoree' Jackson - TEN Andre Roberts - ATL (South Carolina guy) (you could vote CMC here but his performance in this position has been average at best) PS: Mike Palardy - CAR Shane Lechler - HOU (punting average and inside 20 - really its a wash. Only care about our guy) Special Teams: Who knows...LA Rams have the best ST stats so I picked that guy. Ben Jacobs - CAR Cory Littleton - LAR Alright! Now get on there and vote.
  4. Only ignorant people say, "Cam is just a running back." That said, the team needs to seriously find ways to surround Cam with talented receivers and continue to bolster that OLine. I know we are a defense first team, but our defense is so much better when we smother the other teams with too many points. Only QB Stats I really pay attention to are TD-INTs. Tells you a lot more about the QBs decision making.
  5. Haha. That's just life. Sometimes if you don't describe exactly what you think the message gets misconstrued. I would like to see this place talk more about football than other bullshit that goes on in the NFL though. If women can talk about routes... then so can we guys!
  6. More or less. I'm acknowledging that we have some players that are not "prototypical 3-4 guys," but I don't think it really matters when you tell a probowl DT to attack a gap or shade one way or another. I understand that we have a good defense and that we would switch to it this year or every. BUT....If we wanted to it would be interesting. Say we got rid of Ron Rivera tomorrow because he had a sex scandal(totally hot right now) and we brought in some young gun to help our offense that wanted a 3-4 next year.
  7. I lightly touched some of those points in the original post and I agree with you to an extent, but i'm not talking about replacing Star or Short. I'm talking about getting Butler, Peppers, and Addison on the field at the same time.
  8. First, before anyone gets triggered and mashes the keyboard with fingers of fury...this only a hypothetical way to explore the idea of getting more of the Panthers defensive playmakers on the field. Also, we know that in the college game we are seeing more hybrid LB/DE guys coming up and prototypical 4-3 ends are becoming more rare. If the Panthers ever did decide to switch to a 3-4 defense, the experts say its takes about 2 years to completely transition to the defense to that scheme. There are nuances to the different schemes with one-gap vs two-gap, but in theory if the Panthers wanted to have this in their playbook they could. In the Base 3-4 we get our three best down linemen on the field with their hands in the dirt. Star plays the NT, because he is that ideal anchor in the middle already, and Butler/Short play in the 4-tech where they can still bend and affect the pass rush. Davis and Kuechly are experts in underneath zone coverage (hook curl/deep curl) and already play a lot in the A-gaps for blitz or stopping the run. Thompson stays at Sam LB to cover TE and has been really quite good coming off the edge on schemed blitz. He's not Von Miller or anything but his speed and technique are there. Daeshon Hall played OLD at Texas A&M so the idea of him coming back next year and playing more 3-4 is not crazy. He's still undersized for a pure DE and I'd be interested to see him in some basic coverage (flat zone/squat). DBs stay the same but maybe we run more Cover 2 or Cover 4. When the opposing offense switch to their 3 WR/1TE sets we still have good coverage and only need to switch Hall for Munnerlyn. Thompson has decent coverage skills(minus his Philly tape) and Munnerlyn comes in for his slot WR. Even if they went 4 WRs in the red zone it would be manageable. This is the package that really gets me excited. If we put Peppers in on third and long with Addison on the other and rush 5 we would overpower every Offensive Line in the league. Peppers has tons of 3-4 experience so QBs couldn't always plan on him rushing if he played a decent count dropping into a zone. Yes... you probably want Pep rushing but I've often hoped Wilkes would drop him into coverage in a fire zone blitz one of these days out of our 4-3 and he snagged one from an unsuspecting QB. Addison played as a hybrid DE/LB in college and I'm assuming he could play stand up or out in some space as an OLB. To make it actually work we would have to draft some more talent at OLB and usually you want taller NT/Edge guys for their length, but it would be interesting to see if we ever had a Wade Phillips or Dick Labeau type DC. Thoughts?
  9. Big Ben

    Almost as good as OMAHA...
  10. TEAM Stats through 10 games

    Love is a game of give and take... So is football. Looks like we need to take more than we give.
  11. The fight for the NFC South is still well under way, but Brett Kollmann gives a good analysis of why the saints offense is thriving and what Luke Kuechly and Steve Wilkes must be thinking about when we will have to shut it down in week 13. In some ways our offenses are similar in that we have good interior linemen at the guards, a tailback in Stewart, an elusive halfback with CMC, some speed at WR, a young talented WR1 with height, and a MVP caliber QB. Defensively I think we outmatch them, but they have talented corners and seem to be better up front. To me the Saints and the Vikings will be our last real TEST for this team and will give us a good indication of how we will play in the playoffs. If we continue to build momentum we will have a lot to be excited about in December.
  12. Jaboo about to be eating a whole lot more L's.
  13. Hurney scouting?

    Marty wants the "turnover chain"....
  14. Go [email protected] yourself guy. CIA interrogates people not the military.