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  1. bust after one season? i hate fans like you
  2. there's a difference between consulting and completely listening to someone. I understand why you wouldn't, but a few minutes of talking can't hurt. that's just me though
  3. completely different. qb coach spends 1 on 1 time with cam, while the DC doesn't. Although Rivera said he didn't, I believe he did.
  4. PFF about Shaq in 2016: Shaq Thompson, Carolina Panthers (85.6) With C.J. Mosley and Jordan Hicks both turning 25 just before training camps open this summer, the pool for quality young linebackers to make this team takes something of a hit. Despite playing limited snaps through his first two seasons, no linebacker under the age of 25 has graded better on a per-snap basis than Shaq Thompson in Carolina. Thompson notched 30 defensive stops in 2016 on just 533 total snaps, and wasn’t beat for a pass longer than 22 yards all season. With an aging Thomas Davis and mild-injury concerns around Luke Kuechly, Thompson’s role should be expanding quickly. He was rated the best player under 25 at the LB position.
  5. doubt it. TDs are hard to get in the NFL, and you get them when you can. I think it was more Cam running out of breath, and Trae Wayne ran a 4.31 at the combine
  6. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    taken way out of context. he was talking about never throwing across your body
  7. your fuging retarded. dont ever comment again
  8. our DE dept isn't very good to begin with... hall already on IR
  9. if you remove fournettes two long runs (75 and 90) his ypc is like 3.5 or something
  10. 2 game sample size is quite small no? great improvement though