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  1. your fuging retarded. dont ever comment again
  2. our DE dept isn't very good to begin with... hall already on IR
  3. if you remove fournettes two long runs (75 and 90) his ypc is like 3.5 or something
  4. 2 game sample size is quite small no? great improvement though
  5. one player on offense and one player on defense. most likely kuechly
  6. what if they choose to snap the ball early though?
  7. im stupid. i swear i read he was being paid 3m somewhere
  8. wasn't a mistake. would cost too much for depth. Besides this game, Coleman has been playing fine? you guys turn on players so fast, holy
  9. he only looked back once towards the end
  10. Butler had a great game. Hoping he can keep it up. He's a beast.