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  1. Run Game Woes - Ted Ginn Jr.

    I don't think its a problem of not having the ability(4.31 40, has like the 6th highest run speed achieved in 2017 at like 22mph, probably on an end round) , it's just he missed a substantial amount of time in the offseason. All of TC + he was sort of injured during the first couple weeks. I think its like you said, coaches not trusting him yet and he has no chemistry with Cam, which is pretty important on deep balls. I'm really hoping he comes into his own in the next couple of weeeks
  2. everyone you moron. you don't just trade a franchise qb away. you want to end up like the browns, rebuilding for 20 years?
  3. no we didn't. we were in the game till the last 3 minutes.
  4. and what happens when he gets suspended for 6 games every year?
  5. I mean guys like Joe Thomas and Tyron Smith are up there, so its not like there throwing random names up there. there grading isn't 100% accurate, but it does definitely carry some weight. also, pff gives a bad grade to khalil " omg, he sucks so much, why did we spend all that money on him blah blah ". pff gives a good grade to williams "pff isn't accurate ,it doesn't mean anything". dw hate outta control
  6. its ya boy daryl williams. and everyone was hating on him after game 3, for him to be replaced by rookie Moton smh #gettlemagic
  7. On the Funchess TD, CMC was wide open too. It was a TD either way
  8. Hypothetical convo with Rivera

    "Fire Shula" "You're retarded" *hangs up*
  9. yea i saw that live and i knew his shoulder was still fuged right away. get well soon Cam
  10. samuel had a screen pass for like 6 yards last game
  11. First time I've read something reasonable from you and I completely agree. Cam's shoulder needs to heal. He was struggling with the same slant throws that he would effortlessly throw at like 100 mph on a normal day, and secondly, Cam's deep ball has always been pretty good, but now he can't connect at all. You don't just lose your deepball over a off season.
  12. hey, atleast CMC played great yesterday