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  1. From Panthers.com "We've got to keep pushing. We've got to keep our head up, it's one game. A lot of people will probably be down on us and that's fine with us because we're a brotherhood. What matters is what is in this locker room. We're going to do everything we can to get it fixed." He sounded passionate. I like his style. Keep pounding!
  2. I am also a teacher. Most teachers can't afford Panthers tickets on the reg. You have my vote!
  3. He confused Kurt Coleman for J Pep ona safety blitz last night. Like, does he even know what those two players look like? Or what positions they play?
  4. That was amazing effort by Brian Cox
  5. Luke getting saucy with Cam Robinson
  6. I get nauseous when I see that Panther.com commercial that shows the headline, Mike Remmers signs RFA tender.
  7. What a sight for sore eyes. Good god it's great to have Cam back.
  8. No athlete has ever come back from 3 ACL tears on the same knee and gone on to play at a higher level that before the injury. The epitome of Keep Pounding. TD all day.