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  1. It's all relative. I'm saying holding the Falcons to 23 when they average 24 is not something I would brag about. Our offense against a solid pass rush is worrisome.
  2. Atl is only averaging 24.2 points per game. Scoring 23 on Chicago is just slightly below their average.
  3. He should get practice reps at SS. Having him as a backup for CB and SS would be really great.
  4. Gronk was out for the Super Bowl. The Patriots won it with only one good TE! *gasp* The greatest coach of all time wasn't obsessed with running the 2 TE set with 2 really good TEs.
  5. Let's trade our 7th for Julio Jones.
  6. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    Yeah and Corey Davis is a bust too. Also Mike Williams is a bust. All of the top round WRs with previous injuries their rookie year are busts by week 5... Crazy how that works...
  7. Matt Kalil

    Thank you! I was saying this the other day and was told Williams is one of the top RTs in the NFL. Moton should help our run blocking. Williams can be a decent backup at best...
  8. Aints tried to trade for bowman

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21029031/san-francisco-49ers-had-agreement-trade-navorro-bowman-new-orleans-saints It says they spoke with the Panthers too about him...
  9. We didn't play bad

    Kalil coming back and Greg Olsen is a good blocker who will be back . I think Moton will take over for Williams at RT and really help our running game.
  10. Nah we need Kalil back at center and Moton at RT to help our run game. Add Greg later on in the season and Stewart going too look just fine.
  11. What did Bradberry get away with? Looked clean to me. Romo is hating because we broke his collarbone a few years ago...
  12. Hello - Eagles fan here

    When we win this guy will disappear. I guarantee it.
  13. Luke Kuechly

    I saw him firing up the defense after that first TD the Lions got.
  14. Game ball, who gets it?!

  15. Offense is clicking!!!