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  1. C.J. signed a one year deal to show what he can do (again) and get paid next year. I can’t see him wanting to play FB because it could hurt his value if he is viewed as a FB instead of a RB next free agency.
  2. ForJimmy

    A bounce back year for him?????

    Searcy is a capable safety. He will be much better than Coleman was last year. Adams and Searcy aren’t great (probably below average), but are veterans who should be where they need to be on defense. I’m just glad we actually have a safety with potential in Gaulden. He might need a while to learn the position better, but he played great for UT.
  3. ForJimmy

    Cam Jordan shows Newton Respect

    About time he started drinking Cam’s sauce...
  4. ForJimmy

    Donte Jackson on Punt Returns

    Between DJ, CMC, Byrd and possibly Jackson we should have some excitement on punt returns.
  5. ForJimmy

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Have him learn behind Anderson and get healthy this year could be nice too...
  6. ForJimmy

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    I would love CMC, Anderson, Hood and CAP in our line up. Talk about a stable of RBs!!! We actually have a FB too now in Armah. The only spot that I’m still a little unsure on is our safeties....
  7. Oh I member, and it makes me eggplant a lot...
  8. I’ve thought about this a few times. It depends on how good Moton is at LT... I think we have several options at LG with Larsen, Van Roten, two big school UDFAs and Moton (unless he looks better at LT then put M Kalil here in the competition).
  9. ForJimmy

    Power RB & Shifty RB examples

    I’m fine with CAP. He said the Panthers still need a power back.
  10. ForJimmy

    Power RB & Shifty RB examples

    I thought CAP could be the power back and you believed in him?
  11. So you said the Panthers aren’t going to the Super Bowl and should trade one of their best players? Sounds like something a rival would troll us with... Of course you are getting negative responses.
  12. Defensive line is better with Poe, linebackers should be the same. Replace Worley and Williams with Jackson Cockrell and Elder and our CBs are better. Replace Coleman with Searcy and Gaulden and our safeties are better. Our WRs add DJ Moore, Smith, and possibly Samuel getting healthy later. The only place we dropped is LG and we have Moton that could be great and if not Larsen, Van Roten, and Siriles are all decent. Our roster is already better than last year’s 11 win team and we have a young raw TE that we drafted to learn from Olsen. There is no reason to think we shouldn’t be a playoff team. Trading Olsen makes no sense...
  13. Luke and Short with an old Peppers alone can make us in the top half.
  14. I think when it’s all said and done, Bradberry and Jackson on the outside with Elder playing nickel. Cockrell and Gunther will be solid depth. Gaulden and Searcy will be starting safeties with Adams being depth.
  15. We got a starting WR and CB for day 1 and possible Safety (if not day 1 then later in the season). We also got Olsen’s potential replacement. Everything else is just depth which makes for a great draft in my eyes.