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  1. You know how to make a man eggplant you vegan you...
  2. I’d rather have Bersin for way less money than Shepard...
  3. Sign Ron Parker and a cheap CB like Bene. Draft one in the 3rd round to compete for the starting job with Seymour and Bene (with that competition they should win easily) draft a young safety in the first or second and you have Parker and early round rookie with Adams as depth to help cover up the cornerback weaknesses. Bradberry holds down one spot with Elder or Captain in the nickel, plus much better safety play. The CB2 will either be Seymour, 3rd round rookie or cheap veteran but have much better safeties to help. This leaves the other 1st or 2nd round and the other 3rd to help o-line and rb issue.
  4. He would come cheap. I wonder what kind of shape he is in...
  5. Cole Luke showed some promise last year in training camp. I wonder what the word is on him as a depth guy?
  6. I think we draft one, but it will be in the later rounds (5th, or 6th) to develop behind our free agent or traded veteran. We will sign a safety and draft one early. Even as we sit right now, Seymour is no worse that Worley and will have a full offseason with our system/players and Bradberry has another year under his belt. Not to mention Elder coming back, we are no worse than last year at CB. The problem is we need to be way better than we were at this position. Did Elder play any outside CB in college? He could even compete for Worley’s spot with Seymour.
  7. Secondary...

    I just assumed because of his injury history. Honestly he is more consistent than Breeland when healthy, so could be worth the same or more especially if there is a bidding war...
  8. Secondary...

    EJ Gaines should be our guy with a smaller contract than Breeland had. He is a great zone corner and still young. Gaines Elder/Captain and Bradberry with another one in the 3rd or later and we will be fine. We still have Seymour for depth. First two rounds and other first can be used on Safety, Guard/center and WR or TE.
  9. How much does he count against our salary cap? I like having him in our rotation and using Short some at DE helps out our DE depth which really needs some help. On our line Peppers is a year older and Poe has had back problems in the past (I know different DT position) so we really need good depth on the defensive line.
  10. I feel like this team is really hurting me and it hurts...
  11. Didn’t Thomas consider retiring after his injury and asked the Cowboys to get him right in front of the camera on national TV. Sounds like his head isn’t in the game to me and would be too big of a gamble...
  12. Sooooooo Left Guard at #24

    We should consider Moton at LT (I personally think he is a guard, but apparently the staff sees a tackle) and let Matt Kalil try LG. Similar to the Vikings using Remmers at guard because he struggles at tackle.
  13. This! Any idea what round he is projected. If we can get Safety in the first and Johnson with one of our thirds I will be happy.