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  1. Hard to be a #1 target when you can't get more than six inches of separation.
  2. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    The first generation host(s) are awake! I'm gonna be all over the place here. I was wondering if Ake got his four hour update, it wasn't specific in that regard until the very end. How else would Maeve control him without updated software? A ten year update at that! So, I surmise he did get the update. In programming an update doesn't necessarily mean removal of pre-existing information just an update to the the already existing information. William said; "No way am I dying here" or something to that affect. I think the "Pain" involved in regards to his daughter's comment and carting him off on a horse will have something very much in regards to that. I think Logan is fuged. Speaking of which. That has to have been a very, very early timeline of Logan in the other world, most likely suffering from drug withdrawls. By his own choice I might add. Otherwise he would be Williams age. The narrative is still in full swing, though. "When the death-bringer comes for me, gather your tribe". I think Ford started this narrative many, many years ago only to be his final and 'new' narrative. Although, I am not fully convinced he has absolute control. I am wondering if it breaks somewhere. Now I am wondering again where are all the hosts from cold storage? Are they following Dolores, or Maeve? I think I remember a few with the both of them. I could be wrong of course. Not exactly my favorite episode but I must say it was incredibly well done. The acting by Zahn McClarnon completely carried this episode. So very good. A razor sharp and emotionally gripping story line with great story telling to deliver it. I also noticed a fly in this episode.
  3. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    I noticed this as well during the season so far. I am thinking it's possible they are there to protect the humans.
  4. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    Well, we now know we are dealing with multiple Bernard's. The interview with Dolores was her interviewing Bernard from the start. And Dolores is in fact, sentient according to Ford. As far as we know at this point. Episode entitled "les ecorches" in French meaning, tormented. Had to look it up. "They broke my head and filled it with howling and sorrow" - Abernathy. I really, really enjoyed the cold opening of this episode. It certainly perpetuated the things to come. So many moments that got my attention. "What is about to happen will not be your fault". So Bernard does kill everyone and has them disposed into the lake? I was annoyed somewhat by the human incapacity to defend themselves, especially the security team. And also by Maeves telepathy in regards to being kidnapped. Then I wondered if Ghost Nation is immune to her verbal commands, so one assumes she can’t use the mesh network against them either. The show has gone to great lengths to show us Ghost Nation is different somehow. Since next weeks episode appears to feature them, we may finally get some answers about that. I don't know. This episode lost me somewhat.
  5. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    Agreed. I am just pointing out that I think there is some significance there. Maybe it's just a metaphor with no symbolism at all, maybe there is. Just a couple of thoughts I wanted to air out. Found this interesting site. http://delosdestinations.com/ Aeden won't tell me poo. That or I am asking the wrong question.
  6. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    "I've been waiting for you old friend" To me this shows Ford's plan is going exactly as intended. The new narrative is in full swing. I also might be stepping back slightly from my theory of Dolores being sentient. It's so tough to tell. The piano seems to be an interesting element of the show. We see it in the opening sequence each week. The hands draw back to reveal the piano plays by itself. We saw Dolores playing the piano when approached by Teddy. And then at the end of the episode we see Ford himself finishing his piano piece. I wonder if it's Mozart, Chopin or Beethoven. There is a symbolism there that I think might be overlooked. Ghost nation definitely has something going on as well. I noticed Lawrence is a member of this group, too.
  7. Makes me wonder how many of the staff at the WCRF are muslim.
  8. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    I don't really have much to comment in regards to this last episode. I don't think we really learned much of anything substantial and found it to be one of the more lackluster episodes of the season. The last fifteen minutes of the show was pretty good. This one certainly had the infection of a JJ Abrams episode of Fringe. I hope this one is the only stinker of the season.
  9. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    To a place hidden from God. Old William referred to it as a cognitive plateau and said that their most successful run had been 35 days. The destabilization was possibly introduced by finding out his wife was dead, his daughter Juliette killed herself, his son Logan overdosed and there was no one left for him. Therefore his mind rejects reality. Now, after having said all of that. It could also be after years of being in power William fell in love with the position and power he no longer felt the desire to fulfill his duties to James Delos. He can't let him out now there is too much at stake.
  10. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    A few more thoughts. I know I tend to ramble somewhat in this thread but hey, were all playing multiplayer notepad here. An additional consideration over @PanthersBigD's comment above in regards to immortality in the form of digitized content, it was revealed the construct of that possibility was ruled a complete failure as far as we know. I did comment earlier in this thread in regards to immortality but I'm not sure as to how or if, that will come to fruition. I'm guessing the harvesting of human DNA. I still wonder why William and Ford seem to have a hatred for each other. Or it seems so with their intense rivalry. Were they friends before, allies with a common cause that possibly deteriorated over a struggle with a different goal? It seems to be that William is looking for perfection. We saw that in regards to James Delos being fried 149 times over a period of many, many years . Ford wanted to make the perfect AI, and through William, has his harshest critic to tell him he can't quite get there.
  11. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    I do, yeah. However, I think that is only one possible aspect of it and I'm not yet willing to accept that as a full stop plot line. The true purpose of the park has three variations of it I think, depending on who's point of view you consider. is it original Bernard, Ford's, or Williams?
  12. This is not an article.
  13. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    Having seen Altered Carbon I didn't get that vibe at all. In fact, we don't know much of anything as this point. However, this episode did answer a lot of question, I feel. I was drawn back to season one when Abernathy started to malfunction when he saw the modern picture at times square. He started malfunctioning and it made me wonder if James Delos is in there with ALL of the data he is carrying around. Maybe Delos conscious surfaced somewhat? We don't really know but I am sure there are all kinds of nefarious things Delos (company) could do with that type of information. Bernard said to Elsie; "Elsie...i'm not here with you am I?" He seems to be suffering from memory slippage which also takes me back to the very first episode of this season. The very first line in episode one was by Bernard. Something to the affect; I'm sorry I got lost in thought. Maybe it's possible the first era of hosts had already had some form of consciousness. Also wondering why the railroad tracks were being built the wrong way.
  14. Well, if I recall he just recently sold all of his Papa John's in Denver. The ones he bought six months before they passed the marijuana bill. fuging genius by the way. I wouldn't be surprised by his involvement.