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  1. Black Mirror

    Enjoyed the new season. Was not much of a fan of the episode Jodi Foster directed. I don't recall the name of the episode off the top of my head.
  2. One of the best of ignorant posts I have seen on today's version of the huddle meltdown. 500 fans went on the road for this game today you dolt.
  3. They do this damn near every game and I have been screaming about it for the past several years. ESPCIALLY when they have the lead paying prevent defense.
  4. Correct. And I hate to say it the majority of that falls directly at the feet of Cam Newton today.
  5. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Maybe they are finally investigating the misconduct of allowing Shula to continue coaching.
  6. FIRE SHULA!! Were still doing that, right?
  7. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    Tell me more... I have smoked a few turkeys in my day but I have never done a ham before. Someone asked me this year if I was going to try a ham and it got me to thinking about it. I presume were not using one of those pre-sliced made to cook hams, I mean those are delicious but for smoking? Seems like those would take on way too much smoke. What kind of wood are you using on a ham? I also agree with the others here. Brine that bird.
  8. Cam said no

    What is amazing to me is the fact that Reserve Ron saw the reaction of his offense, tossed a challenge flag, KNOWING it would not be overturned to buy himself some time to make a new decision to go for it during a successful down field drive. Hoping to now garner the affections of his offense. By that time the momentum was lost. So, wasted a time out on an obvious challenge he would not win. THEN he decides to go for it, Cam reaches out with his frame and gets the first and ultimately had a lackluster result. WTF is wrong with you!
  9. Curb your enthusiasm Season 9

    Ya'll just ain't lampin right.
  10. The Walking Dead season 8

    Now how the hell does the Tiger know who to attack? I really don't know why I am still watching this show.
  11. And here is where Rivera shifts to a soft prevent defense going into the 4th.
  12. Cam apologizes

    A now emasculated man needing to apologize in an already effeminate media world. Reminds me of when the Brawny paper towel character guy got the axe. And all he did was clean things up with perfection.
  13. Half-dollars would be even more impressive.
  14. Ok Folks. It's time for some goddamn levity around here .We haven't done one of these in a while. The discussions I have seen lately used to be reserved for the Zapruder footage and a Sgt Pepper album cover. South West should hit up the Huddle for a "Want get away" ad campaign for the Algonquin Round table. Now, with that being said lets have some fuging fun for a change and get this poo started, shall we? Are you a MS Paint master, then add your skills to the mix as well. Photoshop? Well, kick some ass with that too if you want. I'll kick it off with a few. Matt Patricia Yukon Cornelius. Nick Caserio (director of player personnel) Sam the Eagle Tom Brady Lloyd Christmas Chad O'shea (wide receiver coach) Uncle Fester
  15. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    Prime time games. I remember it well.