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  1. Datawire

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 2

    • CAR @ ATL: CAR • BAL @ CIN: • LAC @ BUF: LAC • MIN @ GB: MIN ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ • CLE @ NO: NO • MIA @ NYJ: NYJ • KC @ PIT: PIT • PHI @ TB: TB • HOU @ TEN: HOU • IND @ WAS: WAS • AZ @ LAR: LAR • DET @ SF: SF • OAK @ DEN: OAK • NE @ JAX: JAX • NYG @ DAL: DAL • SEA @ CHI: CHI Is there a specific day each week you will be making the pickem post? I want to be able to keep up with this.
  2. Armadillo Pot Pie. The cornerstone of any nutritious meal.
  3. Datawire

    Brenton Bersin

    Correct. Jon Fishman.
  4. Datawire

    Brenton Bersin

    No no no no you are thinking of anastasia.
  5. Bwaahahahahaha Boom! Only took a few minutes into the first qtr.
  6. Datawire

    Game Day Menu

    My firewall has this image blocked. I don't even need to see it.
  7. Prediction: Mick Mixon comments on Rivera's supple pectoral's.
  8. Datawire

    Falcons tell Julio Jones to suck it

    They are offense? Cool.
  9. Datawire

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    And apparently a criminal act of condoned vandalism by some fans here is also tolerable.
  10. Datawire

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    With this kind of talk it makes me wonder how TF Ben Roethlisberger is even still in this league.
  11. Datawire


    If monogamy is such a good thing then why are humans so bad at it?
  12. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    Oh poo! Teddy blew his code completely out! The suffering Ford mentioned last season is real. Just wanted to say Katja Herbers is absolutely beautiful. I understand the story arc but would have liked to seen more from her character. Did a screen grab of this. Who the hell is subject #001??
  13. Hard to be a #1 target when you can't get more than six inches of separation.
  14. Datawire

    Westworld Season 2

    The first generation host(s) are awake! I'm gonna be all over the place here. I was wondering if Ake got his four hour update, it wasn't specific in that regard until the very end. How else would Maeve control him without updated software? A ten year update at that! So, I surmise he did get the update. In programming an update doesn't necessarily mean removal of pre-existing information just an update to the the already existing information. William said; "No way am I dying here" or something to that affect. I think the "Pain" involved in regards to his daughter's comment and carting him off on a horse will have something very much in regards to that. I think Logan is fuged. Speaking of which. That has to have been a very, very early timeline of Logan in the other world, most likely suffering from drug withdrawls. By his own choice I might add. Otherwise he would be Williams age. The narrative is still in full swing, though. "When the death-bringer comes for me, gather your tribe". I think Ford started this narrative many, many years ago only to be his final and 'new' narrative. Although, I am not fully convinced he has absolute control. I am wondering if it breaks somewhere. Now I am wondering again where are all the hosts from cold storage? Are they following Dolores, or Maeve? I think I remember a few with the both of them. I could be wrong of course. Not exactly my favorite episode but I must say it was incredibly well done. The acting by Zahn McClarnon completely carried this episode. So very good. A razor sharp and emotionally gripping story line with great story telling to deliver it. I also noticed a fly in this episode.