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  1. And here is where Rivera shifts to a soft prevent defense going into the 4th.
  2. Cam apologizes

    A now emasculated man needing to apologize in an already effeminate media world. Reminds me of when the Brawny paper towel character guy got the axe. And all he did was clean things up with perfection.
  3. Half-dollars would be even more impressive.
  4. Ok Folks. It's time for some goddamn levity around here .We haven't done one of these in a while. The discussions I have seen lately used to be reserved for the Zapruder footage and a Sgt Pepper album cover. South West should hit up the Huddle for a "Want get away" ad campaign for the Algonquin Round table. Now, with that being said lets have some fuging fun for a change and get this poo started, shall we? Are you a MS Paint master, then add your skills to the mix as well. Photoshop? Well, kick some ass with that too if you want. I'll kick it off with a few. Matt Patricia Yukon Cornelius. Nick Caserio (director of player personnel) Sam the Eagle Tom Brady Lloyd Christmas Chad O'shea (wide receiver coach) Uncle Fester
  5. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    Prime time games. I remember it well.
  6. Few of my pictures from today

    Love me some old school html. Here, let me help.
  7. Dickson

    Well, so far it's been going every way other than in the bread basket.
  8. Thanks for the tickets

    They were drinking this by the cases when I was there. I admit, I tried one. Not recommended.
  9. Thanks for the tickets

    Try going to their stadium surrounded by them while being dressed down in Panther gear.
  10. Thanks for the tickets

    I texted my buddy that works for the organization and asked about just this. He said it was more like 10-15%. He took a look out the window during the 3rd quarter and some Bills fans were still tailgaiting. To be fair, it's really all they have to hold on to. Props for dude coming back to take his medicine.
  11. A word on sacks

    That Jonathan Edwards isn't doing too bad.
  12. Tolbert, as much I respect the Man as the player here, he was, won't bee seeing that. He's a third down back at the goal line. And the Panthers know this.
  13. So what, it all comes down to the execution of plays by the players. I don't see the Bills as executing much of anything significant with their current roster, even with pulling out their own Panther play book. Especially on our home turf.