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  1. I would have no problem with this, not ready to crown him but, why any sensible person would have a problem with it is beyond my brain meat capacity.
  2. Altered Carbon

    Uh, Tom Hardy?
  3. Altered Carbon

    Has anyone had to turn on subtitles during any episodes? The dialogue sometimes seems mixed poorly or it seems to me there is some mumbling from a couple of actors going on.
  4. Cloverfield Series

    Not bad, not great. Netflix really stepping things up lately. Decent leading up story. I got kind of a Sunshine (2007) vibe from it.
  5. State of the Union

    Holy poo! The guy is killing it so far. Didn't expect this.
  6. Black Mirror

    Enjoyed the new season. Was not much of a fan of the episode Jodi Foster directed. I don't recall the name of the episode off the top of my head.
  7. One of the best of ignorant posts I have seen on today's version of the huddle meltdown. 500 fans went on the road for this game today you dolt.
  8. They do this damn near every game and I have been screaming about it for the past several years. ESPCIALLY when they have the lead paying prevent defense.
  9. Correct. And I hate to say it the majority of that falls directly at the feet of Cam Newton today.
  10. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Maybe they are finally investigating the misconduct of allowing Shula to continue coaching.
  11. FIRE SHULA!! Were still doing that, right?
  12. The Walking Dead season 8

    Now how the hell does the Tiger know who to attack? I really don't know why I am still watching this show.
  13. Resting up the D for that play.