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  1. Best Hair Band songs

  2. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

  3. Metal Music favorites

    Lady Gaga? Here is a metal cover of Lady Gaga. This dude takes pop songs and makes them Metal. His Adele cover is hilarious. Better than the original in my opinion. Check out his channel, very talented dude.
  4. Agreed. But it still can't be offered into evidence.
  5. Ah thanks. This took place in Morgantown, West Va. Either way, carry on.
  6. Motivation isn't a crime unless proven by a court backed up by evidence. That is hearsay counselor.
  7. So according to the law as written, you agree with me after all.
  8. I am talking law here. Not moral outrage.
  9. Don't agree with that at all according to the letter of the law. A no contest plea cannot be used as evidence against a defendant.
  10. So, no conviction of any kind. Got it.
  11. I could accuse you of the same thing. What was he convicted of?
  12. Relax guys. He could have spent the 2nd on an elite kicker.