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  1. Agreed. But it still can't be offered into evidence.
  2. Ah thanks. This took place in Morgantown, West Va. Either way, carry on.
  3. Motivation isn't a crime unless proven by a court backed up by evidence. That is hearsay counselor.
  4. So according to the law as written, you agree with me after all.
  5. I am talking law here. Not moral outrage.
  6. Don't agree with that at all according to the letter of the law. A no contest plea cannot be used as evidence against a defendant.
  7. So, no conviction of any kind. Got it.
  8. I could accuse you of the same thing. What was he convicted of?
  9. Relax guys. He could have spent the 2nd on an elite kicker.
  10. I made it just for the huddle. :)