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  1. DeMarco Murray?

    His dismal performance this year killed my fantasy team. Having said that, if his injuries are healed and the price is right, might be a good one year signing.
  2. Should the XFL have their own forum?

    When (if) the league starts, I would be interested in having a forum for it. But does anyone think this will end differently than the last go-around?
  3. I don't think the NFL tries to fix games. It would be very difficult and would mean the end of the league if they got caught. I think you can argue more convincingly that there is some bias in officiating. Whatever the reason, certain teams and players tend to have a lot of questionable calls go in a way that favors them. Does anyone believe that penalties are called equally in plays involving Cam Newton versus plays involving Tom Brady?
  4. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I grew up living in New England, and used to date a girl whose father had season tickets to the Patriots at the old Sullivan stadium (nothing like sitting on an aluminum bench in 5 degree weather, watching the 2-14 Steve Grogan-led pats lose again). And I will admit that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are likely the GOAT QB and coach. But I have grown tired of the insufferable arrogance of Brady and Belichick's sneering condescension with the press and, well, basically everyone. I hope the Pats get destroyed in the Owl.
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    HOLY poo! HA HA!
  6. Didn't read the whole thread so apologize if this has been asked already. For the Huddlers throwing shade at the Norv Turner hiring, who is it that you think would be a better hire?
  7. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Just got off a plane, read this thread, and ooooooooh yeah!
  8. To get an A, I believe a running back drafted that high should get over 1000 yards rushing. But he deserves credit for durability, great hands (at this point he has the best hands on the team) and being a good, reliable slot receiver. Solid B and could become an A next year if he can break some long runs.
  9. If you gonna go out, this is how you do it

    A lot better than how we did last year
  10. Receivers. We need actual, NFL-caliber receivers.