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  1. I agree that the sequence of events doesn't logically follow. I believe the NFL has deliberately tried to downplay and discourage any specifics coming out about players "In the protocol". You can guess why.
  2. Makes sense to hold him out this week, given his history with concussions. You really have to be concerned longer-term about Luke, the person, not the football player. How many more concussions could/should he take? With his ferocious playing style, his next one is just a matter of time.
  3. Trump views everything through the lens of "does it make me look good?" He is missing the gene that in normal people allows them to have empathy for other human beings. "Elect a clown, expect a circus" is a joke that has been making the rounds since Trump was elected. But having a serial liar and ignorant narcissist as the Leader of the Free World is not funny. The world is watching as American leadership and credibility is going down the drain. This is just one more example.
  4. Rosenthal with GOLD

    I dumped Matt Ryan from my Fantasy team after week 2 (I'm a slow learner)..
  5. Bears Extend Fox for Five Years

    Click-bait, 9/10, made me do double-take and reply.
  6. Game etiquette

    If the NFL is looking for reasons that game attendance is declining, this thread is a great example. Should I pay hundreds of dollars for tickets, parking and concessions, and have the possibility of getting into an altercation because someone wants to block my view for the entire game? Or watch at home on my big screen TV, sitting on my comfortable couch for free... Most older folks like me try to avoid confrontations with drunken assholes half my age.
  7. Game Day Smoothie

    I like the idea of smoothies but I just can't drink anything that looks like newborn-baby poop.
  8. The fan side of me hopes Luke gets well soon. The human side hopes he gets well soon and then retires.
  9. Thank you for not sharing the name, we should be careful about doxing people based on a comment posted anonymously, people have had lives ruined over false accusations.
  10. And he was there with wife and kid? SMH, a real role model. Hope he gets arrested.
  11. Three thoughts: 1. Stewart is clearly on the decline. Too slow to the hole and can't break tackles like he used to. 2. CMC is better than his stats but it is painful to watch how he is being misused as a between the tackles runner. 3. We need to upgrade the offensive line ASAP.
  12. Luke soncussed. Oh poo
  13. We got the dropsies...