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  1. This Redskins vs Saints game is going to be entertaining. The Saints running game is scary good.
  2. There was another stat that shows we're 2nd in the league in total first downs. We've really been shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers and sacks.
  3. Offense Total Offense: 16th (Passing 22nd, Rushing 7th) Pts Per Game: 18th (21.3 pts per game) Giveaways: Tied for 6th most Defense Total Defense: 1st (Pass: 4th, Run 2nd) Pts Per Game: 3rd fewest (18.0 pts per game) Takeaways: Tied for 25th fewest
  4. I think this means CMC lines up more as WR especially on play action.
  5. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Curtis-Samuel-to-undergo-season-ending-surgery/d06a59a6-b6c2-4b44-bd7b-4561a2d766c9 HARLOTTE – Wide receiver Curtis Samuel’s rookie year is over. The second-round pick will undergo season-ending surgery on his left ankle and eventually be placed on injured reserve. Samuel left Monday night’s game against the Dolphins early in the third quarter after his foot turned awkwardly under the weight of Miami safety Reshad Jones in the end zone. Prior to the injury, Samuel was enjoying the most productive game of his career, recording a career-high five catches for 45 yards in the first half against the Dolphins. As quarterback Cam Newton said, Samuel finally appeared to be “on the cusp.” “There were a lot of good things,” offensive coordinator Mike Shula said Tuesday. “He had a couple of third-down conversions, and his awareness is becoming better and better as far as finding holes in the zones. He’s doing a better job on releases – just all the little things on route running. He made a tough catch when he got hit hard on a deep cross and held onto it.” Samuel, who was drafted to threaten defenses with his elite speed, battled a hamstring injury throughout the summer and a high-ankle sprain in his right foot during the early part of the season. But when wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin was traded to the Buffalo Bills two weeks ago, Samuel assumed a starting role alongside Devin Funchess. Now, with Samuel out for the season, the Panthers have to turn to others to inject that much-needed speed. “It’s kind of a collective effort,” Shula said. “Is there anybody as fast as him? There are some guys on our team that would say yes. We’re going to try hard to find ways to put guys in place for what they do best and then have them go do it. “One of the best things that happened last night after Curtis left was that we didn’t feel like we really missed a beat. Guys came in and did their job, knew their assignments. Every play we’ve got guys going in and out, and we hardly missed a beat as far as guys going to different positions from one play to another.” Kaelin Clay, who hauled in his first catch of the season on Monday, will get more opportunities to showcase his speed. And when Damiere Byrd comes off injured reserve – he’s eligible to do so when the Panthers visit the Jets following the bye week – he can bring more speed to an offense that suddenly finds itself in shorter supply. "Damiere has progressed very well,” head coach Ron Rivera said. “The fortunate thing for him is it was an arm as opposed to a leg injury, so it's just a matter of time before he's eligible to come back out."
  6. I think Cam is clearly better when he doesn't have a #1 target that he tries to feed the ball too. Clearly, he's more focused and makes better decisions when he is asked to spread the ball around. Last night's game reminded me of 2015 in how he hit so many different targets. Even though Funchess had a great game, it was a byproduct of this process. I don't think Cam was forcing the ball to anyone like he used to do with with Smitty, KB, or even Olsen.
  7. CamNewtonism #1542

    Me thinks he needs to lay off the cigars
  8. CAP was really impressive with his inside running. I'd still like to see him get more carries.
  9. Curtis Samuel injury updates

    Gutted for the kid. He had an excellent game and is a big reason why things opened up in the passing game. Praying for his speedy recovery.
  10. Carolina Panthers (6-3) Chances of making the playoffs: 54.4 percent Ron Rivera's team is a comfortable favorite to dispatch the Dolphins at home on Monday night, which would push the Panthers to 7-3 and leave them well-positioned to at least claim a wild-card berth. They will face the Jets after their Week 11 bye and still have home games against the Packers (who could theoretically have Aaron Rodgers back) and Buccaneers to come. FPI projects them at almost exactly 10-6, and they should be safe if they make it there. There is a scenario in which Carolina doesn't make the postseason, though, and it involves its two crucial road games to come. The Panthers have to play at both the Saints and Falcons, and those games could be important in a three-way race to what might be only two playoff spots. Even if the Panthers finish 10-6, The New York Times simulator notes that losses to the Falcons, Saints and Vikings would leave Carolina's playoff odds right around 60 percent. Carolina needs to win at least one of those NFC South road games, and it had better be the game in New Orleans if it wants to win the division. The Saints launched their revenge tour after an 0-2 start by stomping the Panthers in Carolina, and if the Panthers lose again on Dec. 3, they might very well be a game behind with four to go and no hope of claiming a tiebreaker over the Saints. The Panthers hold the head-to-head tiebreaker with the Falcons, and it wouldn't be a surprise if the tiebreakers conspired to turn their Week 17 rematch in Atlanta into a would-be play-in game. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/Barnwellx171113/sorting-wild-nfc-playoff-field-week-10-2017-nfl-season-nine-contenders-six-spots
  11. It's amazing how they went from being a laughing stock after their first two losses to being feared. I think they're the real deal. Well balanced on offense with a potent rushing attack and resurrected on defense that surprised me.
  12. If they discover the tapes, I bet his base support goes down from 37% to 36%. Yeah, that's about right. Because he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose votes.
  13. This will be my first MNF game since 2008 when we destroyed Gruden's bucs with double trouble. I am lucky to have been invited to the game and will be sitting in a club suite with my boss who is a Dolphins fan. Here's hoping to a good performance and a W to keep alive in the division title and playoff hunt. Keep Pounding!
  14. When my 7 year old son was born, I used to dream about him playing football one day. Now, I am hoping he sticks to soccer or basketball. I will probably let him play flag football but that's about it.
  15. That's what I thought too, but this Cowboys fan who is African American really took it personally. It's very strange. I don't think I would ever not be a fan of the Panthers because of what the owner does.