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  1. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Some of you guys are smoking WAY too much pot. Miami has beaten Bethune-Cookman, Toledo, Duke (football Duke) and squeaked out wins over a very mediocre FSU team and a 3-2 Georgia Tech squad that considers the forward pass to be a gadget play. They are vastly overrated.
  2. Brady has already completed passes to 7 different receivers.
  3. Obviously I meant to ask whether it is a meaningful trend or simply a statistical/ situational aberration.
  4. Okay, it has not been a dramatic drop off, and some will poo-poo the stat, but here it is: 2012: 5.8 ypc (career high) 2013: 5.3 ypc 2014: 5.2 ypc 2015: 4.8 ypc 2016: 4.0 ypc 2017: 3.3 ypc I guess the big question is simply this: is the trend irreversible given Cam's mileage, running style and injury history? The NFL evolved away from QB option oriented offenses eons ago. There was a reason. Are the chickens coming home to roost?
  5. The Panther defense was guessing. It is all they could do.
  6. McCaffery is perfectly capable of lining up at tailback 5 times a game and breaking a draw or counter for a 60 yard touchdown. On top of what he gives you at receiver.
  7. Has Newton been David Carr'd?

    He certainly should not have been "Carr'd". Newton has been sacked, on a percentage basis, almost exactly as much as Big Ben (7.1% career percentage). This high percentage is actually typical for QB's who believe they can "avoid the rush". Meanwhile, Carr was sacked on 10.54% of his career dropbacks, nearly 50% more than Newton.
  8. Baldy on a Cam sack

    Slot receiver absolutely wide open on a slant once the DB blitzes. Newton looks right at him and does not pull the trigger. Damn that Shula.
  9. Small sample size for sure, but, barring injury, this kid is gonna produce a ton of yards if the Panthers can consistently get him the football. It might sound like hyperbole, but McCaffery may be the best receiving running back in the NFL after only 3 games as a pro.
  10. Alex Smith torched this defense. Rookie Deshaun Watson torched this defense. There is no excuse this week.
  11. Cam's first interception yesterday.

    Look at Funch. He tries to stop and JUMP at a ball thrown high and behind...this on a designed quick SLANT, LOL. If Newton correctly leads Funch with a well thrown ball at the numbers, the play probably results in a big gain. As others have noted, the original run design may have worked as well. Good play. Poor execution.
  12. Cam's first interception yesterday.

    It is almost as if two time NFL coach of the year Rivera would have preferred a run for a minimal gain to a brutal interception. Imagine that.