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  1. Poor Cam. Throughout his tenure in Carolina he has had the worst head coach of all time. The worst offensive coordinator of all time, The worst "weapons" of all time, and he has consistently had to drag terrible Carolina defenses into the playoffs. He reminds me a bit of "Boxer" in Orwell's Animal Farm.
  2. Brees' anticipation and short to medium accuracy are light years better than Cam's. Hate all you want, it's just a fact.
  3. You are stoned. No one is going to offer 3 first round picks for Cam Newton.
  4. Good comparison article of Kamara and McCaffery at the hated ESPN: http://www.espn.com/blog/new-orleans-saints/post/_/id/28663/breakout-stars-like-kamara-mccaffrey-arent-just-for-third-downs-anymore
  5. Breaking news: Cam Newton has a career completion percentage of 58.6, including 52.9 last year.
  6. Newton posted a 59.8 NFL passer rating against the Jets. This was only the 14th worst game of his career as a passer. He has actually been worse 3 times this season: 43.7 against New Orleans. 48.5 against Philly 54.9 against Chicago Cam came into the Jet game as the NFL's 24th leading passer. When the stats are released after the Monday Night game, he will probably rank 25th or 26th.
  7. You guys should cut Electro's Horse Dong in Mouth some slack. He started a thread belittling a "poor" 40 yard run by McCaffery. We should count our blessings. Imagine if he had started threads for each of Cam Newton's garbage throws on an 11 for 28 outing? They would take up the entire board.
  8. Well, perhaps Newton was simply suggesting that Cam should become more adept at getting rid of the football. Cam ranks 21st out of 28 players in Sack Percentage among active qualifiers. He takes sacks on 6.98% of his passing attempts, one of the worst career rates in football. Interestingly, nearly the entire Top 10 of least sacked QB's is composed of strictly pocket-passers, guys that can barely run. One of the exceptions is the least sacked active Quarterback by percentage: Drew Brees at 3.88%
  9. Had Luke Kuechly, J.J. Watt and Rob Gronkowski played 40 years ago, there would be a litany of posts claiming they could not possibly be stars in today's NFL. Meanwhile, a QB who ranks behind such luminaries as Chad Pennington, Matt Schaub, Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler and David Garrard is a "shoe-in" for the Hall of Fame.
  10. Brees posted a 104+ NFL passer rate in his 3rd season in San Diego. That is WAY better than Cam Newton has ever posted. Brees without Payton is not Andy Dalton BUT as a passer Cam Newton IS Andy Dalton, just not quite as good: Dalton career NFL passer rating: 88.9 Dalton career passing TD's: 153 Dalton career passing yards: 23953 Newton career passer rating: 85.4 Newton career passing TD's: 146 Newton career passing yards: 23750 And by the way in Newton's magic 2015 MVP season he posted a passer rating of 99.4 (his best ever by far). Dalton posted a 106.2 the same season...
  11. No, I used the term correlation in exactly the sense I intended to use the term correlation. Were 3rd down percentage causation of a superior record, the Broncos could not possibly sit at 3-5. But the correlation between excellent 3rd down percentage and superior NFL run /loss record is undeniable.
  12. I will let this response speak for itself. Jesus, You have been shown the numbers, shown the correlation, yet refuse to acknowledge it... you must be a millennial !!!
  13. Do you actually believe Shula and Rivera are on the sidelines PLOTTING to avoid first downs? That is what the second sentence of your third paragraph strongly suggests. As far as the rest of paragraph 3: Yes, I agree 3rd down conversion percentage is the product of good execution, ergo, good coaching. Poorly coached teams don't only fail in long yardage situations. Poorly coached teams also fail in short yardage situations precisely because they are poorly coached. The Carolina Panthers have consistently been a good third down team during the Shula / Rivera era. Do I think the top coaches in the league are concerned about keeping third down manageable? :HELL YES. The real story of all this, though, is the fact that, except for CmC and an occasional flash from Newton, this team has played poorly offensively and yet still sits at 6-3.
  14. Quick Question

    To relieve the criticism, Cam doesn't need to turn himself white. He just needs to turn himself into a better passer.
  15. Time Of Possession MEANS YOUR OFFENSE IS ON THE FIELD MORE THAN THE OTHER GUYS, Eisnstein. It also means your are almost always running more plays than the other guys. Ask Alabama and Atlanta how trailing in Time of Possession affected their championship hopes last year. Incidentally, 3rd down conversion percentage is EVEN MORE STRONGLY CORRELATED to wins and losses than is Time Of Possession. But since I posted this very recently, I won't be redundant.