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  1. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Nearly the entire Huddle carped about how predictable Shula was. In actual fact, he was consistently one of the least predictable play callers in the entire NFL.
  2. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Actually, I can't ever recall seeing PI called on a Hail Mary type pass...ever...maybe I am wrong?
  3. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Going into year 8, it's about time people realize Cam is who he is. He is not going to morph into Steve Young. Outside of 2015, he has been a mediocre to poor passer his entire career.
  4. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Cam could not run the Eagle's offense. His short accuracy and anticipation are among the worst in the league and his decision making is "questionable" to say the least. Cam Newton is the reason the Panther's offense did not "evolve" this season.
  5. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Wentz's QB rating in his second year was higher than ANY Cam Newton has posted in 7 seasons.
  6. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Pats have no speed on offense. Game Over.
  7. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    God, Foles has made some great throws tonight...
  8. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Whatever happens, a very enjoyable Super Bowl.
  9. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    This Brady guy is pretty good.
  10. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    The Patriots wide receivers are Amendola and Hogan. LOL.
  11. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Someone is going to pay Foles a lot of money.
  12. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Brady on pace for 500+ Foles on pace for 400+
  13. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    What a horrible game. The fix is in.
  14. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    LOL, the receiver was held for like 3 seconds...
  15. NO, sorry, there is no comparison between the seasons of McCaffery and Ross. McCaffery as a rookie was one of the best receiving RB'S in the NFL. Ross could not get on the field. Ross shot into public consciousness after breaking the NFL combine 40 yard dash time. But if you look at the top 20 40 times in NFL combine history, a curious fact emerges: Only a handful of these speed demons became good NFL football players. Track speed in football is vastly overrated.