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  1. Solid. Had a good year.
  2. 24 hours...

  3. The 72 Dolphins' opponents had like a .367 winning percentage, only two teams above .500, no one from their regular-season schedule made the playoffs... but we sure never hear about that.
  4. I'd take that all day, every day.
  5. Denver fans are banking HARD on the defense angle, specifically pass rush. If they execute, it will make it a much more competitive game. If they don't...
  6. Those guys were/are also one-dimensional players. Cam has already bucked the trend via his method of scoring 50 TDs.
  7. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Randall only threw for 30 or more TDs twice (30 in 1990 and 34 in 98) and only threw more than 20 3 times (23, 24, and 21 in 87-89). He also maxed at 6 rushing TDs in 88, so his best year was 35 total TDs in 1998 (34 passing, 1 rushing). While you didn't hallucinate, Randall never had a year like Cam, and unlike Randall Cam looks poised to keep doing it.
  8. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    I've made a couple of posts over there today and seem to be engaged with someone who is either trolling me or a blind homer. The general lack of knowledge about Carolina's actual on-field performance vs. the typical talking points has made me appreciate the league-wide knowledge that a number of folks on this board have.
  9. It could certainly happen, but Carolina definitely looks better (or at least equivalent) on paper in almost every way. That said, the game's played on the field... but I believe that the guys are prepped, focused, and ready to steamroll some Broncos on Sunday.
  10. Jared Allen's smile at the end, combined with that Fu Manchu... classic.
  11. What position did you play?

    Didn't start but was first off the bench at every position in our 3-4 scheme except CB and NT. My favorite spot on defense was/is SS, as it's great to get a second to diagnose in space and get a head of steam before anyone gets on you. On offense, I was a possession receiver/TE. Caught a few balls and a TD, but we had 3 other really tall receivers that saw most of the action.
  12. My thought exactly. I think Greg can have a positive impact on his life, but I also hope that the brother doesn't end up a distraction... a small chance if at all, but a chance nonetheless.
  13. Media Fatigue...

    If Carolina wins on Sunday, there will be plenty of coverage during the offseason.
  14. What a non-story. Sure helped the other teams a lot to know what Norman, a CB who QBs weren't throwing at anyway, was doing... Unlike a snap count, the other 6 guys in coverage can be doing things other than what Norman is doing.