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  1. Panther Nightmare

    There's a reason their slide into mediocrity began when JJ took over personnel and coach hiring duties, though he did get it right with Jimmy Johnson. Unless you're being sarcastic, in which case... well played.
  2. Brenton Bersin needs a TD

    The only reason you posted this is because he went to Wofford. In all seriousness, I agree completely. Dude does everything that is asked of him in his rather inglorious role.
  3. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Fixed it for you.
  4. Saints Fans and a Delorean

    12-0 they say? C'mon guys... Carolina is 11-1.
  5. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    The D was beyond solid.
  6. Colin Jones in the slot...

    You know it's a good season when the biggest 'concern' is how the ST ace/backup safety pressed into action as a buffalo nickel may not be a great man-to-man cover guy.
  7. Gano's leg strength

    I think this is settled.
  8. Before we get all happy

    I think you're spoiled by the great play around him. I'm not saying he's a world-beater, or even above average, but he does about as well as most any team's 3rd or 4th corner. Bene hasn't really looked much better in the slot (though he looks pretty good outside).
  9. Before we get all happy

    Yep. Beasley's monstrous 44 yards on a huge 6 catches, and a garbage time TD, not all of which were when Jones was manned up, was game-changing.
  10. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Dez did just drop the ball in the end zone without a break up, but I'm giving Josh credit for taking him completely out of his usual game.
  11. SQUAD

    This. Hats off to Cotchery, as he's made some huge plays this year and to my eyes actually looks a bit faster and quicker than last year.
  12. Romo

    At this point, there probably shouldn't be.
  13. Props to Oher

    Either/both, really.
  14. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Thus the 'a bit'. Didn't expect another romp like last week, but things weren't as crisp overall.
  15. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Defense looked great today, but offense and ST sputtered a bit.