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  1. Racist peice of poo

    I assume it's the 'boy' he's implying is racist.
  2. I feel terrible for Penaut and Allen

    ST was less than stellar as well. 6 points swing off of bad ST play (missed FG, wacky punt return), another 15 gift points off of offensive turnovers... Carolina theoretically could have won this game 7-6. Didn't happen and so is irrelevant, but that's the type of game the defense played.
  3. The offense tonight reminded me a lot of 2013 and 2014 - long-developing plays when uptempo was needed. Even with that, had they just not turned the damn ball over (even taking the sacks, just without the fumbles) they probably would have won.
  4. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    Not accounting for BPA, OT/DE/CB/S are IMO the clear areas of need in that order. OT and DE are really an either/or situation, though we did see firsthand tonight what a monster rush can accomplish.
  5. Kony Ealy

    One of those was a strip-sack that he recovered as well, leading to the final FG. Carolina lost because they gifted Denver 17 points in the form of their own fumbles and a ridiculous punt return.
  6. Did he seriously single Cam out or is that out of context?
  7. Kony Ealy is a stud, Funchess looked very good, and Shaq looked solid as well. The stage was not too big for Carolina's upcoming stars.
  8. Holy hell, it's like Cotchery's hands were surgically replaced during the last 2 weeks. I couldn't believe those drops tonight, and even though that first one should have been a catch there aren't any questions if it's not bobbled.
  9. I don't think so - Manning was a below-average QB tonight whose team enjoyed some crazy good fortune and who rode a defense that executed flawlessly. Storybook would have been actually doing something worth noting other than stepping on the field and yelling 'Omaha'.
  10. Denver has executed perfectly.
  11. Star with the clothesline.
  12. Defense is out for blood. KEEP POUNDING!