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  1. Spanish radio calls the Luke Kuechly pick 6

    I think it would feel gimmicky if they were being done just to be done (e.g. overblown calls for routine plays), but Carolina has legitimately had at least one jaw-dropping, ultra-exciting play basically every week. The enthusiasm and energy are genuine and highly relatable, and that keeps it fresh.
  2. Did you not watch DeCoud and Cason last year? 
  3. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Uh... okay. In Gettleman and Rivera I trust.
  4. Sunday night game thread

    Thus the 'he's on his way' rather than 'he's there'.
  5. Reminder: At New Orleans 2014

    The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.  
  6. I literally can't even.
  7. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    These 49er unifroms are ugly, and why black?
  8. Not going to pick on him for his beliefs and conviction, but I'm of the opinion that sexual compatibility is way too important to ignore until after marriage.
  9. Norman's Trash Talking

    Norman basically blocked Dez out of the play without ever actually touching him. I'm fine with that.
  10. Panther Nightmare

    There's a reason their slide into mediocrity began when JJ took over personnel and coach hiring duties, though he did get it right with Jimmy Johnson. Unless you're being sarcastic, in which case... well played.