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  1. Hornets vs Wiz

    Cliff loves MCW for his Defense. MCW comes in the game, and starts “defending” Beal. Beal immediately scores two straight baskets, and one is an and 1.
  2. Nobody cares what you think. Stay outta my threads hoe.
  3. *Seinfeld. Not only are you a teenager, but you also can't spell. I'm not surprised by this. Good day, and have a good weekend you f ucking idiot.
  4. Yep, confirmed you're a teenager. That was horrible. And I don't have a sister. You want to get on my dead brothers dick? Bet you would.
  5. http://www.12up.com/posts/5986216-high-school-shuts-down-after-former-dolphins-ol-posts-disturbing-instagram-threat What in the Hell did Incognito do to this dude?
  6. ^Or you could just stay asleep forever and we would all be happy.
  7. Special Agent Peanut

    It's also his Birthday today.
  8. ESPN NBA Mock Draft Hornets select Miles Bridges

    If Carter is there, I think we take him. Don't see him dropping to us though.
  9. The case for Billy Price....

    Yeah, I'm all on board for him, Orlando Brown, Conner Williams, etc. Do we need a WR? Absolutely, but we can get that or a damn good TE in the second or third round.
  10. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/02/21/report-jaguars-unlikely-to-re-sign-aaron-colvin/ Fits a need for sure. Would be perfect in the slot for us. WAYYYYYYYY better than Captain shitty Munnerlyn.