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  1. So he was wrong about Funchess so far this year, and correct on Worley. 50 percent? That’s Hall Of Fame worthy in baseball.
  2. He got banned dude. Lol. THats interesting he’s on your mind though.
  3. For sure need to look for more receivers in the Draft.
  4. Lol, he’s actually been solid this year. So that’s incorrect. Matt Kalil maybe.
  5. He had 21 TD's counting his rushing TD's, and this year he has 19. It's not that far fetched, I suppose.
  6. Hornets v Timberwolves 11/20

    I was there, heck of a game. Got to meet Olsen at a Military event earlier in the night.
  7. This is the problem. As many have stated before the Draft, they were worried that Shula would ruin McCaffrey. Looks like he almost did.
  8. Yeah, I met him at the Military event he was at earlier in the night. He seemed super happy compared to that pic.
  9. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    I've had them before, not great, but not terrible. Don't see the big deal in this, honestly.
  10. It's Saca, are you really surprised by this?
  11. She loves eggplants? I'm not fond of that vegetable but that doesn't seem that out of sorts, I guess.
  12. No, no, I don't. Please explain.
  13. She was reaching, and you're reaching, and that's okay, I guess.