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  1. JakeDel5674

    Miles Bridges

    https://247sports.com/Season/2016-Basketball/RecruitRankings?InstitutionGroup=highschool Miles Bridges was a five star, but he was the 12th best player according to recruiting rankings. While he was good, he wasn't a cant miss prospect like MPJ. https://247sports.com/Season/2017-Basketball/RecruitRankings?InstitutionGroup=highschool MPJ was number 1, until Bagley reclassified, and made the 2018 class even shitter than it already was, which was difficult to do.
  2. Take a guess man, more Second Rounders. LOL.
  3. JakeDel5674

    We are stuck in mediocrity

    Since we had the Second pick, we could've selected Bradley Beal. We wouldn't have shitty Batum if that was the case................just saying.
  4. JakeDel5674

    Theo Pinson

    Sorry man, your boy did not get Drafted and was signed to a two way contract with the fuging Nets. LOL.
  5. JakeDel5674

    Miles Bridges

    It truly is man. So frustrating.
  6. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, Brian Fathorst came out and said it's Cleveland or the Lakers. If it's the Lakers, LeBron is done chasing Jordan. Because they won't get Kawhi until next year, and they won't have the money to sign Kawhi if LeBron & PG sign max deals.
  7. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    On another note, Robert Williams is falling hardcore right now, maybe we can snatch him up.
  8. JakeDel5674

    Miles Bridges

    They won't improve dramatically man. The Hornets are what they are right now, and unless Bridges is a consistent All-Star (doubtful), we could've passed on the best talent in the Draft. Makes no damn sense.
  9. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    I was saying he got it with the MPJ statement on if he comes back 100 percent.
  10. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    I mean, when you think of junk yard dog in the NBA that's the first player to come to my mind. LOL.
  11. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU! This guy gets it. I'm just glad that Tarheelfan23 dip poo isn't in here to talk about how we should Draft Theo. Also, a BR guy compared him to Larry Johnson. I was like Larry Johnson in 2018? I do not know how I feel about that.
  12. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    MJ wouldn't move the team or sell them. But, you're right. The fan base would leave, but tanking would be the right thing to do at this point, instead of staying in mediocrity town.
  13. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    YEah man, a junk yard dog type with talent around him is awesome. Instead of talent, we have shitty MKG, average ass Marvin Williams, overrated Nic Batum, and Kemba Walker. YEah man, I'm super amped about that possibility. Why do you think Draymond is so good? Because he has an abundance of other great players around him. But, sure. This is EXACTLY what we need. LOL.
  14. JakeDel5674

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    What if he becomes an NBA Hall of Famer? What if he becomes a perennial All-Star? I can do the what if game too. If Bridges turns out to be a beast, then so be it. But, if MPJ turns into a damn perennial All-Star this will be another time where we look like fuging fools. And, me, as a Hornets fan, is tired of our team doing "safe" bull poo.
  15. JakeDel5674

    Miles Bridges

    HAHA, tell em man. This team is going to be trash this year. Why not try for MPJ? We aren't making the Playoffs with this trash anyway, and to make matters worse, if we do make the Playoffs we'll lose early. Look in the other thread, this fan base is so use to losing, this one dude said he was "stoked" about this roster. I just can't man. It's like these idiots are so enamored with mediocrity it's ridiculous.