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  1. Defend the Shield!

    Curtis Samuel singing "KeKe" in the car

    Oh, I thought it was gonna be that 6ix9ine song with Nicki Minaj for a minute
  2. Defend the Shield!

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    I got into football in the first place solely because of the Panthers' great 2013 season. I was in the Navy on deployment at the time, and on the weekly ship newsletter we'd get NFL scores, and I noticed my hometown Panthers kept winning week after week (after a weak start.) That got me interested enough to actually learn the rules of the game so I could know what I was watching. That said, I only cared enough to check the scores because of how much I'd enjoyed the 49ers/Ravens Super Bowl earlier in the year, and became fond of both the Seahawks and Washington state after visiting for a while. So I'd likely support Seattle and Baltimore with no hometown team, if I watched NFL at all.