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  1. Shoved. Lol. Calling the police because you got shoved. Lol.
  2. Breaking News Donald Trump Plans To Step Down As President

  3. The AFC North did it in 2014. Short memories
  4. I've lurked the site since 2013, but don't know enough football for my comments to be worth much. Threads like these are exactly why I felt no need to get involved with the community either.
  5. This is a great forum for discussing football. It's an AWFUL forum for discussing anything else.
  6. People who quote an entire lengthy post to reply with one sentence will get poo from me every time
  7. Next Gen Stats - Christian McCaffrey

    Yeah but he isn't T R A N S C E N D E N T
  8. Andrew Luck's Career is possibly over.

    Really amazing seeing people talking about "we dodged a bullet" and hating Luck because they, themselves, were salty about him staying in school. I'm glad we have Cam but Luck was a really promising QB who would have added some great entertainment value and classic football moments to the league. Criminal what Indy did to him
  9. It would be true though, really. I'm not confident vs. anyone, but we are capable of winning any game
  10. Just terrible. The guy had the potential to be really great and the Colts killed him.
  11. Feels bad, man. Andrew Luck really does have a ton of talent and it's criminal what Indy did to him.