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  1. The Eagles now have an omen

    If they win there's no way they beat the Patriots. Tom Brady and Bellicheck are not gonna lose to Nick Foles.
  2. If that deal didn't happen he was going to go to Atlanta and be their missing piece to winning a championship.
  3. Panthers going on a run

    I can confirm that he paid me. Sanjay is a man of his word.
  4. Updates on the team sale

    I sort of like the idea of State Line Stadium. Sounds pretty cool. Obvious opportunity for sponsorship by State Farm Insurance there too. My biggest complaint is that having it there would be a bigger pain i the ass for out of town fans who stay in Charlotte for games. Also, fug Brian France. I don't want him anywhere near my team.
  5. Panthers going on a run

    He messaged me asking for my paypal info. Have yet to receive anything.
  6. Nintendo Being Nintendo

    If they can get away with selling cardboard for $70, good on them.
  7. Panthers going on a run

    Hey Sanjay send me my $50
  8. Best Twitter Reactions

    Not a good look for the Saints fanbase when I've only been on there 10 minutes and I've seen at least 4 people say they hope Case Keenum gets injured.
  9. ole boy dusting off that Brady jersey.
  10. The Walking Dead season 8

    If the past few years of walking dead comics are any indicator, it'll amount to absolutely nothing.
  11. Trade with the Cavs? just a thought

    I'd rather have Kemba than IT.
  12. DNA Kits

    I've done the ancestry one and the free one from the university of Michigan. If you're in to that sort of thing it's very much worth the money. My favorite part was taking the meta data from the test and running it through software that could determine exact regions of Europe that I am from. The downsides are that it takes a pretty long time to come back. The University of Michigan took about 6 months and the paid one took about 4. It can also be deemed to be a pretty big waste of money because 99% chance there's not going to be anything surprising in there.
  13. This would imply that all of the players are in on it too, ala pro wrestling. Which is a retarded assumption to make on many levels.
  14. Why would the league rig Jacksonville to win? No one gives a poo about Jacksonville.
  15. Why the hate on Wilks?

    He isn't as bad as people on here say. He's a very smart guy and he's getting head coach interviews for a reason. I can't blame it all on him when the offense went 3 and out the majority of the time and he had a secondary that gave up big plays more often than not.