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  1. RUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROUND ONE

    who is your source?
  2. I didn't become a fan when I was in 5th grade because of Jerry Richardson. I'm not going to stop because of Jerry Richardson either.
  3. I really just wish the sale would happen already so I don't have to hear about this poo anymore. and for all of you people who are "ashamed" of being a Panther fan, no one is forcing you to stay on board.
  4. Draft Day Chatter

    I really hope the Browns take Mayfield #1 just so I can have a good laugh.
  5. Heading into the draft, this team screams 2006 to me

    I thought you were a big Gettleman fan?
  6. Let's talk about Vernon Butler

    David Gettleman revolutionized the draft strategy of drafting a player 7 years before they start. Man I miss him.
  7. I'm still not a fan of character concern players unless you get them in a place like we did Greg Hardy. Most of the time the character concern guys are too much trouble for what they produce on the field. With that said, boy oh boy wouldn't it have been nice to get Dalvin Cook in the 2nd last year.
  8. Okay. So then...Why?

    If I were the Buccs I'd tell him to go live his life, we don't care, we have a parrot.
  9. Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    I respect Frank Garcia's ability to spit pure unadulterated yet exaggerated truth. Like last week when he said Michael Kidd Gilchrist is so poo that he doesn't belong in the NBA.
  10. Gettleman really screwed this team and I really don't understand why people can't see it. His actions alone put us in the position where we need a starting guard, corner, safety, and wideout. His years of making vanity picks is going to set this franchise back half a decade. Unless Hurney can pull one out of his ass and have a draft like the Saints did last year. Fingers crossed.
  11. Ben Navarro, "The Cool Cat"

    My dad always called me his special sunbeam.
  12. The Walking Dead season 8

    The comics are still running, but should have ended already too. The show being a success has ended up being a curse because Kirkman is sacrificing his integrity for money. The comics suffer the exact same problems that she show does. Nothing ever fuging happens and it feels like a complete slog to get through.
  13. Kupchak Cleaned House

    I don't get the local media's obsession with defending Cliff. Cho sucked but Clifford never maximized the pieces that were given to him.
  14. Amazon is not what it used to be...

    Their 2 day shipping is bullshit. I've done an experiment before and it took as long as free super saving shipping did for nearly the exact same items.
  15. Who is the biggest Panthers bust of the last five drafts?

    Unpopular opinion time. I judge picks purely based on what they did for our team. I don't care about anything else other than how they affected the Carolina Panthers. Kelvin Benjamin was a bust. He was highly overrated by this place. Yeah, he had one good statistical year and he can make some spectacular catches, but he never did anything when it actually mattered. I noticed early on that almost all of his numbers came during garbage time. He was often lazy and unmotivated, and never came remotely close to being the #1 WR we needed him to be. He had no chemistry with Cam either for some reason despite Cam's best efforts. Kony Ealy was a bust. He was only on the team for a few years before they gave up on him and he completely floundered when he was given the starting role. Yeah, he would have forever been a Panthers legend if we won that super bowl, but that game was the only time he ever really made an impact. Shaq Thompson is borderline. He hasn't been bad, but it's a real possibility that he ends up a free agent before he takes the role he was drafted for. The first four games of the season are big for him. I need to see that he can step up and fill TD's shoes, if not, he's a bust. Vernon Butler is a bust so far. You don't spend a first round pick on a player then have them ride the bench the majority of the time. Albeit, this one may be on Gettleman more than Butler himself. It's ridiculous that we're going in to his third year and we still don't really know what we have in him. He actually has the potential to remove himself from the list, though it's doubtful. Daryl Worley is a bust because he fuging sucked the entire time he was in Carolina. Beau Sandland and Zack Sanchez are busts even though they were drafted late. I'm not even sure if they ever even appeared in a regular season game, even on the bench.