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  1. Professor Chaos

    James Bradberry impressed with DJ Moore

    Has there ever been a single wideout in the entire NFL that didn't impress Bradberry while they blew past him?
  2. Professor Chaos

    Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    It's crazy that Byron Bell is somehow still in the league. Good for him, but goddamn.
  3. Professor Chaos

    The secret Twitter story

    I bet having secret accounts is very common with people any sort of famous people. Most of them probably aren't used to talk poo about their star players though.
  4. Professor Chaos

    Playoff Thread

    I doubt it. He's going to hitch Lewagon to whichever team is in the best position to dominate, so he'll either be going to Philly or Houston.
  5. Professor Chaos

    Prison Reform

    I want to move to Canada.
  6. Professor Chaos

    Tinderbox Off Topic

    Nothing like a bunch of crackas talking about hip hop
  7. Professor Chaos

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    Yeah, lets cut the Walter Payton Man of the Year candidate because he chose to speak up for himself and his team mates. Seems like a good idea.
  8. Don't mind me guys, just over here laughing out loud at cuckhold porn.
  9. Professor Chaos

    The Walking Dead season 8

    Norman Reedus has reportedly accepted a 20 million dollar deal to stay on and become the series lead. I would be more okay with Rick dying if Negan became the lead, a whole lot less so with Daryl.
  10. Professor Chaos

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    @Huddle Racism Watchdog
  11. Professor Chaos

    More info on the Tepper meeting

    Last night I dreamed that David Tepper was doing a Willy Wonka style giveaway of the Panthers.
  12. Professor Chaos

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    During the 2011 lockout there were reports of a lot of players being so desperate for money that they were having to take out loans. That's another strike against this.
  13. Professor Chaos

    The Walking Dead season 8

    It has been announced that Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show. There's not even a point in watching any more.
  14. Professor Chaos

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Well, this is a nice surprise since people on here were saying that Samuel's entire career may be over.
  15. How much interracial cuckhold porn do you think Gazi, PSC, Rodeo, and PhillyB watch?