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  1. I hope the media really goes in hard on Newton this week that is if he man enough to show up.
  2. haha another INT.Cam is hot garbage.
  3. we need a new qb Cam is awful
  4. We all know you only like Cam cause he black if he was white you would not give a poo about him
  5. cause Cam is a shitty QB
  6. nice throw Cam you dumbass.
  7. why are we still running? god this is bad.
  8. maybe Cam should stick to football and not care what the reporters are saying.
  9. why are you laughing at hurney? this team was put together by your savior Dave.
  10. i'm so sick of these newton fanboys who can't take it when u say something bad about him when its deserved.
  11. its not Rivera its our dumbass qb that his job to rush his team to the line
  12. Cam don't how to rush his team to the line he always takes his sweet ass time.
  13. let see if shula shows some balls here.
  14. you are not really a panthers fan anyway u did'n become a fan until we drafted Cam so you not a true panthers fan.