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  1. Any Rangers (Scotland) fans on here?

    Hey... Just thought I would ask I've heard there is a massive following in the states..... Just seeing if anyone here follows?
  2. I've just woke up to goto work but I always get up early to watch the game (It's 02:45 in Scotland) and I keep thinking to myself TD does what he does but without Kuechly who else has that connection with him?. Who else has the backbone to step up cause without Luke our D just falls apart!. So frustrating!!
  3. Coming to Charlotte (Advice needed)

    So no one can point me in the right direction of what bars to goto etc? Lol
  4. Weird to say but this team misses Ginn

    Wtf Ginn? He would have been the best in game......IF HE COULD CATCH A BALL!!. Yeah the guy has potential but he couldn't catch the flu if he tried. The WR'S we have right now we are more than capable of running balls.....Without Ginn!!
  5. Can't wait I'm coming for the game. I somehow doubt he will be back. Even if he does.... We've seen this before
  6. What Chicago Bears fans are saying...

    My ex girlfriends (we still talk) family is from Chicago and she obviously is a bears fan..... I can't be bothered with her trash talk if the bears see this one through. I can't see it happening but football is football
  7. Coming to Charlotte (Advice needed)

    Hi guys I'm finally managing to get my ass to a GAME!! . I'm coming over for the Green bay game in December and I'm just really looking for advice on where to go what to do (Bars is a must I will be drinking alot haha) im aiming to be over for at least 2 weeks touching down in Charlotte around December 14th. Any help is definitely appreciated :). Scottie.