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  1. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    this chragers kicker is terrible and some of you goons cry over Gano.
  2. I'm sure he wanted revenge on the pats aswell did'n keep the pats from winning and it wont keep the panthers from whopping the Jets Ass either.
  3. steelers lost to the bears aswell and they the best team in the afc
  4. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Steelers also lost to the bears and they look like the best team in the AFC Right now so poo happens we just have to get over the bears loss cause nothing we do is going to change it.
  5. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Browns could have taken Watson this year aswell.They had their chances to get a good qb and they blown it.
  6. fug You, Washington.

    steelers also lost to the bears.I'm over that loss poo happens.
  7. fug You, Washington.

    You really expect anything diffrent from washington?
  8. even if they lose to the falcons it still helps us since they in the wildcard race aswell.
  9. cause Grudin knew every play the raiders was going to use and gave them the easier superbowl win ever
  10. I mean he not as scrary as yall make him out to be and infact last time we played him we owned him until we went in prevent defense in the end and let them come back and make it close.
  11. who cares? Rodgers is overrated anyway.
  12. he suppose to be back for the jets game.
  13. Shula, first call of the game

    flea flicker to Samuel for the TD.
  14. General Gameday thread...

    to be honest I'm glad the falcons won cause they still play the saints twice and I want to still in it so they give their all and hopfully beat the saints.
  15. General Gameday thread...

    Falcons win one game and they rolling.lmao