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  1. Christian Mccaffrey or Alvin Kamara?

    true about the thorn part but the good news Brees will not be there for 10 more years so that kinda eases the pain. also I think Christian would be just as good in that offense our problem is shula.
  2. Christian Mccaffrey or Alvin Kamara?

    do you have any faith Shula would use him any better?
  3. if you had a redraft and know what you know now who would you take? to me I don't think it matters I don't see Shula using Kamara any better and I think Mccaffrey would ball out in the saints offense so for us I don't think it really matters they both great players but with Shula here it don't matter.
  4. Dale Earnhardt Jr would be a good choice he lives in the carolinas only problem he a skins fan so I doubt he would want to buy the team.
  5. coming from you that means so much.
  6. pats have done it with mcdaniels.
  7. that was until the colts fired their hc and now Chud is a option he my top choice now.
  8. you don't remember our offense in 2011? with Olsen/Shock the Two Te Sets that offense was fun to watch and put points on the board with ease only reason we failed that year cause our defense sucked.
  9. I tell you this aswell even with our WR Core I bet you chud would had find a way to beat atlanta this past week.
  10. Cam had his best throwing years when Chud was the OC and our Offense was always fun to watch so let bring him back.
  11. you the one making poo posts talking about the team moving.
  12. thats not me either and thanks for proving my point on being called a racist for calling Cam out when he plays bad.
  13. you still don't know poo about football.
  14. you never know what you talking about so take a hike.
  15. you would be wrong again.