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  1. Scheme has to play a role in this. Anyone we get now, is not going to be all-pro. Here are some options 1)Have Cam pass from inside the pocket. Cam's style of play makes it very hard on the tackles. His deep drops give a direct line for a speed rusher, who could also switch to the inside or outside on his attack. Stepping up into the pocket allows the tackle to just step back and circle to stay between the rusher and the qb. This however destroys Cam's maneuverability, and all he can do is eat the ball Brady-style and go down when the pocket collapses. Cam does NOT look comfortable when he has stepped up into the pocket. I don't know if this could ever work. 2)Improve our screens and traps to punish over aggressive ends. We do not do screen passes or traps well. With Armah, Thomas, and Olson to help out, just let the edge rusher over commit, and send the ball over or around him. Punish the rush. 3)Run design roll out passes. Though not popular, in combination with the option run, this forces the secondary to choose between qb, runner and receiver. To be honest. I don't like our options here. Hopefully Norv has an answer.
  2. I was thinking with the CMC 70 yd run last week, and passing on first down, I wonder if Norv reached the same conclusions as this article. Maybe he spends time on the huddle.
  3. Fuuug. In a work zone. They'll take his license. Better join a carpool or move to a bus route.
  4. I agree that Samuel is now in a much tougher spot this year than last. He has to compete with Wright, Smith, and Moore for touches. Last year the injuries killed his season, and his play had flashes and missteps. His preseason looks excellent, so if he keeps doing what he's doing, he should have a pretty good year. Probably not 1000 yards, but he could break 500. He'll get his chances, hope he makes the most of them.
  5. When Seymour was getting burned deep over and over against the Bills last week, that one player makes a huge difference. Offenses are going to pick on the weak link, and Worely/Seymour was that link last year. Is Jackson the only player on the field? No. Did he plug a leaking hole...yes.
  6. Manther

    Norv Turner's play design

    I don't know what is more shocking about that video, that Worely had an interception or Stewart had a hole. Both of which were unicorns last year.
  7. Manther

    Matt Khalil...

    We did nothing for OL in the off season. It is biting us in the ass now.
  8. I thought Jackson switched up between soft and tight coverage and did a far superior job to Seymour last week...in fact with him in the defense didn't allow a touchdown. Jackson is the future of weak side corner. Bradberry on the other hand got blocked out on a run that gave them a bunch of their first half yards. In the end the D looked very good. Mat Kalil..sheesh. Can we get Oher or Remmers back or maybe we can put Sir Pur in there....I wouldn't mind it so much if he wasn't making so much bank off of us. Cmon Matt, remove head from ass and protect Cam. Honestly, he looked a little out of it, like he was high. Is he on pain killers?
  9. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2791525-nfl-preseason-roundup-josh-allen-looks-more-like-treasure-than-trash#slide8 McCaffrey carried the ball just five times, but those rushes accounted for 92 yards. The first attempt was the best. On 2nd-and-1 on Carolina's first series, McCaffrey squirted through the middle of line, raced to the right sideline, kicked on the jets and was gones-ville. Seventy-one yards. Six points. See ya. The Panthers have long been a team that likes to run the ball. But the Panthers brought in C.J. Anderson in free agency in part because of concerns about McCaffrey's ability to pick up yardage between the tackles. He picked up a whole bunch of that Friday. And if you're drafting your fantasy football team this weekend, be prepared for McCaffrey's price tag to reflect that. I know its BR, but I liked it.
  10. It's not "IS" as start that matters. There's pro-bowlers in there. Not every GM gets to pick the QB with the number 1 pick and a linebacker with the 9 pick. The highest DG ever picked was 8 and we got CMC with that....now don't pick on my Mac....he was a huge part of the offense last year and will be going forward. Used right, we will see great things.
  11. Norv learns from last week and doesn't run Cmac up the gut with fancy blocking on first down. Cam to Moore for >20 yards. Moore has another good night. CMC and Anderson combine for >100 yards. CAP returns to form. Jackson has a pass breakup. Oline holds.
  12. I wouldn't go that far. DG drafted Kawann Short, Christian McCaffrey, Devin Funchess, Shaq Thompson, Star Lotulelei, Daryl Williams, David Mayo, Trai Turner, Curtis Samuel, Taylor Moton, Daeshon Hall, A. J. Klein and Cameron Artis-Payne. He did that while getting us out of cap hell. He did what we brought him here to do. He made his mistakes, but he wasn't a total bust. I didn't mention Kelvin Benjamin because I'm still mad at him.
  13. Confucius say: How do you get a cat to ,willingly, bite a pepper? Shove it up his ass.