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  1. I think that's the point. 2015 secondary on paper looked bad...heck we used Coleman, McClain, Finnegan, Boston and Benwikere. They caused turnovers, which shook up offenses. Thieves avenue. Seems so long ago. Paper to paper, we look about the same, maybe a little worse than 2015. It is very unlikely that we will perform any where near 2015, but I bet we can do better than 2017. On paper, we definitely look better than the last two years, not worse. Worely was ass. This may be true. In this division, with two of the best passing offenses in football, the defense will live and die by the secondary. We've invested draft and fa capital here. I expect improvement. We can argue about how much. Worely was ass. That won't be necessary.
  2. Unpredictability =good Zone 73% of time=bad I believe in zone...I think we over relied on it out of necessity be cause Worely was so bad.
  3. Cockrell || practice squad player>>>Worely. Worely was one of the worst corners in the league. Cockrell is average. We had to to make changes to compensate. I don't think that will be the case anymore.
  4. Yes. Strategy for zone is different for man to man. You flood zones and work the seams. In man to man you exploit mismatches. You have to keep the offense guessing.
  5. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/20/panthers-played-more-zone-defense-than-any-nfl-team-last-year/ ...There are a lot of reasons why a team might prefer playing more zone. In Carolina’s case, the major one may be about hiding its holes in the secondary. The Panthers have the top linebacker corps in the league and all three starters have no problem covering receivers one on one. The problem is their defensive backs get burned for big gains far too much when playing man. That’s also a reason why they blitzed more than most teams in the NFL, too. With Worely gone, and the new additions, we should have smaller/fewer holes. I too believe we blitzed more to compensate for our weak secondary.
  6. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/19/panthers-offensive-line-ranked-no-22-in-pass-blocking-by-pff/ According to Pro Football Focus, Carolina’s offensive line ranked just No. 22 in the NFL last season in pass-blocking efficiency....What’s even worse is that former guard Andrew Norwell was by far the unit’s best pass blocker.
  7. I'd be happy if we just saw 2nd and short more.
  8. According to Josh Hermsmeyer (@friscojosh on Twitter), the Panthers run the ball against at least 7 man boxes on early downs more often than all but 3 other teams.... According to this chart, the Panthers have a run success rate of 31% and a drop back success rate of 48%. With that in mind, it makes little sense for the Panthers to devote roughly two thirds of these plays to the run. https://www.derp/2018/6/14/17463436/carolina-panthers-among-leagues-worst-at-running-into-brick-walls?utm_campaign=catscratchreader&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Tell us what we didn't already know.
  9. Manther

    The Norv difference

    The original plan was to move Oher to RT but that didn't pan...after the draft we decided to let Williams and Moton battle it out. The preseason depth chart had Williams at RT...which is where we are now. We have last year's line... sans Norwell. Preseaon rank description: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-ranking-all-32-offensive-line-units-heading-into-the-2017-season 12. CAROLINA PANTHERS The interior of the Panthers line is solid, but the tackle position is still a concern. They spent big money this offseason on Matt Kalil, who has graded out below-average every single season since a successful rookie campaign. Injuries have played a part there, but there is no guarantee he regains that form. The wild card here could be rookie second-round pick Taylor Moton, who was consistently one of our highest-graded linemen between tackle and guard in college. post season rank description: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-ranking-all-32-offensive-lines-from-the-2017-nfl-season 10. CAROLINA PANTHERS Total pressures surrendered: 161 Best player: Andrew Norwell Combinations used: 15 The Panthers’ offensive line might have been the most unbalanced line in the NFL in 2017 as it had a couple elite standout performances while there were a couple liabilities on that line as well. Left guard Andrew Norwell was in fact the league’s best pass-protecting guard in 2017 as he did not allow a single sack or hit and gave up just 13 total pressures all season. However, on the other side, right guard Trai Turner gave up precisely twice as many pressures while also playing significantly fewer snaps. A similar theme was true for tackles as well since right tackle Daryl Williams performed well in pass protection and run-blocking while free agent acquisition Matt Kalil struggled in both areas although he did play better toward the end of the season. The Panthers however, led the league with an average of 2.89 yards before contact on inside zone runs. Look I"m not saying the sky is falling. I'm saying we are a weaker line after the loss of the best 2017 performer and no additions. Hopefully players step up. Hopefully Ryan K stays healthy. Hopefully Matt Kalil has a better 2018. But we have spent capital at WR, RB and new OC. The Oline is the question mark. It didn't feel like a top 10 line last year.
  10. Manther

    The Norv difference

    Maybe. I'm not sure you're reacting at all. On paper last year, Ryan was on the roster and he played in the opener. So at the same point last year, our o-line was stronger than this year.
  11. OK, that article was crap. If you read it, every year the Chargers didn't have 14 wins, he considered it a down year. An NFL coach passing on third and long.....what a moron. Wow, Brady to Gronk, Brady to Edleman, Brady to Amendala, how predictable. The Patriots are passing again, Belichek is sooo predictable. Are you kidding me? Shula ran off tackle on first down what ...80% of the time?....that is very different. Norv has two rings, granted you have to watch the games on VHS, but Shula has none. His offenses produced yards even with a so-so defense. Shula couldn't do much without a short field or Newton leading the team in rushing. He tried, creating a complex playbook with a lot of moving parts that made it hard for our guys to EXECUTE. Norv>> Shula.
  12. Bring back the dab Cam.