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  1. Our linebackers, QB, and defensive line are among the best in the league. We now have a 2x superbowl champion OC. Granted you'd have to watch those superbowls on vhs. But we're expecting a step improvement because Shula was so inconsistent. Awesome against the Patriots, trash against the Bears. I don't think CAP for Stewart, Seymour for Worely, or Captain for Coleman are clear improvements and could be argued steps backward. We're still not strong on the wr core. We can fix maybe one of those with our first rounder, but expecting 2nd and 3rd rounders to excel their rookie year, is just unreasonable. Kamara is the exception, not the rule. We're in a tough division, but I think our schedule is actually easier next year. This year we played 8 games (half the season) against playoff teams, winning 4. We should make the playoffs. We just need to STAY HEALTHY.
  2. Tidbits from my source

    Talent is what talent does. His catching percentage sucks. He's hurt because he didn't catch a very catchable ball. He cost us 7 points against the Bears because he couldn't catch the ball. An uncontested pass that hit him right in the numbers. He made Ginn's old hands look awesome last year. I don't mean to knock the guy, but he has shown no signs of being the "Most Talented". Maybe next year, but definitely not last year...if he plays much. Now you could argue that he is the most talented injured reserve wr, but last year, even Byrd PRODUCED more. The mini-butt catch was a tough contested catch. Byrd just needs to adjust his routes because he has no YAC. A little longer route and we'd have a couple of more first downs.
  3. Tidbits from my source

    Uhh, I would NOT say he is most talented WR on the roster. The "I just lost track of the ball" in the Bears game or the 3 yard kick return to the 14 were blatant rookie mistakes. I had a ton of hope for Samuel, but mostly what he's done is disappoint. I'm hoping he heals and plays better.
  4. Tidbits from my source

    Sad to hear. He'll have missed training camp two years in row. When I heard about the injury I thought it sounded bad. Wonder if it hurt his speed. To think we passed Kamera for that guy. Uhhhhhg.
  5. J-Stew to the Giants

    Good luck Stew. Thanks for the memories.
  6. 2016 wasn't a stellar year either...and if I remember right, CAP had a couple of fumbles in 2015 as well...wasn't one in the playoffs against Seattle? I think we recovered them both. I don't think those could be placed on Cam.
  7. CAP looked great in preseason...regular season was another story. He's had ball protection issues. I think he has potential....I don't know. I think the big question going forward is can the RB catch and/or pass-protect...and I don't think that is CAP. We can't keep signaling what we're doing just because our #1 running back is on the field.
  8. Wow. Just wow. We needed change at CB, Safety, WR, OC and RB(maybe). The front office is already in process of addressing them. Its' like we know what we're talking about here or Hurney/Rivera is on the huddle.
  9. I'd like to see us start plugging in the holes in secondary. Maybe one of the slots with a FA.
  10. Coleman to saints 3yrs

    Coleman got burned in coverage this year and missed games due to injuries. He did have some awesome hits. Last year wasn't stellar either. But our secondary across the board has pretty much sucked for the last two years...and that is undoubtedly on Gettleman...not just for Norman but for letting nearly all of them go that year and replacing them with rookies. Some say, Bradberry and Worely sucked because of the safeties. Others say the safeties sucked because of Bradberry and Worely. The whole situation sucks and will continue to suck until we have to invest serious dollars here. The Saints know how to stick it to us with our former players. If Coleman is holding the broom next year after they sweep us, I'm kicking this thread.
  11. Newton: Hurney 2.0

    "Our offensive line, I would think, was top five in the league last year. " Really? Why did we struggle the run the ball?
  12. Stewart released "confirmed"

    I guess with two bad years in row....really sad to see him go. Thanks Stew.
  13. Stew had trouble with ball protection this year, some of it caused by excellent defensive play. He would get the ball with 3 defenders in his face. I wonder how much his lack of yardage was driven by scheme. We might never know. In the end, he's not a strong pass catcher, which I think is what we are looking for going forward.
  14. You don't run to establish the pass. You pass, which then happens to allow the run. If you only pass, the rushers will go full tilt all the time trying to get the qb...so you need to sprinkle in some running to keep them honest.
  15. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    You are so funny....the actual title of the article: "Pat Shurmur retains some assistant coaches,leaves possibility that Mike Shula could call some plays for Giants " Did you even read it? It talks about the very thing we all are saying here...Shumur is going to do the play calling...Shula, could call some. I'm sorry, you are too funny. Even the article you provide for us makes our case. Sorry buddy, Shumur will be running the offense.