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  1. Republicans

    Why y'all so racist ? Y'all hate all people that don't fit your views , you don't care about climate change or the planet you drive gas guzzling trucks that think your badass but you're really soft at heart . Trump has really woken these closet racists and think it's cool to be a republican now .
  2. Screw jangler

    youre nothing but a dumb trump supporter
  3. Unc fan and miglion

    You guys are punk republicans
  4. Super Bowl possibility for nfc

    I ran an algorithm last night with all of my data and put a lot of work with it to come up with 3 teams most likely to represent the nfc . One this is called the chalk portion of the algorithm and it's the Eagles . Eagles flying high with the best nfl record , Carson wentz wins mvp and takes them to the super bowl and you got to put in perspective in this case the nfl is fixed .if you notice the last 2 years the already crowned the mvp very early with cam and Ryan and now with wentz even before they started to really dominate. The Eagles are getting the same coverage as the panthers in 2015 as well and with everything it could be a lock there in the sb and if they do make it they will lose because of wentz winning mvp and the out come would be a team like the pats or most likely the steelers winning to get Ben the 2nd ring . 2nd Algorithm has the saints winning it all . Saints could be one or even the first 0&2 team to win the sb with there improved defense and there high powered offense and the nfl elites would want Bree's to get a 2nd ring just like Peyton to be in the conversation with the other nfl hall of fame qbs . 3rd and the most tricky and complex algorithm is the panthers winning and it's more of a underdog type of algorithm with a fix to get peppers a ring . Ok let me try to explain its a little hard but I'll try my best . Vegas expert has the colts and Vikings last year winning but he's known to be a year off and he's known to screw up some of the teams but the story line is always right in the sense of the Las Vegas factor . They had the saints last year finishing at 14&2 and being the sb favorite and had the Eagles being a dominate team and he had the Vikings which is actually us he got the wrong team in that sense . In his premium he gave out the story line and has the #1 defense that barely made the playoffs and everyone counted out take on the Eagles first playoff game and then climbing there way vs the saints in the nfc championship the saints will be blowing teams out and the panthers will go in and barely win and which gets us to the sb most likely vs the Chiefs which we win and get the ring for Julius peppers . In a sense look at Denver they were in the sb as a dominate offense and lost 2 years later they win with the best defense . Almost a majority of the last couple super bowls had the #1 defense represent and win it and that is us . Those are the 3 outcomes from my algorithm this is no prediction it's just an algorithm I ran that I thought was pretty cool and thought I would share it with you guys
  5. DG in retrospect

    Doesn't make us any better at the moment so idc
  6. Trump and Economic Insecurity

    Not my president
  7. November 22, 1963

    Obama wasn't you dumb bitch . Trump is putin puppet
  8. Democrats

    Why do you republicans like your cousins . Y'all won't do nothing when we show up to your racist protests now do you white priveleged racist
  9. Super Bowl possibility for nfc

    No you don't know . I made more money then your fam playing dfs so don't talk smack to me boy . If you have nothing to contribute then just shut your dick sucker
  10. Super Bowl possibility for nfc

    Well this is the likely to represent to nfc so yea it's not a fairy tale where a crap teams going to make it and win it all like the Giants in 07 but our algorithm is close to it
  11. Jerry Jones calls Arthur Blank a liar

    Oh nice two billionaire racists complaning about who has more money when I'm here making 10$ at Walmart with student loans trying to get an education
  12. DG in retrospect

    Only thing gettleman has was a personality he was very entertaining and fun to watch but not good at his job
  13. DG in retrospect

    Screw butker. Gano had been great this year .gettleman wasted a pic on a damn kicker like an idiot
  14. Not no Igor and it's called being sarcastic . You clearly don't watch pat coletrain . I was being sarcastic because of all the gettleman fans on here
  15. Martellus Bennet just got released

    He's a product of Brady nothing special . He'll be great on the pats tho who is next Blount ? Pats are such a great team
  16. DG in retrospect

    I miss the gangster ! He was the best we ever had and Jerry fires him and not Shula . Someone get Jerry his medication and a Bersin jersey
  17. DG in retrospect

    Just curious what player you talking about ?
  18. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    No he wasn't bo stfu until you can come with some facts
  19. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    You don't believe in climate change ? You can't be that dumb
  20. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    And you weren't ?
  21. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    It's sad . The brain injuries are serious and most likely lead to him killing Those people . He would have never threw away his great life and millions and talent to kill some man that was a nobody in life . If he was thinking straight he would have never done it but the brain injury lead to him not being able to think . I feel for his family Hernandez was a good family man it's a shame what concussions can do to you .
  22. If Worley doesn't like it he can get out . I'm sick of him ! He doesn't have a winner mentality another fat Dave bust
  23. Super Bowl possibility for nfc

    Keep your negativy to yourself
  24. Super Bowl possibility for nfc

    Yea ok bo