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  1. Please tyrann please tyrann.
  2. Does this mean we’ll cut some Shepard to save that cap?
  3. Dream signing if he’d consider. Perfectly the receiver we need.
  4. Stewart released "confirmed"

    Looks like the good ol hurndogs been on the huddle lately!
  5. If Norwell exits, enter Moton?

    I’d be for it. Slide trai over to the left to help Matt and insert Moton into RG next to Daryl. Cut Matt after this season and give some of that to Daryl. Draft a tackle in the first or second in this upcoming draft, or be active but not Santa Claus in next years FA market.
  6. Idk i feel like speed is the last thing we need in our wr (assuming Samuel and Byrd can stay healthy). We need an all around receiver I’d think. A pure receiver. Someone that doesn’t do one thing supremely , but does everything well.
  7. If we don’t resign Norwell, I have full confidence in moton. I’d much rather take a safety or de first. With that being said, I do hope we at least think of Allen Robinson if he doesn’t get tagged.
  8. Pressure, yes. Everything else, no. Luke was screaming all year long and didn’t look comfortable or satisfied. Nor did he look like the surest tackler in the league. Our cbs played with zero confidence and always seemed to be playing catch-up . Not super impressed with the product on the field.
  9. Might be the perfect storm.. cam could possibly turn Allen Robinson into a top ten receiver and coming off an injury and seeing the abundance of wr in jax... might be able to be had. He’s exactly what we need.
  10. I sincerely just can’t wait for Harrison Smith to lock onto kamara and hit those gold teeth out of his mouth. Along with the septum ring. I can’t think of a team , in a long while, that I want to get physically demolished by another team that isn’t ours, in a long time.
  11. Shepard, Capt, Coleman, Worley, Stewart , Johnson, and assuming Samuel and Byrd come back next season... clay.
  12. Different team in the second half in both phases
  13. Have you been listening?

    That was pronounced to be a boo, that crowd loved luke
  14. Have you been listening?

    I’m in this pic haha! The face behind the white 51 jersey. Was a great time. Friggin freezing but great time
  15. Have you been listening?

    Awesome game to be at. Huge sections of panthers fans all over.