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  1. Eric4280

    $20 wins you $600

    45/1 up here in jersey. Thinking of putting a solid penny on them, it just feels right this year.
  2. I still think that Norv will be our biggest offseason signing. Let’s unlock all of these weapons, the right way, as opposed to... Stewart up the middle for 2.
  3. I think a lot of it has to be with climate of the territory. (Not saying it’s a viable reason or not). In NJ I’ve got two cousins in the police force, in a pretty not OK area. Nicest cops you’ll meet, deal with the most bs. Go two towns over, the cops in that town see maybe speeding violations? And their **** doesn’t stink. The fact of the matter is different areas have different reactions to different instances. I think it’s garbage to just lump and stereotype all cops into one group and that’s it.
  4. Eric4280

    Would you rather have Derwin James?

    At the time, yes. Once the smoke cleared and everything starts settling, I think we can do a lot worse than Adams/Searcy/ Gaulden/ and hopefully a decent FA signing. DJ Moore is too exciting.
  5. I’d feel a little better if trai moved over the the left side (if he’s capable) and have moton next to Williams to kinda balance it out.
  6. It’s a matter of giving a damn, it’s just a little ironic . Maybe that atl gm gets his advice from the huddle haha!
  7. Eh I’m not one to overreact, but it’s really intriguing that our rival took two players the huddle would’ve probably preferred (not so much Ridley over Moore) after we picked. lets see what the kid brings .
  8. Oliver to atl... let’s see if we made the right choices lmao.
  9. Not super concerned with the height honestly , moreso with the fact that it’s still mike Adams and Colin jones back there.
  10. I don’t hate it but hope we finally address safety at some point.
  11. Eric4280

    Panther predictions for #55

    Still hoping for bates and then to sign Ron Parker with the cap we save on cutting Shepard with.
  12. Eric4280

    Panther predictions for #55

    Jessie Bates please!
  13. I’d be more than happy with one decade long starter/all star caliber player (safety or center potentially). One solid starter (cb or te). One very good depth. One prospect that’s really raw with an incredible ceiling. Lets make it happen boys!
  14. Eric4280

    Worley Arrested

    Hahahahahahahahah .