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  1. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Not just that, he probably also seen Olsen and Funchess on the sideline during a crucial 3rd down for our offense.
  2. Butler to replace Star?

    Tbh all i know is that they have monsters at DE in Tuck, Strahan, Piere Paul and Kiwanuka ... just jk, i know about Harrison other than that dont know much else about there other DT or depth
  3. Butler to replace Star?

    Stah to the GMen if we don't sign him. Mark my words!
  4. Thats dirty and NOT welcome here. You have to look past football sometimes buddy...
  5. Here goes the deep bomb on 3rd and 2.... i kid i kid
  6. Im seriously considering doing a new wrinkle with the wildcat. Fozzy at QB and stew out wide and run the end around with him
  7. Just for that I'm calling run up the middle with Fozzy, take that for blowing my spot
  8. RUn up the middle would be even more ideal
  9. First play of second half should be a deep bomb to clay! Of course he isn't going to catch but we might just get a PI called against the D! Boom another easy FG!!! See what I did there?!
  10. I'm telling you guys..

    I see someone stole my name, you owe me 100 pies!!!
  11. Gettlemagic strikes again! Mark my words, he is the one that brought this to light for JR firing him. Am I the only one that finds it weird that we haven't heard a peep from Gettleman since his firing (maybe at the advice of his lawyers)?! Dilly Dilly
  12. Good Game Panthers

    Haha Im reading this whole thread and im laughing at all these drunk fools trying to argue with a man giving his congrats. Vikesfan you have nothing to prove to them, much respect to you for showing up after the game and congratulating Panthers fans on the W. Dilly Dilly
  13. Like i stated in another thread. This has the makings of the Monday Night game in 2008 against the Bucs. Both teams were 9-3 and we steamrolled them with Double Trouble for 299 rushing yards. Then it was misery for them the rest of the year lol. Dilly Dilly