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  1. Good Game Panthers

    Haha Im reading this whole thread and im laughing at all these drunk fools trying to argue with a man giving his congrats. Vikesfan you have nothing to prove to them, much respect to you for showing up after the game and congratulating Panthers fans on the W. Dilly Dilly
  2. Like i stated in another thread. This has the makings of the Monday Night game in 2008 against the Bucs. Both teams were 9-3 and we steamrolled them with Double Trouble for 299 rushing yards. Then it was misery for them the rest of the year lol. Dilly Dilly
  3. Panthers tied for first in NFCS

    for some reason this game reminds me of 2008. The Bucs came into Charlotte with a record tied with the Panthers at 9-3 on Monday night football and we straight steamrolled them with 299 yrds rushing with Double Trouble. Lets hope we have the same outcome and NO goes on a losing streak afterwards!
  4. Tom Savage Press Conference

    Finally living up to his name
  5. HELLO Huddle. I've been a creeper for years on here haha. I as well will be going to this game with my family and 1 Jets fan. Any recommendations on Metlife. How do their fans treat opposing team fans? Reason I'm asking is because my 9 year old son will be with me. Any insight will be great, thank you...