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  1. Hate Week. Again.

    Desperate drew brees is a scary thing. I think we win, but my butthole will be so tight I could crap out a diamond if I ate a lump of coal.
  2. Would you trade for Jimmy Graham?

    We need a tight end, not a big slot reciever. Graham can catch and run routes, but is piss poor blocking, and if he can't do that, then he's of no use to the structure of this team.
  3. TE Depth

  4. Game ball, who gets it?! 2-0

    Luke deserves it, hell of a game.
  5. YES!!!!! Ugly win, but we needed it!
  6. Didn't think about that, I'd do it. Let us see their look and then make them think about it.
  7. Game right here, jesus. I've crossed all bendable appendages. Even tied my dick in a knot just for good luck. Cmon defense, lock it down for 1 more play.
  8. Jesus christ, we had something go right. Thanks to the refs atleast.
  9. Shula has to get fired

    If our protection is any indication, Cam would get slaughtered waiting for a guy to come open.
  10. When Norman blew the coverage in the endzone, I still have nightmares.
  11. I was thinking a similar thing. A TD ices the game, not getting it makes them have to drive essentially 60 yards from the shadow of their goalposts. I really feel less comfortable now than if we had gone for it and not scored.
  12. I wish I felt more comfortable right now.