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  1. We're not great by any means at getting to the passer, but we are better then the stat you suggest is implying because of the fact we're one of only 6 teams who's had a bye already.
  2. Carolina Cajun

    Seahawks Owner dead at 65....

    He was a decent owner, brought a championship to a deprived city who wanted a championship. RIP.
  3. Carolina Cajun

    How would you play our team?

    Timing, 3 step drop throw to spot. Slants, outroutes and curls in the passing game. Running game, if you have a scat back, bench him, just pound the rock. Our DT's are overpaid and crappy at stopping the run. Run right up the gut for 3-4 yards a pop. (this is why Gio Bernard and yes Saquon barkley looked bad, but Coleman and AP looked like all pros). On offense it's harder, go 4-3 or nickel with a spy on cam. Dare cam to beat you with with the receivers. Receivers are better, but I don't trust a single one to win a game.
  4. Carolina Cajun

    Cam's arm was hit on the interception

    3 points, line got crushed and cam had no time to throw and was trying to make something out of nothing (FWIW, this is what Russell Wilson does and for some reason they all fall). Second, yes his arm got hit causing the duck. Lastly, and most importantly, we were around midfield, that INT was a defacto punt because it was 3rd down. No one on the team freaked out nor should they have. Had it fallen Incomplete, the ensuing punt likely gets them at the 20 instead of at the 30, not enough difference for me to care about taking an aggressive shot.
  5. Carolina Cajun

    Positives from yesterday?

    IMO, for as bad as his first half was, DJ moore had a very good second half that showed us who he could be. Rookies require growing pains, and with him, his upside is sky high and we saw that in the second half.
  6. Carolina Cajun

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    Bad Loss Monday's are the worst...not because it sucks as a fan (it does) but people literally go from regular stupid to advanced stupid.
  7. Carolina Cajun

    Official Luke Kuechly sucks thread

    I pied you, not because I agree, but I think you're making a point because of how much people have been shitting on Cam and ignoring the criticism to Luke. I love luke, but seriously, if he's the best in the game, we should be better on defense. He's the defenses QB and our defense has been shredded every single game. We're out of place and bad right now and Luke is part of that bad defense. I do think/hope he'll get us on track, but right now, he's also not good
  8. Carolina Cajun

    2.5 yards per carry from your first round running back

    O-line wasn't opening holes and they sold out on CMC. Again, like last week, wish I would have seen us give CJ a chance to change the attention coming from defense.
  9. Carolina Cajun

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    I would have like to see him superman there and go for the first on 4th down with his legs.
  10. All good man, me and you are fine.
  11. I'm stepping away, hate fugers like the asshole who tries to act high and mighty. That said, The way the play was called by announcers and everyone made it seem like it hit the ground and was a fumble, which I don't believe it was. The 1 shot they showed as a replay I thought I saw it hit a redskin player helmet (meaning that it wouldn't be able to be caught by an ineligible receiver because the defense did not deflect it). Regardless, no need to be an asshole like the other poster was.
  12. The air was a better pass defender then Munnerlynn
  13. This defense has been poo all year long, this isn't just a today thing.
  14. got it, offensive tackles are eligible recievers. you're a fuging moron. GTFO with your bullshit.
  15. Know the rules? then that sure as fug was an ineligible reciever.