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  1. Hah, all good. Love Stuff like this, reminds me of good ole Donald lafell.
  2. We wanted a #1 receiver while he wanted a #1 combo super sized with straight lard as the drink.
  3. Don't underestimate, Wagner is very good and deserves credit. Imo, he is a top 5 backer, but luke is the best right now without a doubt. Wagner looks worse because his d-line is turning to trash before his eyes.
  4. Good move, his value is high right now, but the possibility of him having another good season would price him out of what we can afford. I thought we should extend funchess before this season to hold on to him since hes so young, but with us having so many receiving options now after the draft, even if we let him walk this offseason, I'd feel good about replacing his production. On the flip side, I don't feel comfortable letting Daryl walk what-so-ever. Need to keep that part of the line strong.
  5. Carolina Cajun

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    No room here to start the pro vs con gettleman convo, cancer sucks and no one deserves it. Prayers for gettleman and his family.
  6. Carolina Cajun

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

  7. Carolina Cajun

    Panthers release Zach Banner

  8. Damn, I guess I can't play "fantasy who the fug is sitting, or kneeling, or planking" this next season.
  9. I say a customized pie. I can think of a few things I'd like to toss in besides the 5 or so in existence.
  10. Carolina Cajun

    Marty impressed with new guard

    This is exactly what I called when I looked at tape of our UDFA's. Guy was meh as a tackle but mostly because he struggled with speed rushers. On the other hand, in the run game, the guy was a mauler and loved contact. If taken off the edge and just allowed to maul, I think he can be a pretty good guard. Until I see him with contact, I won't make it a lock, but I do think he has a very good chance to be a decent guard for us.
  11. Carolina Cajun

    Our projected LG from NFL.com

    I'm gonna say this without a doubt, if Moton gets the guard spot, and we're short a swing tackle...hurney is gonna bring in Everyone's favorite Byron Bell. That move would put more people on suicide watch then Bersin making the squad again.
  12. I've been big on the funchess bandwagon, his second half last year told me that he can be a legit #1. Had he not gotten injured down the stretch, I think he may have even been able to hit 1k last year. For him, it's gonna be about health, if he can stay healthy, then he can be the #1 we've been looking for.