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  1. One day he'll be old enough to get those calls.
  2. Carolina Cajun

    My Personal Thoughts - Olsen Lost A Step

    until his 3 year 1k stretch, he was known for being a sure handed chain mover (I remember people bashing him for his lack of YAC a few years back), he can do that and still be a major help by clearing the middle of the field. Jason witten for example hasn't had any explosiveness for the last 3 years, but is still a super important part of that dallas offense, and even if he's lost a step, Olsen can be that same thing for us.
  3. Carolina Cajun

    Norv Turner's play design

    Remember, multiple teams didnt want norv because his play calls were meh... I dont say that because hes bad, but just to point out how low we had set the bar with Mike Shula at the helm. In fact, I think he'll have a resurgence due to never having someone as dynamic as cam newton and CMC is looking like the real deal, but remembering him being moved on from can remind us of how bad shula was.
  4. Carolina Cajun

    Searcy in the Protocol

    Yes Please.
  5. Carolina Cajun

    Positives and Negatives from the starters?

    Positives Run Blocking - Best run blocking that we've had since 2015, holes opened everywhere. It could also be design because I saw much more space for running backs to pop through, it was awesome to see CMac - I've called him Curtis martin 2.0 and man he's starting to look like it now. I think Anderson being the Hammer to spell CMac is gonna make this run game utterly dominant like we haven't seen since the era of double trouble. Ian Thomas - Not much needs to be said, guy is the future of our TE position. Future is bright for that guy, just gotta stay healthy. Front 7, No TD's given up even with poor field position. They can lock down in a short field. As said in the first positive, reminds me of 2015. Negatives Cam - Had a really rough game, Personally I chalk it up to us doing more stuff that's not his forte and getting him use to getting rid of the ball quicker. Testing in preseason game is the best way. Matt Kalil - Terrible, just absolutely terrible. Not bad in the run game, but atrocious as a LT. This is why I said a while back with Remmers, grass isn't always greener and Speedbump is proving that and costing us a ton. Overall, mostly a positive night.
  6. Carolina Cajun

    Matt Khalil...

    Are you talking about our LT? If so, it's actually spelled S-P-E-E-D-B-U-M-P M-C-G-E-E.
  7. Carolina Cajun

    Wait do we have an offensive line?

    I was gonna say the same thing. Shula was great at "outsmarting himself", by running ridiculous play designs. Like, he'd pull the guard to get to the second level and block a safety, have a receiver come over and block a DT, and sir purr would have to line up against the opposing teams LE. the "scheme" was so awful. Yes, it'd work if everyone performed exactly perfect with no issue involving the idea of doing things that they can't physically do. Norv is gonna make a monumental difference this season.
  8. Carolina Cajun

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    Remember them saying him coming in overweight to training camp was bad on his knees because it puts extra stress and makes it harder to make quick cuts...gee, I wonder what happened to fatass.
  9. Carolina Cajun

    tre boston

    And vaccaro actually protested the anthem while Boston didnt. If the NFL is blackballing them, then they're doing a bad job at it.
  10. I agree, but with injuries I think it's important to have a heavy rotation and I expect Larsen to provide that at center and both guard positions. He wont "start", but hell have starter number of snaps.
  11. Carolina Cajun

    CJ Anderson’s Value.

    Biggest part of that is the mental toll on a D-lineman, That's the kind of play that pays off in the 4th quarter when a guys deciding whether or not giving 100% is worth getting his head caved in.
  12. Carolina Cajun

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    No way, funch is the only receiver proven to be able to be a number 1 (although, pretty sure DJ Moore will be that man). That said, you let him play out this year, and let him walk. Receivers with his skillset and age are demanding massive contracts we cant afford, and it's ok with the depth we have behind him. Dont make the j-no mistake twice, from the youngsters behind him and move on in the offseason
  13. he's good, but he's no David Gettis.
  14. Carolina Cajun

    Cam and Kelvin talk... Caption this photo

    holy fug, just watched the video...Dude, Cam is PISSSSSED. Cam came up to him like a real man, talked to him, and Kelvin acted like a bitch. This is the cam I like.