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  1. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Muscle Hamster   

    Right or wrong, Opposing fanbases will troll famous players in attempts to get in their head, it's the same way I expect the good ole "Sir Cameron Newton: Leader of Men, Lover of Puppies...Esquire" crap.  For Better or worse, it's part of the life of being a public figure.  Corey Brown has hit it early enough in his career that he might actually be able to change it before it's stuck.
    Edit: HAHAHAAHA Auto-Correct for Cam Newton with an S might be the greatest thing I've ever seen.  Bravo mods.
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  2. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    Im excited to say that this guy is going to the game thanks to an incredibly nice huddler (aceboogie).  Section 528, row 4!
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  3. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    Wait....These people know our head coach is Hispanic right?  Also...the NFL wants a more diverse audience and to bring Central America into the fold, and what better organization to do that with the only active (and third ever) Hispanic head coach.  Lastly...they do know that on the interwebs, people can watch videos, read articles, or see cat gifs anywhere in the world, and some of them don't speak "Merican"
    Im all down with assimilation to become an American, we speak English here, but even when people learn English, they may prefer to get their information in a language that was their birth language so they understand it better.  Seriously, this makes me more disappointed than seeing a new thread started by panthersunited...
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  4. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    IMO, I already gave no legitimacy to your opinions for obvious reasons...but somehow I find myself thinking EVEN less of them now.  Jesus christ, Matty Flaccid has been good because of his weapons and nothing to do with him.  If you gave John Madden Roddy White and Julio Jones he'd throw for 4,000...hell, if you gave Frank Caliendo pretending to be John Madden that, he'd go for 4,000 too.
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  5. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Two FREE tickets for Friday night   

    I would man, but I can't bring Him.  Believe me, one of my dreams I had about having a child was to be able to bring him to a game, but I've tried to  multiple times(I've tried bringing him to my alma maters games back home twice, and then tried a highschool game), and every time I have to leave no more than a quarter into the game because he has sensory issues.  He gets scared and cries when things get too loud, and he would burst into tears any time the band would play, so I know the pro game would be even worse on him.  He is however a panthers fan and I have visual proof...

    He gets excited and runs around in circles when the panthers play, this is probably the best picture he ever took because he doesn't usually ever make eye contact and getting him to look at a camera is like pulling teeth.
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  6. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Two FREE tickets for Friday night   

    I know I said it in the PM, but seriously, thank you so much, I'm really excited about the chance to go catch the panthers this Friday!
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  7. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Two FREE tickets for Friday night   

    I moved here from my home and family in Louisiana a year and a half ago with my wife and special needs son (5 years old with autism) and because of medical debt and being able to only have a single income (because my wife has to spend more time on him because of his special needs) I don't generally have money to actually go to games, although I was able to bargain shop and go see us play the Bucs last year at about 20$, and my grandmother bought me a playoff ticket for christmas.  I'd really love a chance to catch the game. 
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  8. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic And so it begins....   

    Our starting 5 are as good as we've had in a long time, then you add a solid backup with Remmers who can play all posititions, and that means a rotation will keep everyone fresher longer.  The key to the season lies with the o-line and stewart.
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  9. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Frank Alexander Waived   

    Usually I'd back this sentiment, but theres nothing on the market right now, and the best bet we'd have at a respectable DE would be after final cuts.
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  10. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Further indictment against Tolbert   

    I would be ok with keeping him, but at this point, I want to see Ward and Wegher out earlier in a preseason game, if they perform, then it's time to move on from Tugboat.  Here is the easy way I think about it, if we cut Tolbert, will he get picked up?  I don't think he would honestly.  Right now, guys like Pierre Thomas, Knowshon Moreno, Ray Rice, and Steven Jackson are on the market with very little interest, so why would someone pick him up after he's missed all their training camp and coming off an injury plagued year?  Then you look at the replacement, would Wegher get picked up?  I have zero doubt, our options are keep him on the roster, or lose him for good because of his performances +appearance on "Undrafted", teams know who he is.  Would Lee get picked up?  I'm not sure, I know todays NFL is a very pass happy league, so someone like Lee is a bit of a dinosaur in retrospect.  That said, all teams need their big pkg and because of his age and his ability as a blocker, I could see someone like a Pitt or Baltimore picking him up.
    Bottom line to me, will those cap savings be used on bringing in a receiver?  Thats cool, I'm on board with that.  The other option is that those cap savings can go towards Luke's contract and keep us more competitive down the line.  Also, I'm good with that.  I think I know where Gettleman falls in this discussion, the key is getting Rivera on board or just having Nipple Shorts go rogue.
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  11. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Some eye opening KB stats from last year to put your minds at ease (no not his drop %.)   

    Kelvin did accrue a decent amount of his stats in garbage time, but he did open up things for the other receivers which was big.  Think of it like this, remember when Steve Smith got injured in 2013 and we had Donald Lafell as our #1.  Well, he looked like crap.  Why?  Because instead of getting a teams #2 corner, he was pressed at the line and forced to play in a role he couldn't handle.  Brown just got tried out in that role and he dropped a log, next man to get a shot at it will be Funchess, hopefully someone can step up and take command of that role.
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  12. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    I think that group can and will win.  I don't like Cotchery, but I would keep him over Byrd at this point because with KB gone, his presence is necessary for Funchess's sake.  The other reason is I feel we'll be able to move Byrd to the PS, I'm not sure anymore about Ward, and I'd almost guarantee that Wegher doesn't make it to our PS without getting gobbled up given his preseason performance and spotlight on the show undrafted.  We have no way to hide him,  Wegher HAS to be on our 53 if we want to keep him.
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  13. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Randy Moss making a comeback   

    I'd take him at 68 over Cotchery right now.
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  14. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Who Impressed/Who Depressed   

    O-line - single most impressive first team unit last night.  While Remmers is already playing well, looking forward to Williams to take over RT and allow Remmers to move into his ultimate utility role.
    Reserve RB's - CAP, Todman, and Wegher did more than any other RB's and it wasn't even close.  It's hard to make an argument that any of these guys shouldn't make the final roster.
    Kony Ealy - For the first time this preseason, he flashed.  Is strip sack was a thing of beauty and seemed like he was getting a good rush.  If This Kony Ealy is opposite of Big Money then watch out.
    3rd down defense - Man, our starting defense looked great...on downs that don't start with the letter T.  I lost count of 3rd down conversions given up by our first stringers.  We have the possibility of having an incredibly good defense and getting off the field will be the key.  If you remember, before the defense got on a roll last year, this was our achilles heel (sorry Frank).
    Special Teams Coverage - Bad again, and we spent a lot of time and money on "Aces" this offseason and there is not a sign of improvement.  This hurts our defense badly and makes them look worse than they are because of the short field given to opposing offense.  That's how you can have a defense finish 10th in YPG and 21rst in PPG.  Rivera and co need to get this poo right.
    Corey Brown - No one disappointed me more than Corey.  I hear that he was overhyped, and that's possible, but he did not catch with his chest as much last year.  It seemed to me that Cam forced him the ball as if he was doing everything he could to give him the leg up with KB out, but he did nothing with those opportunities.  All in all, putrid showing on his part.  He will drop on the depth chart this week, question is, how much.
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  15. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Is Byrd Earning a Roster Spot?   

    Dude, Cotchery offers a ton of versatility.  He can play all three WR positions at an extremely low level as well as an inability to play special teams.  Seriously, if he's gonna just be a vet and cheer on the team, might as well get him fitted for a skirt and some pom poms/
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