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  1. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    What's kinda interesting IMO, is that we essentially are ending up with 2 rookie classes because of how much young talent got IR'd last year. We had 7 picks, 3 of them got IR'd and 1 is a pro bowler on another team (I'm not salty about that at all....). Corn Elder, Curtis Samuel, and Daeshon Hall all essentially got redshirted, so it's gonna be up to them how they advance in the offseason, but basically next year they come in as rookies as well. Also, still got Armah and Moton who neither got any significant playing time.
  2. Best Twitter Reactions

    Opposing fans will always poo talk, it's what happens. In fact, If I were to go to the game in BOA next year, I'd go with a picture of him snuggling with Manti Teo's GF.
  3. When I posted this in the other thread, this is what I was hoping would happen. I It's just nice to remember how much of a failburger the saints and falcons have dropped in back to back seasons. It's just glorious.
  4. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    He has the potential of an all pro, but he's got to become more physical. He gets muscled far to easily, if he plays to his size, sky is the limit.
  5. Titans part with Mularkey...

    Wow, shocked. That said, I heard he was super hands on with his offense and wouldn't let Mariota audible at the line until his hand was forced in the second half against the chiefs. If he's been holding Mariota and the Titans back, then I can understand the parting.
  6. 2017 Case Keenum reminds me of 2003 Jake Delhomme

    I was thinking that. For Vikings fans, Seven Heaven is their X-Clown. That play will be remembered forever.
  7. I love you motherfuggers

    Man, Cam Jordan shoulda saved that bottle of wine for his pansy team-mate Marcus Williams.
  8. pretty obvious illegal crack-back block.
  9. good point, I'll call him Captain Whiffy.
  10. From now on, Marcus Williams will be called by his new name...Speedbump Mcgee.
  11. Saints Fans think they were cheated by refs

    It was amazing to see them actually get penalized. They've been pulling the same dirty bullshit all year and not getting flagged, well sucks to be you bro. Deal with your shitburger.
  12. 2017 Case Keenum reminds me of 2003 Jake Delhomme

    Jake never getting a fair shot in NO is the reason I'm a panthers fan. I'm a Louisiana Ragin Cajun alum and Jake is a big deal there, so when He left New Orleans, I said I'd be a fan of wherever he landed, and here I am.
  13. happy birthday Drew Brees

    This loss is eerily reminiscent of Farve losing in the playoffs with the vikings to the saints...end of an era. I'll be glad when he's hung it up, but credit where it's due, guy is one of the greatest ever, sucks he played in a shithole that couldn't help him get even a second shot at a superbowl.