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  1. Here is a really interesting contract projection from a guy on reddit. Basically, if you're not interested in number break down, floor of his contract would be 10 mil a year (as he said, most likely in a 1 year prove it contract) where as the ceiling would be about 13.5 mil a year. His contract projection says 3 years, 37.5 mil, 12.5 mil per year, 20mil guaranteed, 12 fully. I didn't think with the Breeland contract that it was possible, but now with that money back available, I really think Honey Badger is a real option.
  2. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    Random question with the olsen stuff cleared up, how does retirement affect Cap space. For instance, did the day he retire, did his entire cap hit return back to the panthers or once the line is signed, are we fudged for the cap hit that's in the contract?
  3. Wilson or Ebron? Who would you rather have?

    With shula, I would rather shula, but with norv, I prefer ebron with his ability to utilize a 2 tight end set
  4. Which running back do you want?

    whatever power back in the 3rd or later. Sign Alfred Morris cheap to bridge the gap and roll.
  5. J-Stew to the Giants

    More so a typical g-man signing. Worst position on their team glued together with a guy with little if any tread left on the tires
  6. Gonna repeat, part of diddy's pitch is wanting to sign Kaepernick and compete with a league MVP to start, and yes there will be a circus around all of this like The Golden Calf of Bristol's circus with fans ALWAYS calling for squidward to start. Between that idiocy and butchering our name, I want no part of Diddy anywhere near the team. I enjoy watching football, not a sideshow.
  7. Should we extend Olsen now?

    If he's gonna be surprised by TD retiring, wait until someone tells him about what's going on with Jerry Richardson.
  8. Should we extend Olsen now?

    Should someone tell him about TD? He's gonna be really sad when he finds out.
  9. dj chark should be the pick

    I've seen chark talked up twice on here with this highlight reel. First play is a drop that fugs his teams momentum. That's the only play that constantly sticks out in my mind. At 24, we can and should do better.
  10. Panthers Have Cut CB Teddy Williams

    Farewell sweet prince!
  11. A man making 40k a year would have to work 2275 years straight to earn how much he'll make in 3....insane
  12. Mike Wallace would be a great addition for us, also seems like the kind of guy who would love Cam's swag. Watkins would be great, but I have a feeling he's gonna seek a big time payday that we can't afford. Robinson would be great, but again, the question is the value vs how much we're gonna have to pay. I think Wallace knows his time is shorter in the NFL these days, and just wants a good situation for him. IMO, I'd love for us to sign Wallace and Pryor, then let them duke it out to make the roster with a rookie. I think both of those guys could get incentive laiden contracts that would be easily voidable should they not make the roster, they both seem like guys who would bet heavily on themselves.