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  1. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Also don't forget the 3rd and inches deciding to do a slow developing off tackle play...that was straight up mike shula in a nutshell.
  2. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Whatever, we're just gonna have to rip their spirit out of their asshole ourselves.
  3. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    I'm not an NFL qb, or ref, I'm a slightly overweight Mfer that just watches a lot and I can tell you with certainty exactly what happened. 2 receivers lined up inside instead of out wide, Cousins saw the defenders follow, the read by one of the receivers was supposed to go to the sidelines because...not sure if you know, there are no timeouts and 28 seconds left, when at the snap Cousins saw that NO defender went out that way, he was sure one of his receivers had gotten the memo, neither of them did. This is why the ball lands basically still in bounds, there wasn't enough pressure for him to panic. Blown read by the receiver is EXACTLY what happened.
  4. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Wow...Refs just trash the saints game by shoving their dick in it to protect the saints. That wasn't intentional grounding, guy clearly ran the wrong route, no way he would have done that had he thought no one was running that direction. If that's the case, flag every single qb tho throws to spots that end up without a receiver there because a receiver ran a wrong route. Such horse poo.
  5. Honestly, this is EXACTLY why I try to avoid the knee jerk (THIS IS THE BEST TEAM EVER) stuff. That lattimore injury hurt big time.
  6. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    I honestly have no clue why the redskins just called that play...it was the most shula call of the game. 3rd and inches, winded interior line, run off tackle. Simple, just have cousins put his head down and grind it out via sneak and call the game a day. Jesus.
  7. Bleacher Report says Greg will play vs. Jets

    Honestly, I'm not to much worries about him receiving, I'm worried about him still blocking because footwork and lower body strength is so utterly vital to that.
  8. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Well, I do agree because he's good enough to shrink the field and take out a playmaker. That said, it also can't be understated when you have a player that good, then are forced to change the scheme to make the responsibilities more even, it can have a huge impact on a unit (think about how we are in game when we've lost like, that game is typically crap, next game is usually much better)
  9. Hurney scouting?

    I'm not saying to discount our traded picks, but that is a completely different argument than comparing picks. FWIW, myself included, I don't think you'll find a single person who defends Hurney's 2nd round picks, they almost all seemingly sucked, my defense was only for his first round. Also, it's not as much of a slam dunk to draft in the first as you make it out IMO. I mean, FWIW, KB is no where near the player Gamble was, Shaq is no where near the player that Beason was and hell, Lotulelei isn't TD level either even though he's very good. CMC can be very good, I still believe in him, but if he's half the player that Gross was for us, then I'll be ecstatic. To the root of this thread is how good of a Talent Evaluator Hurney is, and first round wise, the guys who change organizations, and he had a knack for nailing those picks. Also don't forget that J-No was a Hurney pick. he sucked later, but he didn't miss every time either.
  10. Hurney scouting?

    Fair point, but lets look at picks that just correspond to similar positions. Gettleman picked #14 Lotulelei, #28 KB , #25 Shaq, #30 Butler, and #8 CMC In comparable positions Hurney picked #14 Thomas Davis, #28 Chris Gamble, #25 Jon Beason, #27 Deangelo Williams, and #8 Jordan Gross I honestly think that list gives an even more definitive slam dunk for Hurney in his first round.
  11. Hurney scouting?

    I feel that Hurney has turned into the boogeyman for a lot of people. Like he was the worst GM in the history of the world. Heck, even though he wasn't great after the first round, Gettleman didn't exactly crush it recently either. Let's remember, the biggest reason why Hurney is disliked by fans is 100% based on the contracts he doled out. I have found that Gettlemans first rounders were definitely not as good as Hurney. I mean, look at the list of first rounders that Hurney drafted (peppers, Gross, Gamble, TD, Deangelo Williams, Beason, J-Stew, Cam Newton, and Luke Kuechly) and compare it to the guys Gettleman drafted (Star, KB, Shaq, Butler, and CMC) and we're talking about Hurney dominating. After round 1, Edge goes to Gettleman, but people make it out as if he was some all knowing genius when for instance, we have only 1 player left from our draft in 2014 (trai turner) while we've moved on from 5 players (KB, ealy, Boston, Bene, and Gaffney). That is actually pretty crappy because depth on our roster should be made up of those guys right now because those are guys that should be in their 4th season and really hitting their strides as NFL players. I am gonna relax going into the draft and be open minded. I also think the scouting group we're now affiliated with should help Hurney deeper in the draft, so if he keeps smashing first rounders and then doed even alright from the 2nd round on, we'll be pretty good.
  12. Who the F is this guy

    Only person ever able to wear that jersey is Chancellor. His grandmother has the compassion of a saint and has actually told his son about how he was a big strong athlete, so if he wore it, I'd sob uncontrollable man-tears. Seriously, Saundra Adams should have a statue built in honor of her, she truly describes real forgiveness that I'm not sure that even I could ever have.
  13. As long as that someone isn't Ryan Kalil.
  14. Funchess love - Pie, D, Beer, Cargo

    You can see that the game is slowing down for funchess right now and he's a much more diverse receiver than KB was. It seems like he has the ability to run more routes and be effective than what KB did. It also doesn't seem like we're forcing the ball to him either, he seems much more natural.