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  1. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    Here's my point, it's not who we beat, but what we beat them with.  Name me one other 4-0 team that lost their top receiver, best defensive lineman, and best defensive player (and arguably best defensive player in the NFL).  No one in the NFL has weathered injuries as well as we have and that is a fact.  If we're a 4-0 team with these injuries, my guess is when we're healthy we're a pretty damn good team.
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  2. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    I don't hate Ealy, but he is behind where he should be at this point.  2 solo tackles through 4 games, thats not the greatest thing ever for a guy who's claim to fame is stopping the run.  Last week we gave up 100+ yards to Doug freaking Martin.  Again, I've said many times, if Ealy turns this around and becomes a flippin machine for us, great, but at some point, we need a game like what we saw from delaire to give us all hope for the future.  I said before, but for every CJ or Peppers that comes into the league, there's 4-5 Everett Browns.  DE's bust hard, and I feel like Ealy could be doing just that.
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  3. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic If Cotch is back for Seattle who gets cut, if anyone?   

    My wrists...he's inactive, not on IR meaning he's still on the current 53...
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  4. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Projection... Hawks Project they are tough and deserve to win.Carolina.....   

    It's kinda this guys schtick.  I've seen him post multiple things, it's always like this, OVERLY optimistic, but it's funny and entertaining mostly.
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  5. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic The Negativity of Our Fans   

    I'm on the opposite side, I see absolutely no way we don't make the playoffs given our schedule.  Combined record of our remaining opponents is 25-22 and 12 of those wins come from 2 teams (Packers and Falcons x2). This is not only a manageable schedule, but this is an incredibly favorable schedule, one when we get healthy, should be able to parlay into a playoff birth.
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  6. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Bersin four catches for 54 yds   

    People can hate Bersin all they want, but he accounted for 43% of our passing game yesterday.  I've said before, he's not a world beater, or a #1 receiver, but he sure is a nice steady #3 or #4 receiver who cam likes.
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  7. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Thomas Davis Dressed to Impress   

    Seriously, I started following in 2003 when Jake Delhomme came here, and TD is absolutely my favorite panther, and #2 isn't even close.  Sam Mills created "Keep Pounding" but Thomas Davis defined it.
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  8. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Natural talent or a flash in the pan?   

    In the article about him I saw, we targeted him as a Priority UDFA after the draft, but he chose Tampa (presumably because of their dearth of pass rush talent).  My guess about the redskins situation was that we felt "okay" at DE with CJ and Kony ealy, but with CJ's injury and Ealy's really poor performances, G-man decided to look into other options.
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  9. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Natural talent or a flash in the pan?   

    I'm far from about to anoint him the next JJ watt, but the kid did look incredibly quick.  Only thing with him is that he could use a little more size to be a bit more effective in the run game, but if he can keep some of that quickness and add about 10 pounds of mass, that kid could be what we wanted Ealy to be.
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  10. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Only position I'd make a move on now would be receiver, but because of the time it takes to learn the position, I don't think any move available would make a dramatic difference.  Much bigger than making a move is getting healthy, that is the most important thing for this team right now.  If we come out against Seattle with Kuechly, Cotchery, and Daryl Williams back while getting Stewart, Fozzy, Tolbert, and TD back to 100% we've got a hell of a good chance against them, especially if they get banged up even worse than they already are over the next 2 games.
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  11. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    Falcons are gonna come back to earth, only so long they can hide their known weaknesses.  Besides, they haven't caught the injury bug yet, something that Cannot be said for us with a mash unit of possible and proven pro bowlers.  I'm gonna say it now, their gonna catch their injury bug in the last month of the year, just at the time when we become 100%.  
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  12. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Biggest Surprise through the first Quarter of the Season   

    You are welcome to say Norman, but honestly, Norman was supposed to start, and the list is comprised of guys who have started who weren't expected to (Aside from Oher who was expected to, but expected to be awful).  While he's been a superstar and elite player, we thought he could be a legit #1 CB, but no one thought that Ted Ginn could be a serviceable #1 receiver, or that Michael Oher could be a serviceable LT.  There will be plenty of talk about how great Norman is, or how Superman wears Cam Newton Pajamas, I'm just giving a place for the guys who are stepping up big time right now and surprising everyone.
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  13. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Biggest Surprise through the first Quarter of the Season   

    I'm glad you said Kyle Love, I felt the same way.  He filled in for 2 games where Star played and played at an extremely high level.  Atleast Coleman was brought in in the offseason and projected to do something, Love got cut last year and randomly ended up on our squad.  His play is what made Cole expendable.  As for Coleman, I think I was in the minority, but I expected this, I saw his old tape with Philly and he looked like a Mike Mitchell type.  He wouldn't take over a game, but if given the right system, he could be great, and he has been.
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  14. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Colin Kapernick   

    Watching Craperdick fail is just wonderful.  I can't wait until that squidward looking turd is out of the NFL.
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  15. Carolina Cajun added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Biggest Surprise through the first Quarter of the Season
    We've definitely had some guys really step up in positions that they really weren't expected to, and I figured this would be a great conversation for everyone.  I broke it down into 6 guys, 3 Offense and 3 defense, and I kept it limited to guys who are playing above or well above expectations.  IMO the biggest surprise has been Ted Ginn, dude has become a go to target for cam and is really starting to open up our offense.  On Defense, I feel AJ Klein has given us depth at a position we never hoped to have to need it, and he barely made the roster.  All of these guys have been incredible so far, but who do you think is the biggest surprise?
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