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  1. That shouldn't be a penalty. He was going for the football
  2. Panthers win 31 - 10
  3. Green_Tea

    Meanwhile, in the league office

    They might fix it the same way they did the helmet rule. They fixed that by making inadvertent or incidental contact with the helmet and or facemask not a foul. They might do the same with the bodyweight rule. From Mike Florio Based upon what Troy Vincent said here's the statement that I believe will be coming next week. "The committee resolved that there will be no changes to the point of emphasis for roughing the passer as approved by clubs this spring. The committee also determined that unintentional placement of bodyweight on the passer is not a foul."
  4. Green_Tea

    The refs?!

    I'd love an explanation too. I don't know how either one of those hits were "roughing the passer". That was bs
  5. I learned that you're not allowed to hit the quarterback
  6. Wtf were those bs calls? How is that roughing the passer? There's gonna be some problems if they call stuff like that in the regular season
  7. Patriots. Tom Brady needs another ring
  8. If that would've been ruled a catch then Von Miller's strip sack probably never happens and maybe Carolinas wins
  9. I guess tackling is a penalty now
  10. Green_Tea

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    Funchess has been a pretty good receiver imo
  11. New helmet rule is really stupid
  12. Gilbert Grape throws for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns and runs for another one
  13. Why is he talking trash about Cam? Thought they were really good friends
  14. It's a stupid rule. I understand player safety but you can only do so much. That kind of contact happens on just about every play. You can't take helmet contact completely out of the game. Hopefully they get rid of it. Ruining the game with these dumb rules