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  1. Good place to eat around the stadium??

    Ate at The Cellar @ Duckworth. Not the sportsbar at street level, but in the basement. Small plates, custom cocktails, fancy-ish food without a TV in sight. $15 for a burger+fries, other entrees were similarly/appropriately priced. Fancy beers in 11oz glasses (depending on the beer choice). Tastier cocktails than you might find at a traditional bar. Didn't care for the ahi tuna/chicken waffle cone trio -- the waffle cone was too sweet for the savory proteins and didn't really work. Enjoyed the shishito peppers and grilled oysters appetizers. Reviews on Yelp/Tripadvisor are not fond of the overall service even though the food is well regarded. I'll support the "slow service" tag with a caveat: it wasn't inattentive service, and food arrived quickly after being ordered. But the staff were kept busy with other diners and didn't circle back as often as they probably should have to refill water glasses or take additional drink orders. While that small piece was annoying, we enjoyed the overall meal and would go back. Reservations appear to be recommended, we heard wait times quoted from 45-90 minutes.
  2. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Dude had to have been around row 10 maybe? We were up at the top, yelling a bunch/as much as the Rioter's in 542 were.
  3. Crowd size yesterday.....

    I'll second that. Weren't a whole bunch -- and those I saw all seemed to have a Panthers fan/friend with them.
  4. Crowd size yesterday.....

    We were over in 543 and had one progressively drunker guy down front yelling at everyone behind him to stand up and make more noise whenever we had the ball. I put down my wine and cheese plate carefully to properly ponder the situation and the proper reaction.... ...then dude fell over and spilled his beer.
  5. 11-5 or fire Rivera

    From SI's MMQB column this morning: https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/11/05/carolina-panthers-christian-mccaffrey-atlanta-falcons-julio-jones The Panthers have never missed the playoffs after beginning the season with at least six wins in the first nine games.
  6. This morning on SI's MMQB column https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/11/05/carolina-panthers-christian-mccaffrey-atlanta-falcons-julio-jones: Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula called arguably his best game of the year, getting Christian McCaffrey into the end zone for his first rushing TD this season and knocking off the Falcons.
  7. Good place to eat around the stadium??

    Thx for recommendations. (kinda what I was hoping for in this thread....)
  8. For those coming in for the Homecoming game this weekend --- Other than the mandatory Roaring Riot Saturday party and Roaring Riot tailgate on Sunday.... throw out some other suggestions of things to do, places to eat for folks coming in from out of town and may not be as familiar with the current list of Charlotte worthwhileness...
  9. Falcons Week - Look Alive

    Halftime show for Sunday's game: TRAMPOLINES!
  10. Falcons Week - Look Alive

    Weather should be fan-favorable: low/mid 70's and partly cloudy.
  11. Can this defense win a Superbowl?

    If Luke plays on both sides of the ball, definitely yes.
  12. Online Audio streaming changes

    I did try TUNITY with no success, to get the TV audio on the phone. While it works just fine for local TV broadcasts, it seems to have difficulty with satellite feeds that aren't aired locally. Tunity suffers from the same problem as the Pro Radio suggestion above -- don't want to pay for it. Especially not for something that up until last week or the week before was working perfectly fine until the NFL stuck their nose into it.
  13. Online Audio streaming changes

    Yes. Multiple streaming services - TuneIn/iHeart/Panthers/direct links. Multiple devices (albeit all mobile), multiple browsers, and multiple browser user agents to try to spoof desktop. While I appreciate y'all's thoughts on what other options there are -- and happy to hear that I'm not the only one with this interest -- this was more of a bitch about the NFL not wanting to allow the radio broadcasts to be heard outside of the listening area. Escpecially since it's not like radio signals can't be heard for a pretty huge distance anyway. Video coverage? SURE, i get that - that's tied up with Verizon. Hell, I might as well haul out a big antenna and try to DX the WBT signal direct rather than use technology. Too bad I'd likely not be in the bar to do that. (I was driving along and scanning the radio dial one day and picked up pretty clear traffic and weather reports from a station 800 miles away once. Was fun)
  14. Online Audio streaming changes

    Phones often keep the IP address of the first tower they connect to, and keep that IP as you wander from tower to tower... even to the point of keeping that IP as you leave the defined market area. Even rebooting/reconnecting doesn't always reset your IP to your new location (it does reset eventually, but never when you want it to). Geofencing of streaming audio doesn't use the geolocation target of your phone, the streaming companies use the IP you connect with because not every device has location services turned on.
  15. Online Audio streaming changes

    True. Roaring Riot card in hand, but convenience often prevails.