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  1. PanthersATL

    Falcons tell Julio Jones to suck it

    Julio was told he won't get a new contract this year, not giving him his desired raise. They are currently focused on Grady Jarrett, Jack Matthews, and Ricardo Allen rather than budgeting a renegotiation for Julio. Julio was informed "several weeks ago" of the team's decision. "several weeks ago" sounds like "at Cam's kickball game" to me. Falcons may look to rework his contract next year. Or not. Who knows?
  2. Well, the actually said "no new contract this year". You be the judge of what was actually said. Links to news to come...
  3. You know half those cards are just going into the "Win your office a free lunch" fishbowl at the local Applebee's. Question is -- does "the office" include all the players? 'Cause that would be a bit of an expensive fishbowl drawing for the restaurant....
  4. Completely agree. No matter how much I despise Blank as the Falcons owner (dude - STAY OFF THE SIDELINES DURING THE GAME!), I am 100% behind what he's done with the Atlanta MLS team... those games ARE fun as hell. They wasted money putting in seats for the soccer games -- the crowd does NOT sit down at all during a match. There's a reason that AU's been able to have attendance records these past few weeks that exceeded what the World Cup stadiums were pulling in... and it's not just $2 sodas.
  5. Mercedes Benz stadium has been selected as “the ugliest building in Georgia” http://www.businessinsider.com/ugliest-buildings-in-the-us-2018-1
  6. a few years ago, I drove around SF/Napa on a Sunday and listened to the Panthers game on Westwood One (or some other satellite channel). whatever game it was, it was one of those exciting 4th quarter endings where we ended up sitting in a random parking lot for 20 minutes listening to the end of the game. So if radio is good enough, you might still be able to hear the game with no issue. Alternatively -- I've had success listening to the broadcast via the WBT app from out of state.... but that sometimes can be hit or miss (and is on about a 2 minute delay vs live). While not perfect, you can always fire up the Panthers gameday app and follow the play-by-play action on screen there, along with the Huddle thread in a different window. Sure, it's not the same as actually watching the game, but think of it more like being in a sportsbar where you can't see or hear the TV, but you know something's happening on the other side of the room.
  7. PanthersATL

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    anything is possible given enough time and money and money, right @Jeremy Igo?
  8. PanthersATL

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    Bah, you're leaving out the details. Krispy Kreme? Dunkin' ? (Doubt they'd be Hortons). Generic grocery story donuts? Munchkin holes? Bacon? Chocolate? Sprinkles? Creme Filled? Frosted? Crullers? Eclairs?
  9. PanthersATL

    JR Statue to remain

    ya know, even though JR left under circumstances he would have preferred not to be a part of... he DID bring us the Panthers. And for 24+ years, we appreciated the hell out of him. Is this "Take down the Paterno statue" level crazy? Probably not. Not yet.
  10. PanthersATL

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

  11. What I like about Tepper's comment today, " look forward to being part of the Panthers’ family and to supporting this flourishing region"... He didn't say that it was HIS family. He said he wanted to be a part of the existing family. I kinda liked that phrasing.
  12. you mean, like a statue outside the stadium? (yeah, the timing is different. went for the funny anyway)
  13. A fan can dream, can't they? LOL (I'll settle for "Lightning Fast, Big Black Cats...")
  14. I'll try*..... START: decide if you're going to be a hands-ON or hands-OFF owner, and surround yourself with The Best People possible to achieve success STOP: ignoring what the fans are clamoring for (that seems reasonable, of course). If the number one way to say THIS IS OUR HOUSE and improve fan satisfaction is to put the logo at mid-field? That's a low low cost to pay, and will make an immediate statement that this is a new era. If the number one thing fans want is something else -- you're not new to the NFL , steal ideas from everyone else and implement those. CONTINUE: hey, some traditions are worthwhile to keep intact. STAND AND CHEER played at every score? YES!!!! *disclaimer: I really have no idea what I'm talking about. I bow to the rest of you here on The Huddle(tm) with your [seriously!] more informed commentary.
  15. Rephrase the questions, kinda? Sure, it's kinda the same thing, but a smidge different... What should Tepper START doing? What should Tepper STOP doing? What should Tepper CONTINUE doing?