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  1. https://variety.com/2018/music/news/maroon-5-to-perform-at-super-bowl-halftime-1202947983/ Maroon 5 will be the halftime performers at the 2019 Super Bowl, two sources confirm to Variety. Reached for comment, an NFL rep tells Variety, “It’s a Super Bowl tradition to speculate about the performers for the Pepsi Halftime Show. We are continuing to work with [longtime sponsor] Pepsi on our plans but do not have any announcements to make on what will be another epic show.” A rep for Maroon 5 could not immediately be reached for comment.
  2. if he's pointing out something that would be obvious to a casual observer (or Huddler) that Ron and the coaching team isn't doing - and is basing his reasoning on analytical/non-disputable facts rather than emotional gut feeling, then I say go with it. Moneyball.
  3. According to https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2796391-sean-mcdermott-favored-as-1st-nfl-head-coach-to-be-fired-in-latest-odds , McDermott is favored to be the 1st Head Coach to be fired this season. Odds have him at +400. For comparison, Rivera is listed at +2500
  4. Seems to be getting a little more substance this morning on random places on the 'net. Any thoughts on the supposed rumor of Antonio coming to Carolina? We know that Antonio and Cam would be a killer combo.... https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/09/17/news-rumors-fantasy-injury-updates-antonio-brown-trade-tweet
  5. PanthersATL

    Positives and negatives...

    early on, LUUUUUUUUUUUUKE made the broadcast clear as day, a number of times. Sounded like a home game.
  6. PanthersATL

    Positives and negatives...

    Positive: Atlanta Riot / @RoaringRiot made the broadcast at least once
  7. vs what we have right now? Who'd you rather have behind Cam? Don't tell me you weren't concerned in the first quarter when the Blue Tent of Doom was erected on the sideline for a few minutes...
  8. 50%? No wonder these games feel like a coin flip. What's the stat for, let's say, Green Bay?
  9. thought I saw the flag too. didn't see it on the replay angle
  10. was just texting with someone, and autocorrect had "Rivera had horrible cock management". Contemplated leaving it as was, but decided to fix the typo.
  11. we've seen worse. Couldn't tell you when, but we must have somewhere along the way.
  12. that's an insult to giant vaginas everywhere
  13. At least Torrey won't miss a game due to illness. At that rate, he's going to have trouble catching a cold.
  14. Announcer: "Cam likes to keep it" Cam: too late, I've already thrown it. Who you talking to?