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  1. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Only because of the way The Good Place TV show storyline has played out this season, it would be amusing to see the Jaguars in and/or win the Super Bowl. agreed, anyone but patriots and eagles.
  2. Sad..

    I hate that the headline defines the person. Why it couldnt have just said “mother” in the headline is beyond me.
  3. London 2018?

    Because a London SB would end up 5 hours off. Inconvenient for advertisers, beer drinkers.
  4. London 2018?

    On the bright side? My contact's advance sources were correct. So yay me.
  5. London 2018?

    So looks like just three games total? I can work with that, planning for a 2019 @RoaringRiottrip works SO much better for me than 2018
  6. London 2018?

    chargers - titans oct 21 or 28
  7. London 2018?

    Oct 21 or 28 - Eagles - Jags
  8. London 2018?

    Seahawks - Raiders Oct 14
  9. London 2018?

    looks like panthers based on the graphic they just showed....
  10. London 2018?

    This is what I'm hearing this morning thus far : eagles-jags seahawks-raiders chargers-titans nothing panthers yet...
  11. Should I Quit?

    Ignore them, and crank Toucher and Rich on Sports Hub 98.5
  12. Pie For ALL

    and since I forgot to attach the gif...
  13. Pie For ALL

    Just to be clear, we ARE happy about this? dont want to post the right emoji for the wrong reason...
  14. we don't need no stinkin' parking. Make a Giant Uber/Lyft pickup zone. And a dedicated @RoaringRiot tailgating space (no noobs)
  15. As major stadiums have done in other sports (Tennis, particularly) -- you can build a dome and/or retractable roof on top of an existing facility.