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  1. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Inside the NFL can bite me   

    Totally agree that the show on HBO was great, and the version on SHO with Collingsworth et al was significantly better than the crapfest they have going this year -- but Inside the NFL on SHO has regularly ignored the Panthers, with some episodes NOT EVEN SHOWING A CLIP, or we're relegated back to the final 2 minutes of the show.  
    Not every game can be stellar from a clip/storyline perspective, but the NFL (who helps produce the show) should have some perspective on who they should be making proper sizzle reels of as the season progresses:
    Panthers are one of six undefeated teams leftCam is being lauded as playing at his bestNorman is having a stellar season thus far, as is the rest of the defense (FANTASY POINTS!)Accolades are being tossed our way from a number of sourcesWhen the hosts of the show talk A LOT about the team, the "show that the players watch" should try to be a little more even with their coverage.Even the Atlanta/Houston game got a decent reel, and that was a total blowout.
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  2. PanthersATL added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Inside the NFL can bite me
    so they spend a few host segments praising Cam and the Panthers... That's great, love it.
    But when it comes time for the NFL package for the CARvsTB game, all we get are the following:
    a shot of the flamethrower during the Bucs introsa shot of a Bucs cheerleader in the rainThat first interception pick 6the fun fumble touchdown run that we all lovedNOTHING about how bad the TB kicker was. Nothing about how awesome Cam was (he really didn't have the numbers on Sunday vs what he normally does, but still)
    if you're going to spend time commenting on how good we are and that we are one of 6 remaining undefeated teams left this week, at least give us the dignity of a decent clip package
    at least we don't have to watch next week.
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  3. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Josh Norman   

    At least the refs were consistent in calling the Exact Same Penalty (albeit the "using the football as a prop" clause) for the Exact Same Celebration done during the NOvsDAL game last night.
    If they *hadn't* thrown a flag last night, I'd say Norman would be in the clear on this with a fair argument against being fined.
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  4. PanthersATL added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    My quick recap of the Bucs game
    Finally got back online (the mobile app isn't loading for me, so that's fun), wanted to share my thoughts on the game - in no particular order:
    Didn't get to the game early enough to poke my head over at the Roaring Riot tailgate, but I did get a quick chat with some fellow Rioters in the official Rioter section over near the Pirate Ship. They were told they couldn't hang the Roaring Riot banner up anywhere in the stadium, but I did see it proudly being waved around by a few Carolina folk at various moments during the gameI did hear a "Let's Go Panthers" chant going on early in the first quarter from the lower bowl. NICE!As usual, there was a fairly large contingent of Panthers fans all over the place. Bucs fans are often really super nice (everyone hates the Falcons more than they do Carolina), and there was a lot of "hey, welcome to town, enjoy the game" camaraderie going on. TB games are always a great place to go for an away game.Yeah, it rained. But it wasn't as bad as that rain-soaked game we sat through at Clemson during season 1It's not my first time to CARvsTB game - but I still think that Pirate Ship inside the stadium is pretty darn cool (I like unique stadium features like that; anything to personalize the inside of the field/arena so it's not so generic vs others is always a plus to me).Bucs fans love to boo their own team.  A lot.  Especially their kicker.  At one point I overheard, "Glad the Panthers scored again; that means we have to go for touchdowns instead of missing another field goal attempt".  They were yelling loudly to "go for 2" every chance they had.  They had every reason to.Another benefit of open-air stadiums? Pre-game flyovers.Love how easy it is to get in and out of the stadium. Plenty of room for tailgaters everywhere, no matter how much space your tailgate needs. And finally, a special shoutout to the four Panthers fans sitting a few rows behind me in the 300's near the 50-yard line.  Thank you for sharing your Carolina Hospitality by flashing your panties and boobs to the crowd a number of times. (I believe the crotch shots were accidental; the boobs were definitely on purpose.)
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  5. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Panthers vs Bucs - Game Day Guide   

    Last weather report I was given yesterday said 20% chance of rain, but humid/sticky at gametime. Be prepared to be damp, one way or the other.
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  6. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Anybody going to Tampa Game   

    Latest forecast: 20% chance of rain, 83 degrees at gametime.
    In other words, HOT AND STICKY - just the way [insert name of your favorite mod here] likes it.
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  7. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    Just so I understand all the previous posts, cause it seemed like y'all were just avoiding the elephant in the room by not actually pointing it out to anyone -- Luke is "following the protocol", right?
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  8. PanthersATL added a post in a topic referee assignment for week 4   

    Still applies.
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  9. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Anybody going to Tampa Game   

    I'll be up in the 300 section w/ my buddy (he's a Bucs fan, his tickets).
    Be prepared for rain/thunderstorms, high of around 82 at kickoff
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  10. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Hochuli told Cam "You're not old enough to get that call"   

    The refs for the CARvsTB game are always on the 5:30p flight out of TPA after that 1p game (the last few years, I've somehow ended up sitting next to them at the airport before boarding, in part to hear their commentary when watching the 4p games)
    If I have a chance next week, I'll ask 'em about this.  (They're usually friendly enough to chat, but may not be willing to tackle this topic).  No harm in asking, right?
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  11. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Could we be going into Tampa next week without Luke, Davis and Johnson?   

    We've seen worse.  It's not so bad right now that we have to bring in Testaverde again.
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  12. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Free ticket for Saints next to me 540 row 3   

    Like others have said, a little more advance notice for us out-of-towners who don't have ready access to ticket opportunities like this would've been Fantastic.
    And yeah, I'd have bought you TWO beers. And maybe a sno-cone.
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  13. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Reach in really deep   

    <those SNL dudes>
    Panthers, 147
    Saints, 3
    Da Cats!
    </those SNL dudes>
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  14. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Was just on the Adam Carolla Podcast   

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  15. PanthersATL added a post in a topic Panthers leading in jersey sales   

    Part of the reason teams get new uniforms/logos/colors is exactly for increase sales as fans update their stash.
    Me, I wear my Panthers NFC WEST sweatshirt proudly
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