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  1. Matty Ice is melting....

    QB rating is meaningless*, even Cam says so. The only stat that matters is 11-0, no matter how you get there.   *meaningless = only folks in FanDuel/DraftKings really care about it
  2. If you're being respectful in how you cheer your team, you shouldn't have to travel in numbers to be safe. Treat opposing fans at BoA (if they can get tickets) the same way we would want to be treated when we travel to away games. One thing I love about the Panthers fan base (and the NFC South in general) is that we're overall the "nice" division when it comes to showing off southern hospitality to visitors.
  3. Kudos to the guy in the Bears jersey for helping out. (Aside from the question of "who wears a Bears jersey to a CAR/DAL game?)
  4. Along the Sidelines - The book

    Jeremy - mass publishing companies are likely cheaper, but here's one online service that offers a pricing calculator; should give you a rough idea of what costs could be:
  5. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    So during Ron's post-game press conference, he said this about Norman's unsportsmanlike conduct call: "I get it, we're at their place," Rivera said. "That's what the referee said to me, and I can't argue that. If it would have been at our place, it wouldn't have been a big deal."   So are the refs admitting that they purposefully call flags on some teams and not others? It shouldn't matter which team is celebrating - either throw the flag at both teams or don't throw the flag at both teams. Just be consistent and don't use the "you're the visiting team, you can't celebrate" excuse.  'Cause that rule ain't in the rulebook.
  6. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Fake. (I'll let you be the judge as to which cheerleader I'm talking about)
  7. SQUAD

    during the green bay game tonight, I thought I caught Collinsworth saying "he was kuechly-like" in reference to some defensive play. When Luke becomes a verb unto himself, you know he's made it.  (adjective?)
  8. In the video posted over there:
  9. Phil Sims All-Iron Awards

  10. Phil Sims All-Iron Awards

    Josh Norman continues his photobombing... LOL
  11. Phil Sims All-Iron Awards

    Kurt Coleman, Luke Keuchly, Cam Newton, and Jerricho Cotchery are this years Phil Simm's All-Iron Award Winners The first part of the video is awesome, as folks walk into the broadcast booth unwanted.
  12. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    Dear Krispy Kreme: We can't stuff any more donuts into our pie hole. Your $3.99/dozen promotion after each win is making us fat. Doesn't mean we won't keep eating. Keep 'em coming. -Our tummys
  13. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    Dear Media: The only reason the headline of your game recap is about Tony Romo's injury is because you're having trouble finding the "11" key on your keyboard to type "the 11-0 Panthers". Here's a hint: there's no "12" key on your keyboards either. You have 10 days to figure that one out. -Fans doing the Victory Wave    
  14. Game ball, who gets it?!! Turkey edition!! 11-0

     I would love to hear a parody cover of Rock the Casbah entitled "Broke the Romo"