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  1. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    I was thinking about this when Philly beat us. How does Carson Wentz feel if the Eagles win it without him? I think it would be a real awkward situation for the Eagles next year. Imagine your backup sitting on the bench knowing he gave the city thier first ship. Lol!
  2. Best Twitter Reactions

    Lol! #28-3
  3. Best Twitter Reactions

  4. Common man, we got beat fair and square...didn't choke. Had a chance at the end but couldn't get it done against a great D. Microcosm of the season right there with there bad playcallimg. Neal kneeing the ball to Eagles defender before half was turning point. NFC South ate it's own this year. All of these teams where beat to he'll by each other come playoff time and nobody got bye.
  5. Best Twitter Reactions

    Thought you guys might like this.
  6. Will the Vikings win next week?

    Brees is once again a protected commodity so advantage goes to Saints next week vs Vikes.
  7. The NFL wants Brees vs brady

    It's not rigging. The last five minutes of the game is what really matters and that's where you see the bias. The other 55 minutes are about ratings and facilitating. Look at what happened to Jeff Tripplet today. He jobbed the Chiefs so bad yesterday, he was forced to announce his retirement.
  8. The NFL wants Brees vs brady

    You guys got fuged so bad. That wasn't even an interception? Ball should have been at the 50...not the 31.How about them making sure the CB had a clear catch for the int??? Had that been a WR no way he completed a football move with full control. Intentional grounding. Cam was out of the pocket and there was a guy in vicinity. Ridiculous. Funchess gets interfered with in enzone by CB not even looking at ball. I kinda blame Funchess for not complaining. Are u shocked the league office called and made sure the :10 seconds were taken off . But as I always say NO throws n keeps trying to score n almost cost them. At least Rivera said something. You guys got jobbed.
  9. Ft Campbell. 1996. When I joined it took my Facebook picture.
  10. You guys got this. Stop Kamara and knock Brees off his spot without getting a 15 yard penalty (tough to do) and you win. I just can't believe with Davis and Kueckly that Kamara can get so wide open on these swing passes. You guys make the adjustments and win today. Good Luck Panther fans! Send these AINTS home!
  11. Falcons fans honest opinion

    Hey man Good Luck today. Knock those dirty Saints out. I'll be pulling hard for you guys. If things work out, maybe we meet in Charlotte for a rubber match.
  12. He's truly a beast. Poor man's Aaron Donald but he's in a contract year too. Gotta resign him. Beasley is a one trick pony fraud. McKinley is real deal. Just watching NFL Network. Everyone is on the Saints/Rams jock. Apparently we are being blown out. I think that's a good thing, playing the underdog role. You guys were missing Greg Olson those first two games ...this will make a difference. Plus Stewart got a week off..Davis and Keuckly need to light up Kamara and not let him get those easy swing passes and YAC. Cam needs to be Cam and run. GL.
  13. He was engaged with Jarret and got blind sided by Beasley. Really, not much he could do.