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  1. stfu and take your azz to the giants board already it clear thats where you want to be.
  2. hell we could have still went out and got Wallace for that even with Smith here. Wallace would had been a perfect #2 and then we would not have to worry about wr this draft cause we would be set there for the year. Funchees Wallace Smith Wright Byrd. Would had been a solid core and we have Curtis as well.
  3. look like the eagles just upgraded.
  4. yup sign reid if he really is blackballed then it no other team going for him so should be an easy sign if we make him an offer.
  5. to be honest I go offense heavy in the draft: Wr in the 1st,TE In the 2nd,and RB in the 3rd,OL with our other 3rd and then go defense the rest of the draft. By doing this I'm giving Cam as many weapons around him to be able to get the job done and hope with our lack of secondary it be enough to get us to the superbowl.
  6. there is no decision to make Anderson is done so either go out and sign another backup qb or draft one in the 6th or 7th round.
  7. He would great as our #2 TE for the season learning from Greg and take over as the #1 when Greg retires at the end of the season. agree or disagree?
  8. Ebron has our offer

    Hurney putting in Work gotta respect that.
  9. My Mock Draft.

    1st CB-Josh Jackson-Iowa 2nd FS-Terrell Edmunds-Virgina Tech 3rd SS-Deshon Elliott-Texas 3rd WR-Daeshon Hamilton-Penn State 5th RB-Ito Smith-Southern Miss 6th Guard-Tyrone Crowder-Clemson 7th Guard/Tackle-Rod Taylor-Ole Miss 7th QB-Alex McGough-Florida International I went defense heavy to start the draft to fix our secondary and got Cam another weapon at WR in the 3rd.Also pick up a rb,2guards and a backup qb to close the draft so I feel pretty good about it. What do you all think of this draft and would you be happy with this draft?
  10. before today I had us going Safety/WR in the first 2 rounds but now we need a #2 CB so who knows what happen to such a shame this happen cause Hurney set us up nice for the draft and this happens.
  11. Hurney is the Man!! love everything he done this off season.
  12. Ebron but both are upgrades at #2
  13. he would be a great #2 TE next to Olsen and if he is signed Hurney has aced this off season.
  14. still I would had liked another shot at them cause I felt we blew the game earlier in the season with them.