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  1. Norwell & Star

    Norwell is going 2 sign with the jaguars. U can find another Norwell every year boys. Calm down
  2. Richard Sherman anyone ?

    Aging cb coming off an Achilles surgery, yea panthers will pass on him.
  3. Until this team can get a younger defense and some playmakers at the wr position. The Panthers will be the 3rd best team in the division. They have one of the older defenses with no true playmakers outside of luke and lets be honest, he needs playmakers around that line to be effective. 6-10 next season most likely. Hope they can fix these issues in the off-season.
  4. Well history has shown panties can't have back to back winning seasons. 5-11 probably
  5. So the jaguars who have been terrible for 15 years, are about to go 2 the super bowl. This is what happens when u sign key free agents
  6. Ladies. Its ok that the Panthers are the 3rd best team in the south. That's what happens when u let all pro players go for nothing and draft bad. Can't rely on cam to win every game. He's not that type of player. He needs support and we don't have it, so until then enjoy the basement with the bucs.
  7. I'm a realistic Panthers fan. Look at our roster and tell me we have better playmakers than the saints n falcons. We don't
  8. Hahaha ur talking about a 1 game difference, who's playing today and most likely next week? Not the Panthers.
  9. No they aren't. We are better than the bucs in the south. That's about it. Panthers aren't as good as homers like to think on this board. Bunch of delusional dummies on this site.
  10. Lack of experience will hurt the eagles today, face it guys Panthers aren't on the same level as the saints or falcons
  11. Falcons will blow the eagles out. Just a matter of time. Falcons vs saints in the nfccg. poo sucks to see our rivals going to the superbowl. This is what happens when u surround ur qb with talent. Cam newton will never play like brees or Ryan cuz of lack of weapons. Panthers are 3rd best team in the south and it's sad.
  12. Not saying Panthers can't beat them, but this team isn't as good as most huddlers think. Panthers won 4 games by luck. Let's be real for a minute. Bills, falcons, lions, patriots. Those games could have gone either way. This is an over rated team we have this year.
  13. Hey guys been at this forum for years, but I don't ever say anything. Well looking at how the saints and falcons r beating teams, its simple. Those teams have WEAPONS for their star quarterbacks. We have cam and that's it, and bash me all U want but cam Newton isn't that good of a qb. He's a streaky qb which isn't good. Panthers oline isn't that good either and don't get me started on these sorry ass wrs. Also the defense is over rated, they have allowed 24 ppg in 8 games this year, ya not a good recipe to win a Superbowl. I will always be a Panthers fan but I'm also realistic. They will always be competitive with luke and cam as their cornerstones but they will always lack to compliment these guys to have a better team. Go Panthers Saints - 35 Panthers - 13