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  1. Hope I'm wrong. If there's 1 thing I know about the panties. They have a winning season followed up by a terrible losing season. So another 7-9 season coming up. Go panties
  2. Hubbard or Arden key...panties need pass rusher
  3. 1st pick has 2 be defense. With the quarterbacks in our division u have to get to the qb
  4. Why not draft defense in the 1st? Linebacker is a need, pass rusher is a huge need and secondary is Another big need. Defense will always win titles
  5. The Panthers have always been a family like organization. Until that changes don't expect them to do what's best for the team. They don't cut players if they have been with them for a while. The good consistent teams cut players to save money and use it elsewhere. We are paying old washed up players that are way past their prime. That's the sad truth guys.
  6. Mazos7

    Norwell & Star

    Norwell is going 2 sign with the jaguars. U can find another Norwell every year boys. Calm down