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  1. Benjamin

    I would just want him back to screw the bills . I don't think kelvin has the talent outside of the end zone
  2. Benjamin

    I would just want him back to screw the bills . I don't think kelvin has the talent outside of the end zone
  3. Not surprised . It's the anti social ones you got to worry about
  4. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    And we're sitting on our damn ass taking it . Hey hurney why don't you make some moves it's probably our last real chance we have at making a Super Bowl run
  5. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    Just had a weird dream about hurneys draft . Can't remember much of it but we drafted a guard , a big wr that wasn't in the first round , a mid round running back and a later roUnd dt . Meaning both norwell and star are gone
  6. We will get johnny Adams from the bengals practice squad and we will hype him up all training camp as the next josh Norman for him to be a bum . We don't do free agency . I'll gaurentee we won't make the playoffs next year
  7. If I made this thread rayzor would ban me so fast lol
  8. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    I wonder how much coke he sniff and how many hookers he slays a week
  9. Josh Gordon will be...

    0% chance we get him and only a 1% chance we get a decent free agent wr for cam
  10. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    We need a new owner and clean house . Hurney didn't do terrible last season but he is hit or miss in the draft and he sucks during free agency. He'll prob give star and norwell a huge contract . I didn't like gettleman but more I look into it he was planning for the future. Bukter would be a cheaper replacement for gano , Morton is insurance for norwell and butler insurance for star . He planned good but hurney will over pay . I'm ready to let star walk and I want to keep norwell but not more money then turner . I guess we'll see
  11. Daryl Williams

    We're a farm team we let everyone walk
  12. Norwell & Star

    Want to keep norwell but not making him the highest paid
  13. FA: Doug Martin?

    Too many good rbs in this draft bro . We don't got crazy $ would rather spend on some lineman
  14. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    This draft is loaded in rb talent. I love stewart but he's done after a 1.5 yard per carry that's insane . We need a fresh power back and theirs plenty of them later in the draft