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  1. With the talent we have and plays we should be calling it shouldnt require a ton of time in the pocket for Cam. Still worried about our OL, but should adjust accordingly.
  2. I wasnt in love with the pick at the time, but I like what he can bring. Him, McCaf, and Samuel bring a lot of weapons to this team. Short crossing routes all day and let them go to work.
  3. i imagine he tries to come back. if not, hes going to prob take a big pay cut in his new contract. he he comes back and is the same player, he will get the money.
  4. Let's just hope he is another Big 10 UDFA steal.
  5. ericr0319

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    so its southend, uptown or noda district.
  6. ericr0319

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    Okay, I think Southend is where I see a lot of the Air Bnb. From a map it looks like where Brookhill, Dolworth, and Wilmore meet.
  7. ericr0319

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    whoa, whoa, whoa. no reason to fight guys. Yeah..Tampa has its patches for sure and cannot stand the fans. Although I love the Lightning. Yeah, I was looking at Uptown but its spare for this weekend. The damn Giants/New Yorkers jack up the prices. Was going with another couple who areGiants fans, but they bailed after our flights were booked, or I would have picked another game. Tampa has tons of breweries so we like those, relaxed bars (not dives or club scene), and our food preferences are pretty open-minded (prefer not chains and local chef inspirations). How is the area North of Brookhill, around 160 and 49, but south of 277? Idk if that makes sense but on the map it's plotted almost like a square/triangle baseball field dimension. A lot of nice Air BnB there and they say you can take a train in to Uptown? How is the public transportation there?
  8. I am coming up (from Florida) for the Car/NYG game. Never been to Charlotte before, but have been a fan since 1995. What areas do you recommend to stay in? I am thinking Air BnB rather than hotel, but I want to stay in a safe/hip area. Coming with my girlfriend so this is important to her. I am 30 and she is 27, so looking for an area with walking distance to younger bars and restaurants. We are coming the Friday morning so we can enjoy the city/weekend. Any recommendations are great. I live in downtown Tampa, so I know all downtowns have their rough patches. I am just trying to avoid that. Thanks!
  9. ericr0319

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    i think its an overreaction, but a good signing for our team. 1 year prove it deal. time to say bye-bye to Fozzy.
  10. Fozzy serves 0 roll on this team and should just go.
  11. Where do we stand? Funchess - Final year of deal and I do not expect us to re-sign him. Moore - Rookie. T. Smith - I think he starts here on the depth chart, but, doesn't finish here. J. Wright - I guess he starts at 4? C. Samuel - I think when healthy he doesn't line up on the field every play, but, when he is on the field can be used in a number of ways. Damiere Byrd - I really like him, but, where does he fit? The guy has the ability to make plays. Sheppard - Has to be cut, rights? Bersin - :( Ross, Jones, Fraizer, Duke, Bailey - These are guys I see on our chart. Honestly, not sure who is still on the team, but none will make roster. We have 8 guys that are "worth" a roster spot. Do we carry more than 5? We we make a couple trades for 7th round picks? Trade for a S?
  12. ericr0319

    On the record, pick 24

    I didnt know much about Moore, but after hearing ALL the experts speak about Moore during the telecast, I prefer Moore over Ridley. That said, a pipe dream would have been to trade down with Cle, Indy, ect and pick up two extra 2nd round picks. I can live with Moore.
  13. I would go with Penny because I literally didnt expect it AT ALL. but I am still blown away that Browns passed on Darnold.
  14. ericr0319

    Updated boards for Day 2

    trading our 2nd and higher 3rd vaults us to chicago's pick. i think we have to do it if its available. Jackson, Chubb, Reid, Hernandez, Oliver, Daniels (year 2) - all are difference makers.
  15. ericr0319

    Trade up for a Safety in round 2?

    I would love to leave tonight with a S and a RB. Then possibly a CB/DE.