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  1. I don't think a single fan has faith in Gano to make a clutch kick.
  2. 3 were drafted. 2 you can argue were better than Gano last season and moving forward.
  3. stud kickers are out there. they all have the distance and the accuracy. just need to find a guy who isnt a nut case in the head. see Roberto Aguayo. allocating the money here isnt smart against the cap. sign two UDFA, let them compete with both guys knowing its theirs to lose, and let the best man win.
  4. The case for Billy Price....

    I dont get the whole Moton to LT either...so the plan is to potentially put him at LG this season and then move him to LT next season. SO in three seasons play 3 different positions? Awesome idea for player development.
  5. Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2.0.

    I was curious on Watkins too and the asking price.
  6. Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2.0.

    any #1 WR at oklahoma state is going to put up numbers.
  7. Lamar Jackson at #24: Is it possible?

    i give this rating an F for effort
  8. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    what comes next Norwell 4 years 60 mill?
  9. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    I agree, but those would be his mistakes. Needs to put better staff in place to handle what he cant. At this point, its like your presidential candidate lost. We cannot hope he fails (and I don't think you hope he fails).
  10. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 21 Feb)

    lol why (0319) that said, I agree with DE in FA, outside of Peppers. that said, if we tackle WR and S in FA then I think DE is a huge need going into the draft. if we dont address those positions, DE is up in the air. i agree its for "fun", but anything, it just makes me more concerned with this team's needs.
  11. Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2.0.

    yuck. we are an above average signing in FA from having a perfectly fine WR corps.
  12. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    just gotta hope he learned from his mistakes. he was responsible for trading KB correct? if so, i like what he has done so far.
  13. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 21 Feb)

    Our draft is so up in the air until free agency. Especially, outside of the 1st round.
  14. Steve Smith's Take

    Anthony Miller is a beast. Would love him in the 2nd round over Kirk in the 1st.