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  1. Cam missed CMAC plain and simple. That said, we aren't taking any deep shots this year and my guess is Norv. Cam is much improved in the short to intermediate routes, which is where we needed him to improve. It is funny how one drive changes the perception on a player. Cam played great for much of that game. The INT was a 3rd and long and a punt if not picked (at least I believe without stat checking).
  2. we if can walk away this week with a win then we sit 4-2 with two home games I think we can win. 6-2 is a good first half of the season. 5-3 isn't bad either.
  3. we can 100% beat Philly, but it will be a tougher game. We really need to go 1-1 on this road trip, especially dealing with other potential WC teams. We outplayed the Skins, we just coughed the game away. Pun intended. Luke hasn't been his same self, but let's hope for the turn around.
  4. You cut him June 1 and take the hit. Regardless we are in good shape cap moving into next year with T.Davis and Kalil likely retiring. Olsen may. Cut T. Smith and that frees up $5mil. We have about $40 mil to spend. CLOWNEY
  5. i agree with this. the road games always scare everyone.
  6. Also, I really think we need this win @wash and @phil the next two weeks is rough. If we grab this win then going into next week we have nothing to lose.
  7. TD and Olsen back really help here. TD great at chasing down the short RB routes. Olsen much better route runner than IT. Cam's 2 INTS last week were bad, but both intended for IT. I agree, I believe Moore and Samuel get used a lot more as the season goes in the short passing game. We need this because we take NO shots downfield. Im scared about this one, but ill say 24-20 Carolina
  8. okay so I went to the game and it was my first there. had a blast. but yeah, I was in the club level, home side (339). the visiting club level looked EMPTY. Also, not a lot of giants fans around where I was. besides the one he smacked the guy behind me at the end of the game and ran off with his scumbag new yorker friends/fans. my real question, is the away club level always empty? even the upper deck looked empty. i didnt think it was even hot, but maybe i had the benefit of the shade.
  9. ericr0319

    Head Coach Rankings

    yeah, this website is garbage and meaningless.
  10. I wanted this over the offseason. Love this.
  11. Our tackle situation becomes odd. Kalil I cannot see playing again unless Clark goes down, which means he is cut next year (lots of dead money). Then do we resign D.Williams to a one year prove it, put him at RT and Moton at LT. Or do we just move on from Williams completely, keep Moton at RT and find a new LT next year? WIll prob have to go cheap FA or through the draft until Kalil is off the books.
  12. tbh, when you are referring to strengths and weakness, they do know our weakness. but, they are those 3 individuals.
  13. much like the Cowboys I think if we get serious pressure (dont need sacks) we should control the game. Unlikely week 1 though our offense is clicking more.
  14. ericr0319

    Devin Funchess or Dez Bryant?

    Dez is a facking loser.