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  1. ericr0319

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    i think its an overreaction, but a good signing for our team. 1 year prove it deal. time to say bye-bye to Fozzy.
  2. Fozzy serves 0 roll on this team and should just go.
  3. Where do we stand? Funchess - Final year of deal and I do not expect us to re-sign him. Moore - Rookie. T. Smith - I think he starts here on the depth chart, but, doesn't finish here. J. Wright - I guess he starts at 4? C. Samuel - I think when healthy he doesn't line up on the field every play, but, when he is on the field can be used in a number of ways. Damiere Byrd - I really like him, but, where does he fit? The guy has the ability to make plays. Sheppard - Has to be cut, rights? Bersin - :( Ross, Jones, Fraizer, Duke, Bailey - These are guys I see on our chart. Honestly, not sure who is still on the team, but none will make roster. We have 8 guys that are "worth" a roster spot. Do we carry more than 5? We we make a couple trades for 7th round picks? Trade for a S?
  4. ericr0319

    On the record, pick 24

    I didnt know much about Moore, but after hearing ALL the experts speak about Moore during the telecast, I prefer Moore over Ridley. That said, a pipe dream would have been to trade down with Cle, Indy, ect and pick up two extra 2nd round picks. I can live with Moore.
  5. I would go with Penny because I literally didnt expect it AT ALL. but I am still blown away that Browns passed on Darnold.
  6. ericr0319

    Updated boards for Day 2

    trading our 2nd and higher 3rd vaults us to chicago's pick. i think we have to do it if its available. Jackson, Chubb, Reid, Hernandez, Oliver, Daniels (year 2) - all are difference makers.
  7. ericr0319

    Trade up for a Safety in round 2?

    I would love to leave tonight with a S and a RB. Then possibly a CB/DE.
  8. ericr0319

    Division Rivals 1st Picks

    honestly I think the Bucs and Saints made great moves. Vita is a Star type DT, not gonna rush the passer, but do everything you ask him to do and never get the credit. It was well worth it for the Bucs to pick up 2 additional 2nd round picks. The Saints did nail last year and could risk it. Davenport is a freak. I am just curious if they grab a qb in the 2nd round now. I hate the Falcons and adding Ridley they are the same team. That said, I think we are the same team with Moore.
  9. ericr0319

    Greg gets extension

    wanted him back but not for that price. was thinking more like $5mil a year at his age.
  10. flip. hes 25, not going to be a go to guy this year. so he's 26. Maybe Olsen doesn't retire and signs 2 year bargain deal. after Hurst 5 year contract hes already on the wrong side of 30.
  11. 1. We stay at 24. 2. I say CB. Alexander or Hughes. 3. Depends on what WR are left on the board. The bozos that think its an important position will complaint if Ridley and/or Moore are there. Same guys that probably bitched we didn't sign Nicks.
  12. i enjoy single threads with someones mock. mocks get lost in one big thread.
  13. ericr0319

    Morgri's Mock (only Mock)

    i wouldnt come out hating that drafting. like Hughes a lot.
  14. ericr0319

    Trade Up

    I agree. If we can remain at 3 picks in 3 rounds.
  15. ericr0319

    Trade Up

    did I capitalize Region to make it appear as the same entity?