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  1. We as a society are at a point where it's OK to kick and keep kicking a person when they are down. We relish in it and can't get enough. We have forgotten what it means to be decent, and care for our fellow man/woman. There have always been ass holes who take stuff too far, but in fewer numbers so it wasn't so overwhelming. All these people needed someone to reach down and help them up. It doesn't matter how big you are, if you keep getting put down over and over again it can and in most cases make you feel helpless, hopeless. Those feeling can lead to serious depression which fuels the helpless and hopeless feeling. One person probably could have made a huge difference in his life simply by reaching down to help him up before it got that bad.
  2. Some of the stuff I read here is hipocritical by many people. Many of those, not all but many, saying fire Hurney are the same people saying Hardy should have played after he was accused and should still be on this team. What's the difference? One was a liked player and one a hated GM. I don't know the full details other than news and we all know how truthful news agency's are.
  3. NC State's national championship game with Jimmy V. against the five slama-jamma Houston team. I was a kid at my aunt and uncle's house. When the "pass" was caught and slammed home I ran all around their house looking like Jimmy V. This is pretty much my earliest sporting memory and I have never forgot it. Every year during fundraising for the V. foundation I always remember it.