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  1. I don't post much here but I thought I would give my input on this subject. First, I am a military vet of 22 years service to this country. Second, I am a 47 year old white guy born and raised in NC. I was not deeply offended by what ck did. I thought it was in poor taste and not the best venue for such actions. However, when he wore the pig socks, Castro shirt, and not bothering to take the time to vote, that is what turned me against what he was doing. I felt it became more about look at me than what he was trying to accomplish. In my opinion he is doing the thing he is accusing the police. Are there bad cops, yes, but there are far more good out there than bad. Are there some bad people of color, yes, but there a far more out there trying to do the right thing and make a good life for their family, and guess what, there are some bad white people out there too. We are an imperfect nation made up of all kinds of different people, most are just trying to get by and do the best they can. There us truly only one race, the human race. Until we can all see the who person in the skin is nothing is going to change. I don't know how to fix this country, but not being able to have a conversation without insulting anyone who has a different opinion isn't going to get us anywhere but further divided, and that is what BOTH political parties want. It's easier to control a divided people than one who is United. If we the people could come together, there isn't anything we couldn't do. All that said, this is Memorial Day weekend. Please take a moment in between the hot dogs and beer to remember all those who gave their life for this great, imperfect country.
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    Ownership bidders back down to three

    I served 22 years in the Air Force and an aircraft mechanic. I'm 47 now with severe degenerative arthritis in my lower back, wrist, elbows, and need both knees replaced. Not everyone in the Air Force gets a chair issued at basic training.
  3. We as a society are at a point where it's OK to kick and keep kicking a person when they are down. We relish in it and can't get enough. We have forgotten what it means to be decent, and care for our fellow man/woman. There have always been ass holes who take stuff too far, but in fewer numbers so it wasn't so overwhelming. All these people needed someone to reach down and help them up. It doesn't matter how big you are, if you keep getting put down over and over again it can and in most cases make you feel helpless, hopeless. Those feeling can lead to serious depression which fuels the helpless and hopeless feeling. One person probably could have made a huge difference in his life simply by reaching down to help him up before it got that bad.
  4. Some of the stuff I read here is hipocritical by many people. Many of those, not all but many, saying fire Hurney are the same people saying Hardy should have played after he was accused and should still be on this team. What's the difference? One was a liked player and one a hated GM. I don't know the full details other than news and we all know how truthful news agency's are.