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  1. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Week 4 Sunday Games Thread

    Just watched Mike McCoy call run 3 times to set up a field goal when Rosen was getting hot after a few great drives. They still had enough time to get a touchdown or get closer for an easier field goal. Had early 2000 flashbacks with Dan Henning and Fox. The difference with that conservative playcalling was Kasay was one of the most clutch kickers at the time. Dawson their kicker has been inconsistent at least that game.
  2. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Christian McCaffrey

    Where @KaseKlosed at? We need his insightful opinion on CMC.
  3. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    I love our be LT..

    I wouldn't go rocket surgeon, but it takes a unique college athlete to make accounting as your major .
  4. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    2 Hot Takes. 1 Thread.

    Moton and Van Roten looked really good except one play where they did not coordinate well against a stunt. They made a big contribution in run blocking this game. They were getting push I haven't seen us do since double trouble days.
  5. Why would you want to draft a tackle who had one of the worst combines of all time? Especially one who's too big to even go inside?
  6. Pretty much count Corn, Hall, and Samuel as rookies of 2018. Looking good.
  7. I wonder how much our scouts and Hurney value analytics? Hurney's history shows his first round talents were analytic freaks. DJ Moore is no exception. Has all the boxes you want checked from production, age, and numerous athletic scores. Some consider him one of the best WR in a while just from an analytics point of view.