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  1. LB Reuben Foster arrested on DV charges

    Not to mention, he's sustained multiple injuries throughout his rookie season along with his injuries from Alabama. If it's not his off the field issues then it will be his on the field play that will take him out of the league. Unfortunate.
  2. Matt Miller's full 7 round mock

    I don't like taking players that aren't even the best in their own team's defensive line. Sam Hubbard was hyped up the last few years and his production never matched it. I don't think he'll be a bust, but don't expect much from him than being a solid starter. I think there are better prospects with similar floors but higher upside at our position.
  3. CBS Mock Draft

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2441018-which-positions-are-the-safest-riskiest-at-the-top-of-the-nfl-draft I remember reading this article above showing between 1986 to 2010, the best positions that have panned out in the first round are safeties, tight ends, interior linemen, and linebackers. Runningbacks, defensive lineman, and receivers are the riskiest.
  4. So, do we see new Hurney training down in this draft?
  5. CBS Mock Draft

    Watch Will Hernandez YouTube vids at UTEP or in the Senior Bowl, He's an absolute monster. I do think we look for a guy with more position flexibility as Hernandez is All Guard, but a very good one with pro bowl potential. Billy Price G/C, Isaiah Wynn G/T, Frank Ragnow C/G, James Daniels C/G are some flexible O-line I think we should consider if Norwell leaves.
  6. I think Ridley is definitely the most pro-ready WR, but isn't he 24 years old? He'll be nearing 30 in his 2nd contract. I wouldn't mind Sutton or Kirk. I'd love to see where Gallup and Washington start to fall when combines hit. Both are having excellent Senior Bowl practices.
  7. XFL Announcement at 3

    Wasn't it NBC and UPN that wanted it to end? McMahon wanted to continue the league after one season.
  8. XFL Announcement at 3

    If Vince McMahon wants to succeed a 2nd time around, and have a good quality product, target the NCAA talent more than the NFL scrubs. Sure get some players like Manziel and The Golden Calf of Bristol, but it won't be able to last if it tries to compete head to head with the NFL. Instead, become a semi-professional league that settles as a nice niche between NCAA Football and the NFL.
  9. DE Prospects 2018 Draft

    My mistake. I didn't mean Cam, I meant Dion Jordan who was another athletic lanky DE who busted for Dolphins. 4-3 DE prospects this year is just not very good. I can see as grabbing some depth for later rounds DE like a Josh Sweat, Ejiofor, Dorance Armstrong etc. Key is too much high risk / high reward for a 1st round pick. DE is a definite need for the future of this franchise, but I don't think it's the most pressing need in 2018. The key positions of need are WR, CB, S, and a 2nd RB if we let go of Stewart. I like the depth of all those positions more particularly if the skill players in this draft get pushed if we have 5-6 QBs taken before we pick. I'm allf or BPA, but I just don't see it for this group. 2019 D-line class though is going to be something.
  10. DE Prospects 2018 Draft

    Most of the best pass rushing prospects that are realistic for us in the first round are more suited for 3-4 schemes. Way too much risk on Arden Key. How many of these potential guys with little production in college actually hit? I'm just seeing another unproductive athlete that becomes another Cam Jordan or Barkevious Mingo. If he's in the 3rd round or later then why not. First Round No. From depth who fits more our scheme, we may have to look at guys around 3-4 round. One guy, I like is Duke Ejiofor. Good size at 6-4 275. Not the most athletic but absolute creative and intelligent in pass rushing situations. Consistent production the last two years.
  11. This draft class may not be the strongest...

    Hurney's biggest sins as a GM were cap management and trading up. He was always a good first round picker. It was only when he started moving up in drafts that he missed. If this is a reformed Hurney, I agree that he may stay put instead or accumulate more picks. He'll pick during his first round, but I could see him playing around with our 2nd and two 3rd rounders to accumulating more.
  12. Our great pass rush early in the season masked the talent of our secondary. We need another CB as well as a safety. Adams and Coleman are showing age and Worley is not a #2 CB.
  13. It's unfortunate. Some just don't work out. Hurney to his credit has done well when he has a true first-round choice. He'll get a pretty good chance to get a good player despite our high position. Whether you believe in this QB class or not, there's just too many teams with QB needs and aging QBs. 5-6 QBs within the 1st round could happen.
  14. The only first pick that I was ever against by Hurney was the Clausen pick. I watched a ton of Notre Dame games and that teamed underperformed due in part to Clausen's QB play. I think the hype surrounding Clausen since his high school days never left and draftniks gushed over his football IQ and forgot the okay play on the field. Otah was a great RT tackle and was part of the best running years of the Panthers. Injuries, unfortunately, took him away too soon. Everette Brown I was ecstatic about. He was incredibly productive in FSU. His size was a major concern which brought him down his stock as a prospect and many figured he should be in 3-4 OLB/DE scheme. I thought he could overcome it and become a pass rush specialist ala Elvis Dumervil or Mathis in our 4-3 scheme. Unfortunately, he couldn't. He was overwhelmed at the point of attack and fizzled out. He probably should have been in 3-4 scheme instead. Might have helped his career.
  15. None. At least not in the first round.