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  1. I wonder how much our scouts and Hurney value analytics? Hurney's history shows his first round talents were analytic freaks. DJ Moore is no exception. Has all the boxes you want checked from production, age, and numerous athletic scores. Some consider him one of the best WR in a while just from an analytics point of view.
  2. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    PSA: Gaulden is not a "CB converted to S"

    He's, unfortunately, the one headscratcher for me in our draft. I'm hoping the best and proves doubters like me wrong, but his athletic testing is below average in almost every metric, 40-time, 3-cone, vertical, etc. His 40-time pro day was even worse than his combine. (Combine - 4.61 - Pro-Day - 4.69). How does that happen on a bias field?
  3. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    OPINION: Panthers will sign a veteran RB

    I watched a lot of Louisville games. Don't count on Bonnafon being a good RB replacement for Stew. He was placed at that position because Louisville was weak at RB. He's at best a poor man's Curtis Samuels for Louisville. We're going to have to sign a veteran RB.
  4. This one was a bit of a headscratcher for me as well particularly reading his below average athletic measurements especially when you compare him to guys we drafted in the first 4 rounds like Moore, Jackson, and Thomas. Wonder if anyone who keeps up with Tenn football could enlighten us about Gaulden.
  5. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Carolina Panthers Sign RB Reggie Bonnafon LOU - UDFA

    He was Louisville's QB until Jackson showed up and was converted to WR and then to RB/WR because Louisville had no good RBs for 2017.
  6. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    By the later rounds, there wasn't many rb of worth to take. I think we can get better play from a free agent back especially around preseason time when some of these younger rookie backs will most likely supplant the veteran starters/backups.
  7. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    We can't also forget that other than CMC, our 2017 draft class was pretty much "red-shirted" either by injuries or limited playing time. Let's see how Corn, Hall, Samuels, and Moton play out this year.
  8. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Hopefully, he drafted another hall of famer. Both analytics guys, film buffs, and nfl analysts love him.
  9. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    RB and interior offensive line were taken quickly beginning in the 1st round. I couldn't believe the run that was happening in those positions. All the great C/G were pretty much taken before we could pick in the 2nd. I think Hurney wanted something out of those positions but lost in position and value.
  10. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    By this point, I think Ejiofor goes undrafted because of his labrum injury during the offseason. Couldn't participate in any events. I'm hoping we can still get him UDFA.
  11. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Hopefully, this time around an undersized DE works for Hurney. Marquis Haynes doesn't have the pressure to be the starting DE like Everette Brown. He can play as a situational pass rusher and maybe we have an Evan Mathis / Elvis Dumervil in our hands.
  12. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Everette Brown trade-up Flashbacks. At least it's in the 5th.
  13. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest

    Love Duke at Wake. He may fall as far as 6-7 because he could not test due to injury and surgery to his labrum.
  14. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Rounds 2-3

    I'm not the biggest Josh Sweat guy either, but I definitely think he's a good value in the 4th. Still young and one of the best testing DE in the combine. Underperformed in terms of expectations and production. If you want to go another route Duke Ejiofor was the 3rd best DE before Landry and Chubb and is a great pass rusher. Unfortunately, he was injured most of the offseason and did not participate in the Senior Bowl, combine, or pro day. He never flashed amazing athleticism but he was highly productive and refined in pass rush.
  15. Pi = 3.1SHutYoMouth!

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Rounds 2-3

    Day 3 I'd love for us to take (no particular order): Edge /DE Josh Sweat Duke Ejiofor LB Mica Kiser QB Mike White Kyle Lauletta RB Bo Scarborough Mark Walton Justin Jackson S Kyzir White Marcus Allen