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  1. Fan Optimism and Enthusiasm

    Let's do this! Leeeeerooooooooooooooy Jeeeeennnnkiiinnsss!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fan Optimism and Enthusiasm

    I am stoked for next year. While many people preach continuity, I am all for change. Time to get a new set of eyes and opinions.
  3. Worley to safety?

    What we need to do is get this into the spotlight and have some people start asking Washington questions about it. Get that earworm working and soon it will seem like it was his idea. "Put players in a position to succeed" Like moving Worley to Safety........
  4. Ryan Kalil To Retire in 2018

    Had to start a new username due to losing my old password. When i have enough posts to create topics, I have a good one ready on this topic.
  5. Ryan Kalil To Retire in 2018

    I love how both R Kalil and Charles Johnson are talking about retiring next year when their both very high on the list of players who can be cut to save us on cap space.
  6. This was great. Love to see Cam getting some respect from people who obviously know what they are talking about.
  7. Backup OL Van Roten re-signed

    Van Rotten was a RFA so I am surprised he got inked to 2 years. Other RFAs I hope we sign are Scott Simonson and David Yankey. We also have a number of ERFAs I expect some movement on: Michael Palardy, Tyler Larsen, Chris Manhertz, and Damiere Byrd
  8. Cardinals name Steve Wilks head coach

    Good for him. I am surprised how not bothered I am by this.
  9. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I say this in the most polite way possible. F that!!! I hate the Patriots more than the Seahawks.... more than the Bucs.... Maybe even just as much as I hate the Falcons. Only time I would ever hope the Patriots win would be against the Saints.
  10. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    Honestly, I think our team talent has been held back by the coaching staff and scheme. This could be a good thing.