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  1. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    New kickoff rules

    A large number of serious head injuries are occurring on special teams plays. I understand why the league is trying to reduce to.
  2. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Panthers make roster moves

    The greatest rushing QB in NCAA history Jason Vander Laan?
  3. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Marty impressed with new guard

    As long as we get a few years of solid play and a decent compensatory pick, that's a win win.
  4. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Zach Sanchez waived

    Oh, nevermind. it aint star. Good thing I can make threads
  5. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Zach Sanchez waived

    I can't make threads but apparently Star just retired. Lowell Lotulelei/DT/Utah has informed the Denver Broncos he is retiring from football. Lotulelei, who signed a UDFA contract with Denver, hopes to get into coaching.
  6. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Riverboat Ron says Garrett Gilbert is Cam's backup

    I am really interested to see what Kyle Allen can offer next year. He is going to need a season in the weight room and time to digest the system, but he has potential. Hope he makes the practice squad.
  7. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Antonio Garcia released from Patriots

    Often low base rate diagnosis go undiscovered until they produce differentiating symptoms. You are very lucky! Good for you, good FOR you.
  8. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Antonio Garcia released from Patriots

    Depending on the texture of the mass, it could very well be a mass or a small muscle hernia. If you press on the mass, is it soft or solid. If it is soft it is likely a tibialis anterior muscle hernia. They are very common in athletes and can get worse with time requiring corrective surgery. If it is hard, it is more likely the mass your doctor referred too, a neoplasm of connective tissue, which are benign and shouldn't worry you much. It likely won't go away, but also shouldn't cause you any particular discomfort.
  9. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Antonio Garcia released from Patriots

    When dealing with Pulmonary Embolisms such as these, the root cause is the biggest question. Knowing that he is a young, presumably healthy individual, you can rule out certain things like deep vein thrombosis or other hypercoagulable states related to sedentary lifestyle. There are a number of genetic disorders that can cause blood clotting. Factor V leiden (more common in young male Caucasians), prothrombin gene mutation, etc. If any of these are the case, his future in the NFL is uncertain. If he is forced to treat with a blood thinner, he will be highly prone to internal bleeding in a very physical sport. Carrying excess weight with a blood clotting condition is one of the most dangerous things you can do as well. So he may run the risk of exacerbating his condition attempting to maintain the weight needed to be an offensive lineman.
  10. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    Where have I heard that name before?
  11. I hope, Ron is talking up Amini because he really wants Moton to compete at LT this year, which would free us to walk away from the Kalil contract in the off-season. Or maybe not.
  12. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Any news on tryouts this weekend?

    Oh, I wasn't saying here on the Huddle. I am just talking in general. Twitter, Reddit, Espn, etc. Weeks of Joey Barnes 5th round selection for the Titans has signed his rookie contract..... IDGAF
  13. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    This sucks any way you slice it. It sucks for Fozzy because he is going to have a tough road of rehab ahead of him and will likely struggle to make it back in the NFL. It also sucks for the team in that it removes depth and we get no form of compensation for his loss or salary. the only silver lining I can possibly find is that this forced Rivera to actually play some of the younger players on the team and truly evaluate their ability. Hopefully this type of news is one and done for the year.
  14. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Any news on tryouts this weekend?

    Do we need to have a post about every rookie who signs their contract though. Maybe I subscribe to too many NFL news feeds. It just feels like for two weeks, we have to hear about 200 some odd players signing their contracts.
  15. Leeroy Jenkins Ph.D.

    Any news on tryouts this weekend?

    I always hate when this news clogs up the newsfeed. Of course the rookies are going to sign. The contracts are predetermined.