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  1. Moo Daeng

    Best thing I've seen on Twitter all day

    It's just mayonnaise. Never understood Dukes brand loyalty.
  2. It should go without saying that one should read what they are commenting on first. It would save some stupid responses.
  3. What on earth are you trying to say here? Did you read anything in the thread or in the link?
  4. That's Snake. He says stuff like that. I dont believe a thought enters his mind before doing so.
  5. It also says "initial aid package"
  6. We drafted a new starting CB who's pretty good. Two of the top 3 draft picks were in the secondary. Our first FA target was a CB who didn't disclose a significant injury.
  7. Snap count suggests we are not a base 4-3. Mayo is playing 35% of the snaps.
  8. This is the donation in the name of the Panthers. We have no idea how much he gives through other channels at this point in his name.
  9. If you haven't noticed this isn't the only thing he gives money for. Your point would be valid if this was the sole cause he supports. This is where you say "Yeah, I probably jumped to conclusions" not doubling down
  10. Too much is being read in to a person reading in to a person reading in to an owner. We've now spun a few minute interaction and the judgement of neutral to mean he doesn't like Tepper.
  11. literally the last thing we need