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  1. Aloha from Hawaii!! Let’s go Panthers!!
  2. I want to be you; “Dude sucks so much, he was a big part of the reason we won, but damn him not being perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!” sadness/pissed off/fan privilege!!!! Grrrrrrr
  3. Ever wake up one day and think to yourself; man I’m an idiot! Maybe tomorrow.
  4. Dont think cutler will make the whole game. 3 bruised ribs against this front. Ut ooh.
  5. They would have a 10 year reality show. Lol.
  6. Vague Worley tweet

    Yeah, I’m in the military so my quote is a little bit different; it says “Do your job, because when you don’t, people are let down, systems fail, and people die. Don’t be that person, do your job”.
  7. Vague Worley tweet

    I have this really cool saying at work that I framed that says; “Do your job”. Funny, those ppl who do their job don’t get benched. Just sayin.
  8. Breathtaking...

    I’ve heard many times Blank is a pretty classy dude.
  9. Breathtaking...

    I get a kick out of the ppl holding the rope. Like that is going to stop someone if they really wanted to do something. Kind of cheesy imo
  10. So much for taking the load off of Cam

    Bottom line is; you don't win football games turning the ball over. End of story.
  11. what can we do as fans

    Long season. There will be ups and downs and either we make it or we don't. No sense in ruining your day over it. I use to let it ruin my week, as you get older you understand it's just a game and we as fans have zero control. Just try try to enjoy it. 4-3 is not the end of the world. Just hope the coaches get their crap together soon. And the players. It has been quite embarrassing, but such is football.
  12. what can we do as fans

    Remember Arizona! ;) few will get this. Lol
  13. 10 minutes away from the stadium! What should I do?