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  1. Well yeah, I know yesterday sucked, so what. We we just witnessed the greatest year of Panther football ever displayed.So We we lost the damn super bowl, we honestly were a year out anyways. I would like to say thank you to all the Carolina players for all the hard work, dedications and commitment they gave so my 2015 football season would be epic Great year folks Great year!!!!
  2. The Daily Show on the Match up between Cam and Peyton

    Lol. Awesome!!! Cam has put Carolina on the map. We have arrived folks, we have arrived.
  3. Our 1st play from scrimmage

    How come no one talking about the fact Ginn spent all last season on their roster? You have to imagine he is in "tell all" mode to help us out. Game me will be fun!!!
  4. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    At first I hated that we have the late game, now I'm happy because it's just a little longer of soaking in the season and enjoying the ride. Lets as play lights out tonight. Be loud folks!!!
  5. *Never Forget* 2008!!!!! You guys know how obsessed I get with my ideas!!! Hehehehehe JUST KIDDING......... FOR or all the hell I caught on that one I figured at least a few of you would laugh. lol If if someone does get frisky, just stick with; KEEP POUNDING!!
  6. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    What year was it that we had vinnie start for us in Arizona? Anyways, I was at that game and had to jump the row of "fans" who were in front of us because they felt it was the right thing to do to punch the kid (probably 18/19) beside me in the face because he was talking smack after dlo's long run. Straight up stadium brawl lol Dudes were double fisting beers all game and one had a skullet to die for!! Yeah, not the classiest fans. Funny though, they got kicked out. (After the brawl) luckyfor me I had not drank the entire game because of the night before, so the police kindly escorted them out and the guy who owned the seats (box owner too) come and apologized. (For the record I did tell the kid (who I didn't know)to slow his roll, but "Chunk"(my nickname for him because he looked like the kid from the goonies)kept talking smack the whole game. Well damn if the panthers didn't back up his smack. LolHe was a huge panther fan. Lol. damn old ass Vinnie!!
  7. Another idiot gets a superbowl 50 tattoo

    $1 says it's one of those disappearing ink tats.
  8. They gonna give us the penalty position back?
  9. Breathtaking.

  10. any ideas for noisemakers we can get into the stadium?

    I'm no genious but I'm pretty sure that if folks just download some "noise" app and use that; x 70kppl= double loudness
  11. Secondary. What Say You?

    We didn't make it 16-1 by sucking. Easy to worry, but gains nothing. Have confidence and chill.
  12. How crazy is this making you?

    Mehhhhh.... just chillin, eating up all the panthers coverage on TV told my wife I get a freebie this week because I will consume myself with all things panthers media related. Minot worried about the game, I will leave that up to the players.
  13. Have to say Tennessee mom's rant was so much better. This just smells like a half drunk shitty rant that wasn't even well thought out.
  14. Mike and Mike went off on the Seattle fan