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  1. http://bleacherreport.com/post/charlotte-hornets/af719807-2858-43ed-b896-9e48bf2716e2
  2. Sub Zero

    Hornets Summer League

    Never got to see this team at it's full peak..smh But love how much better Monk, Gomez, and Bacon look.. All should contribute and get solid minutes this year.. Dam Devonte luck...smh.. He looked advance for a rookie guard with court vision and how to run a team.. Miles showed so much game.. That even when his shot wasn't falling he stilled got dirty points played great defense and REBOUNDS like a beast.. So he is always a plus while on the court.. Hopefully the new coaching staff is going to give him the minutes he needs to develop into a star...
  3. Sub Zero

    Trade Idea!

    No we got our starting SF/PF of the future in Miles.. We don't need Jabari..
  4. Sub Zero

    Mozgov/Stone Traded for Biyombo(!!)

  5. Sub Zero

    Mozgov/Stone Traded for Biyombo(!!)

    18 mil a year till 2020?? Huh?? Why??
  6. Sub Zero

    Mozgov/Stone Traded for Biyombo(!!)

    Bismack back?? What does his contract look like?
  7. Oh well .. SMH This kid has no luck with summer time injuries.. This puts a damper on Summer league now.. Damm!! CHARLOTTE HORNETS Malik Monk Out 6-8 Weeks After Thumb Injury Diagnosed as Fracture JOSEPH ZUCKERJULY 7, 2018 Hannah Foslien/Getty Images Charlotte Hornets guard Malik Monk is expected to be out of action for six to eight weeks after being diagnosed with a fractured right thumb, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reported Saturday. Monk got off to a strong start to the 2018 NBA Summer League, scoring 23 points in the opener on Friday night. Unfortunately for him, he would not be able to build on that success, as he has now received tough news less than 24 hours later. The Hornets were generally considered to have done well to select Monk with the 11th overall pick in the 2017 draft. Bleacher Report's Adam Fromal gave Charlotte a "B+" grade. Especially once Nicolas Batum returned from an elbow injury last November, Monk was relegated to a minor role in his rookie season. He averaged 6.7 points and 1.4 assists while shooting 34.2 percent from beyond the arc. Not only was Monk stuck behind Batum, he also had to battle Jeremy Lamb for playing time. Lamb enjoyed the best season of his NBA career, averaging 12.9 points per game. But with James Borrego leading a new coaching staff, this was an opportunity for Monk to get a fresh start. That will have to be put on hold as he now finds himself sidelined. COMMENTS Kevin Knox Dominates in SL Win Sponsored Content You’ll Flunk This Quiz Without A Military BackgroundOffbeat 30 Forgotten NBA Players. Where Are They Now?Tie Breaker LeBron James Finally Sells His Mansion For $13.4MLonny Magazine The Only Social Slots App with Real World Rewards Is Finally Hereplaystudios.com Casinos Hate You Doing This. But There’s Nothing They Can Do to Stop You Using This Free App to Stop You Using This Free Apptop3.socialcasinoapps.com Watch on BuzzVideo: She Thought No One Would Notice What She DidDownload BuzzVideo Here's Why Guys Are Obsessed With This Underwear...Weekly Brief | Mack Weldon LeBron's $23 Million L.A. Mansion is a Real Estate Slam DunkLonny Magazine Recommended by Get Hornets News First! Download the Free B/R App. Send LinkStandard text messaging and data rates apply
  8. Sub Zero

    It's a boy!!!!!!!!

    Yeah it's time to lock that down Cam.. 3 Kids in a 3 year period. If she isn't the one she sure is producing Newton's like 1..lol
  9. Sub Zero

    Rebound season for our whipping boy??

    I don't have any faith in Batum.. He showed his heart last year and it wasn't pretty.. He has the same affliction as Diaw .. No dog or aggression in their games and you should never count on either one to be more than a role player.. I'm tired of ppl and the Basis Charlotte Media (Bonnell) blaming Dwight for Batum stealing money.. Dwight had nothing to do with Batum worthless defense or him being fat and out of shape. Dwight had nothing to do with Batum passive offense and complete lack of aggression or taken charge of a game.. Batum is being paid to at least avg. 18 to 20 points a game and barely gave us double digits. He was soft and never attacked the rim.. He never took advantage of always having a smaller defender on him.. Many teams started putting PGs on him while letting their better defender and taller SG affect Kemba .. If I see that screen quick off blanche 3 point shot (praying for a foul) or that fade away post shot (when being guarded by a 6'4 and below player) from him.. I'm going to throw something on the court.. Dude rates as one of the biggest blunder moves in team history.. And this is the team who drafted Adam Morrison.. I hope the new coaches are not as attached as Clifford was to given him minutes and will play the younger better players when he sucks again this year.
  10. Sub Zero

    For the real Hornets fans.

    Nah your mom already has enough pain in her life being the only person willing to spend time with you is a no reward thankless job... This is considered charity work talking to you here.. Everybody here should be considered a humanitarian for reading your pathetic cries for relevance.. But ppl here are enabling you to keep this pathetic lonely existence going.. Instead of actually helping you.. It time for tough love little buddy.. I will ignore your constant pleas for my attention and force you to leave your mom's basement and actual interact with humanity.. No more quotes no more responses no more giving you a alternate reality to hide in.. While real life is happening outside... Take this gift and use it well.. Goodbye dumbass..lol
  11. Sub Zero

    For the real Hornets fans.

    I'm not the one following/stalking posters on a MB.. I'm pretty sure this is your only human contact.. That's why you crave attention and scream for ppl real identities.. So what's the deal are you a lab test freak or your mom doesn't let you out the basement??
  12. Sub Zero

    For the real Hornets fans.

    You honestly have no life.. Do you follow strange men around in general or is this a father issue thing??
  13. Sub Zero

    For the real Hornets fans.

    Triggered..lol The fact you're still butthurt over some DUke vs Tarhole poo months ago. Is hilarious.. Add in I don't even remember you..lmao I enjoy the fact that I can effect you this much.. Even thoe I've always had that effect on bitches .. It usually took way more fugery to get them sprung like this ..lol https://goo.gl/images/asoALt
  14. Sub Zero

    For the real Hornets fans.

    I remember that play working more than that but they did go to the pic play for ZO's 17ft jumper in the playoffs...