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  1. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I'll take that bet

    Knee must be bad. 2017 futures pick. Get a year in the system to build strength and learn scheme. Could be a fantastic value for them. Or damaged goods and worthless.
  3. Gettleman is a genius

    Now Dave needs to tell Cam and Shula to throw every pass to his Wonderboy Philly Brown.
  4. How is he better than the tape on Fuller? Similar issues with turning and running from press coverage. Doesn't have the speed to really make up the gap if the jam fails. And not even against d1 guys. Unlike Butler he was not a standout at the Senior Bowl. Plus Fuller is a special teamer too, returns coverage everything. They must have done a med eval on Fuller and he is a no go. Fuller isn't as strong a guy but never had issues in being a willing tackler unlike what some think of Bradberry. This guy has a looking way to go. Will be a very interesting guy to follow as this smells of a real reach. Some scout must have stumped hard for Bradberry. Don't like the value compared to who is left even at the same spot. He may work out but
  5. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Killed it as a true freshman. Was good as a soph. Great ball hawk with superb skills with the ball in his hands. Good returner. His injury killed his stock.
  6. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Concur. BPA really and needs too
  7. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    A team that gets up early vin the game doesn't pass near as much in the latter half of games because they don't need to go points fast. There is a reason we ran the ball and didn't gobguns blazing from start to finish bin a game: we were so far ahead we didn't need to. It isn't college or Madden where you run up scores and keep pressing frm start to finish. The passing yard per game is misleading because we iced games away in the second half, not put up garbage time yards to make stats junkies happy.
  8. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Martin is intriguing. Not his brother but a dang good option here. Would make for a good camp against norwell. Rather look at Spriggs honestly but depends on if Williams is a LT or RT. Most say RT, but would not surprise me if we think he is a road grading LT we need and passable like oher in pass protection.
  9. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    Hines Ward paired with the twin towers for 3 to 4 years, what's not like. Great value too. He is a plug and play guy IMO. His ceiling isn't that of funch, but ready day camp opens. I get Cravens as a potential day 1 starter at SS if Boston doesn't up his game. Same with HH over Dickson. My question is how the staff feels adding another offensive linemen beyond just depth guys. They are said to like Williams but where, LT or do they see him as a RT. If he isn't a viable option at LT do they have a guy like Spriggs rated as worthy of a trade up. If Williams is LT in waiting, I don't see us going OT for a while now (value is gone at RT fight now)
  10. Wilson: Cravens under first-round consideration

    About as well as Dodd or Hunter Henry.
  11. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Wow, we select the #2 upside DT in the draft and people cry. 21 and just scratching the surface of his talents. Guy is a bigger kk..... True we could have gone for 2nd round talent at 30 to fill holes, but we just got a guy that will be a disruptive force this year. For all the too many DT guys, we now have sub package answers to anything an offense throws out there. A great base in star and kk A great heavy counter in silo and star A great pads package in Butler and kk We have a package to counter anything we see. Poor panthers. There were a few guys I wanted more but they were all long gone. Unless we moved to 20 we didn't have a chance to go fill the CB or wr concerns.